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  1. I'm a petrol head, and never thought mpg would really bother me that much, as I don't do that many miles (about 8-10k pa) and the difference between 20mpg (fast thirsty beast) and 30mpg (normal boring car) wasn't worth the saving to me. However to my surprise I've actually started cruising at about 65mph on the 10 miles of dual carridgeway on my commute, rather than ragging along at 80mph and the saving in fuel is actually surprisingly large, it's also much less stressful and only takes a couple of minutes more anyway. I must be getting old! I still give it the beans here and there, and still can't resist going out for a late night hack round the countryside now and again, but my long term average fuel consumption has gone from about 23mpg to 29mpg. That's still not great for a 1.6 mini, but I do like to make good use of the supercharger wherever possible! I used to get an average 26mpg ish out of a 1999 BMW 535i (V8 petrol) - great car. Makes me think if I had to do more miles I'd be seriously tempted by something like a 2005 ish 530 with a LPG conversion, at 78p per litre that would be cheap as chips cruising about, comfortable and still as quick as you would ever likely want to go on the road with plenty of overtaking ability when required.
  2. which they will! In my local town the council went on a massive line painting spree, removing spaces they considered too close to junctions (which had been used completely safely for decades) and then surprise surprise virtually all the previously free for 2 hours spaces that were left were fitted with parking meters. Which are now largely empty as the council stupidly set the prices higher than other more convenient proper car parks nearby. Brilliant.
  3. Balls and New Labour are a pathetic joke, arrogant and ignorant with absolutely zero credibility. There is no one who seems to have any clue, no strategy, no vision, no leadership, pisspoor communication skills, in short Labour just don't seem to 'get it'. At a time when a credible opposition should be holding the govt to account, moving the debate forward and giving a voice to millions we have Balls, millipede and co scoring cheap points and talking crap about 'giving people more money'. Hopeless. The only Labour figure who seems to have any clue / credibility is Darling, but it's clear he's been put in his box and doesn't have the stomach to fight to be heard. I just can't see any of our 3 main parties representing me or my views any time soon, they have all been infiltrated / corrupted by big business, banks and their own self serving greed. I really don't know how to fix it, we need a complete re-think about politics and democracy in this country, but that'll never happen whilst the current incumbants decide what suits them and theirs.
  4. thanks for posting that RW42 - that's a great letter. Interesting comments too. The current Labour Party are truly awful, an utterly clueless bunch of self serving 'damaged' zombies, with zero credability, only kept in place because of a corrupt system and the complete apathy / boredom / despair of ordinary people. It makes me want to f*****g puke. Politics and democracy are completely broken, and I fear only something 'big' is going to change anything.
  5. Does anyone know if there's a requirement to have a modern electrical distribution board with mini RCD's / trip switches rather than the old skool fuse wire type fuse board in a rented house? I know you can't fit them to new properties. My rental has got the fuse wire set up, and although it doesn't give any trouble I wonder if it is safe and compliant with the requirements of my house contents insurance? The wiring here is pretty slapdash, I really should ask if it has ever been properly checked out I suppose, next time I speak to the agent I think I'll casually mention I'd like to see a copy of the last safety check.
  6. Ahhh. cheers for clearing that up! You know the EA is struggling when an airing cupboard is a 'feature'
  7. Maybe a little harsh! £70k for a detached house with a bit of land, nice views and a 'hotpress' in the bathroom!! (whatever that is?) I think typically incompetent EA photo's make it look much worse than it is - honestly how hard is it FFS! I mean check out pic 5!! cheap garden furniture in a hurricane! - how exactly did the EA think that any prospective purchaser would be interested in a crap photo of someone elses garden furniture that they will probably take with them anyway! They could've used that photo to show us the hotpress!
  8. Would perchance these be the same (probably literally!) council financial wizards that invested large chunks of our cash in unprotected Iceland bank accounts?? What could possibly go wrong.
