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  1. Presumably there must be masses of documentation, records, accounts, audits, tax returns etc etc relating to these 'fake' charities, and those that donated to them. I guess they must be kept for what? at least 7 years? Must be pretty simple to go to them and say, you received £x millions in donations, what public good was done? was it value for money? were the renumeration / running costs proportionate? How hard can it be to retrospectively close these ridiculously obvious loop holes, and claw back BILLIONS of £££££££ of stolen taxes??? I would've thought there must be quite a few people who in the heady days of the naughties thought that they were being oh so clever when they met that clever accountant guy at that party, who had a mate who was a solicitor, who had this 'brilliant' and pretty much legal idea...... Hopefully they are bricking it now.
  2. Cheers tahoma - that was very interesting! Indeed in my search areas completions are very low for Feb 12 at only 22 - why is this? I thought everyone was rushing to beat SD?? - a data lag? incomplete data? It seems Feb has been a pretty bad month for the last 3 years. But Dec 11 was 60 - highest since Nov 07 (95), which does tie in with a noticable pick up in the market late last year. Very interesting to see the average price plummeting as well - maybe this ties in with the pre SD rush to buy smaller houses? with very little of the expensive stuff shifting. Anyway, I heartily recommend a look, thanks again for posting it.
  3. So when does that red trend line turn negative? If it's based on an average since 1975 how much of a crash would we need to see it start to turn down? a pretty big and long one (ooerr missus) no? Don't we have better graphs than this to put on our home page?
  4. Yet another headline grabbing half baked damp squib! utterly predictable but hopefully a few FTB will be saved I suppose. Only surprise is the speed at which it's unravelling, normally you expect things to go quiet where we're all supposed to believe its working fine for a year or so, maybe exceptionally these hair brained schemes are found to have failed in 6 months - but this one is coming apart at the seams within a few short weeks, after never having actually started! . Pathetic. It's pretty obvious why the banks what more than a 5% deposit plus some vague promises the gubbermint 'would potentially probably maybe make up all or maybe some of the deficit on these mortgages in the impossible and unthinkable and completely unpredictable event house prices should experience (ahem) negative growth (cough.)'. Seems to me that if this incompetence continues much longer the coalition will look increasingly untenable, 2015 is quite long time to hold the country together with sticky tape and bits of old string.
  5. From the beeb : Italians shocked by self-immolation protests Italians have been left shocked by two cases of men setting themselves on fire in the past two days in protest at their financial hardship. A 58-year-old builder accused of tax evasion set himself alight in his car in Bologna on Wednesday. Another builder, a 27-year-old Moroccan, set himself on fire outside the town hall in Verona on Thursday, saying that he had not been paid for four months. Sounds like the pressure is still building up in Italy.
  6. Strikes and demonstrations aren't going to do their presumably rather valuable tourism industry much good, which links in with the thread about Thomas Cook struggling with bookings down 10%. Less people going on holiday, spending less when they're there and many (including me) will avoid anywhere likely to be disrupted by striking Airport workers / public transport / full scale riots! - plenty of places where that's pretty unlikely so I'll avoid Greece etc for a while. I'm looking forward to going back and having some lovely cheap holidays spending millions of dracma or peseta!
  7. It's from the Nationwide quarterly report which is a seperate and more detailed version of the monthly report (confusingly issued on the same day) with the regions etc broken down and some nice looking graphs! - well worth a look. from the report : It’s a well known fact that UK house prices remain high relative to average incomes. At a national level, house prices are currently 5.1 times average earnings, lower than the peak of 6.4 times, but still above the long-term average of 4.1 times annual earnings linky
  8. Excellent! This is great timing just as we enter the 'spring bounce'! I think the crashing mortgage approvals bode well too, just as we enter supposedly the hot time to sell property - seems like the mortgage squeeze is in full effect. nice. Interesting that the headline -1% figure is exactly the same as the stamp duty (esp as NSA is actually +0.4%) ...hmmmm just a co-incidence I'm sure. Seems like the message going out to vendors is that now YOU pay the stamp duty by reducing your prices!! I bet we see a whole raft of 'Quick! special offer Stamp Duty Paid!!' and 'vendor will pay Stamp Duty hurry hurry don't miss this opportunity' guff on every other advert now. Crash cruise speed? not yet.....patience dear boy, patience, we've seen too many false starts, lets see what the Halifax has got to say next week - god I hope it's down, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if that one is up - seems to be how they try and spin it, that and 'adjusting' the last figures down EVERY FU*KING MONTH! tossers. :angry:
  9. I'm not really that upset about this price hike, as has been pointed out the prices were only so low because they were effectively subsidised by tax payers for years and years. That probably made sense 20 years ago when the Post was a crucial mass communication system that everyone needed, but sadly for the Royal Mail those days are over. They are being fattened up for slaughter.(to the Germans / Chinese / Saudis / highest bidder!) I send very few letters, and most (but not all) companies still pointlessly send pre paid reply envelopes anyway - no idea why my credit card company feel the need to send one every month for years when they must have noticed that I have never used even a single one of them. To be honest probably 90% of the post I receive is completely pointless crap anyway. The few letters I have to put stamps on - maybe half a dozen or so a year would still only cost me a few quid a year - not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things!
  10. Hey - I thought Portugal was next! bloody Europeans - just push in, no concept of queuing
  11. I'm not sure how precise or automatic this data mining tool will be, but it's amazing how many people lay their whole lives out on facebook etc for all to see - civil servants moaning about their jobs, sickness benefit claimants boasting about their skiing / mountain biking 'adventures' etc etc. If you had a list of 100 people who had declared a very low income but had a full sky HD package and a car that cost >£500 to insure and the latest iphone, I bet you'd find a good few had holiday photos from exotic locations and flash cars / homes / etc on their facebook profile, stupid - but then loads of people are!
  12. thanks for the reply. Sounds like it's got the potential to be an expensive nightmare! I noticed TOTAL's share price took quite a dive yesterday. Don't these gas fields contribute a fair chunk of our energy production in the GDP figures? Any idea how much of the north sea production that is / will be affected by this mess?
  13. Hi, I can't find a thread about this, but apologies if I missed one. and I know it's not strictly HPC related, but could it potentially have a big affect on our fagile economy?? (mods feel free