  9. I like the idea of a maximum of 2 houses per person, but doubt it would be workable. I'm sure the rich would find creative accountants to find loop holes and set up off shore companies etc anyway. Surplus houses should be taxed at a much higher rate and be subject to high CGT - houses should not be 'investment vehicles' and speculation / hoarding should be discouraged via taxes. I mean who's idea was it to give second home owners reduced council tax?! - someone who had multiple homes no doubt! Council tax should be doubled on 2nd homes and trebled on 3rd homes. Clearly there isn't enough housing to go round as it is, it's just a totally corrupt land grab by the haves and a big F*** YOU! to everyone else. Then to compound this insult, amateur BTL landlords are allowed to rent out slum standard houses and treat their tenants like scum. I totally agree that we need much greater rights and protections for tenants - it seems pathetically obvious that minimum standards should be specified and rigorously checked with severe penalties for landlords that fail to comply. Anyone who rents a home to someone for any payment should be properly registered along the lines of HMO's - period. All rents received must be properly declared etc. any landlords who fail to comply with the minimum standards should be barred from letting any property for payment until they pay for an inspection by a housing officer to issue the appropriate letting certificate. Tenants must be given a minimum 6 months notice. Although landlords (and neighbours) must be properly protected from problem / antisocial tenants as well. There should be a high minimum energy efficiency rating and proper ventilation and dampness tolerances specified - i.e. lots of loft / cavity wall insulation, effective DPC, BS standard double glazing (with BS approved locks / fire safety escapes) which is still in date / working effectively) etc etc. Door locks should be Insurance approved standard and properly fitted. Proper fire safety inc wired in smoke alarms, full electrical safety check, up to date RCD's not fuse wire as we've still got! Minimum bedroom sizes / maximum occupancy rules must be properly enforced. Contracts should be standardised, ridiculous fees reduced (esp. for renewals). It all seems pretty straight forward to me. It needn't cost that much either - most of Europe seems to have managed to arrive at a workable solution - I'm sure we could just adapt a successful system from Germany or somewhere. There's plenty of council, housing agency and government workers that could be redeployed / better utilised, it shouldn't take that much to expand the HMO set up, insist on a full inspection (paid for by the landlord) every 2 yrs or each time the tenancy changes. The letting agencies could start to actually earn their fees by actually bothering to learn the laws and new requirements and advising their landlords, if a letting agency gets a cut of the rent THEY should be liable to ensure these standards are met or face large fines. But I don't expect it'll ever happen, especially with shapps dithering away and the condems general lack of any sort of action or effectiveness - as I said....pathetic.
  10. That sounds very familiar! I've been frittering away all my gains as well - still we've all got to do our bit for the economy I suppose! I bet the porsche cost a few bob to run as well....
  11. "The committee representing Greece's lenders said that some parties had not responded constructively to the proposed 50% debt write-off. It said discussions were "paused for reflection on the benefits of a voluntary approach" without stating when they would resume." or translated : "you naughty boy! you can sit right here on the step and have a jolly good think about what you've done! and what will happen if you don't sit still and let this nice hairdresser give you a lovely new much more practical hairstyle."
  12. There presumably must've been something in it for NASA to have spent time and precious resources funding research into it? I'm not saying I buy any of it, and I admit it does read (well skim for me!) a bit like an over excited sales pitch - strange tone for 'objective' govt. scientists to take. Thats why I was wondering what this LENR workshop at Langley was all about - was it some sort of Dragons Den for left field / X file research projects bidding for funding or a serious conference of NASA bigwigs called to seriously analyse something of potential global significance? (I'm gonna guess it's probably A, or a hoax!).
  13. Cheers for that xswampyx - very interesting indeed (what I could understand!), it sounds like someone at NASA is quite excited about it. Do you, or does anyone know any more about this presentation or the LENR workshop it came from? Wow, the implications could be huge. Mind you I've thought that before! I hope our boffins are all over this. Imagine how many experiments you could run with just half the HS2 cash (let alone what was pissed away bailing out our banks!). If someone cracks this and gets a couple of years headstart on everyone else they would be sitting pretty.
  14. +2. You've got to be a f*cking maths genius to work out the deals in most supermarkets - but Tescos is the worst. Do they really think we don't notice this insult to our intelligence?! - all this per 100g on one brand per 0.25kg on the next, per item on the 3rd - FFS. I'm so sick of it now I rarely buy anything that isn't reduced quite a bit (at least 25% off – preferably 50%), I'm loathed to pay full price - frankly I can go without / get something else or just wait until next time in a few weeks when it'll probably be reduced anyway. This actually works pretty well - if you've got reasonable sized cupboards stock up on stuff when its half price and it'll last until the same thing is on promotion again in 2-3 months time. I was wondering about this the other day, Sainsbury’s had quite a bit of stuff I like at half price for a change - so I stocked up on half price HP beans, dishwasher tablets, cereal bars whatever. Do these promotions get taken into account in the inflation figures? In their obviously manipulated basket of goods they have basic grocery staples - does the treasury (or ONS whoever) buy the same brand of chicken nuggets for example each month? Do they always survey the same supermarkets and use just the cheapest or an average? I would've thought this could make quite a difference to the price of the same basket of goods (it does to mine!).
  15. Fair enough - I didn't realise all unemployment benefits stop for a while. But the website says 'hardship payments' may be made and I'm sure there are plenty of other benefits i.e. housing etc that are unaffected. If you really don't have any family to fall back on, and you're fighting for scraps of food for survival and utterly dependent of the JSA for your very existence most likely you'd just do the 5hrs a day training for a couple of weeks - it's not really that unreasonable and avoids any need for starvation. I know what you're saying about erosion of civil liberties and creeping rise of the state, I can assure you that I am not in favour of that. However making sure that EVERYONE who is given MY MONEY because they can't get a job is doing absolutely everything possible to further themselves, gain experience and improve their prospects does not fall into the same category as Nazi concentration camps. "Its not in the same league let alone ballpark in fact it ain't even the same goddam sport!" (to paraphrase )
  16. But as stated above these long term unemployed people are not really working - they are doing a couple of weeks training / work experience. Its not free labour, they get extra cash ie JSA because they are actively training / improving their work prospects. They are free to refuse to do this and forgo the extra top up JSA. If they manage to secure employment they obviously don't have to do it because they don't need this training / experience any more. It's not national service, it's a few weeks work experience to try and help people get a job, to compare it to Nazi concentration camps is pathetic, 'grubby' and frankly sick.
  17. Anyone know of any pics of this 'chavs palace' ? - should be good for a laugh!
  18. maybe it would have a negative impact on your CV - but presumably you're not long term unemployed. If the only 'experience' you had was volunteering at a museum I think a succsessful 2 week work placement with a good reference from an actual employer at the end of it would be a very positive addition to most job seekers CV. It would also give you loads of good examples to talk about in future job interviews.
  19. I don't follow? Hoo Hing aren't offering work experience to the long term unemployed for £303 per week, they are employing a full time proper employee - hardly the same thing.
  20. I agree with this. It's very arrogant to assume that anyone (let alone the long term unemployed) could learn how to work in poundland (or anywhere else) with 5 minutes training, or that the experience of an actual working environment wouldn't increase their understanding of whats required and their confidence. I know that fairy jobmother woman can be annoying, but I caught a couple of her shows last year and the positive impact of work experience on pretty much all the long term unemployed people she worked with was plain to see. Those managers going back to the shop floor programmes usually reveal that the bosses have got only the vaguest notion of what actually goes on in their companies and they invariably seem to learn quite a bit about their companies, staff and often themselves, whilst doing menial jobs. I really can't see what all the fuss is about, in fact IMPO a long term unemployed person isn't in a position to be picky and should be grateful for any opportunity to learn stuff, meet people, demonstrate their abilities (if only to themselves) and grab it with both hands.
  21. cheers for the update xurbia - always good to hear what's going on over the pond. Yeah, our houseprices are totally ridiculous! there was a thread on here a few months ago where people posted examples of what you could buy in the states for £160k - amazing! spacious detached 5 bed homes, with land and loads of choice. When you look at our overpriced poxy little 2.5 bed slave boxes with postage stamp gardens, overlooked on all sides, where you're supposed to be grateful for a crappy little car parking space (dream on for a garage!) - for £200k my way - jesus. It can't go on though. Gravity and realism will prevail - I just hope it doesn't take 20 bloody years!
  22. Yep, I agree, we've ALL been shafted by outsourcing most of our decent private sector skilled jobs and careers. We've been shafted by the influx of cheap labour that no one ever asked us if we wanted and the unemployment situation proves we couldn't accommodate and didn't need, and we've been shafted by the banking elite skillfully ensnaring us in a web of debt thanks to bought and paid for politicians. Fair play to you for getting out and getting on. Are you noticing any signs of improvement in employment or the general economy over there? how do they deal with long term unemployed? the unemployment benefits run out after a couple of years don't they? what happens then - foodstamps? (genuine questions - the USA seems ahead of the UK so green shoots over there may give us a glimmer of hope....).
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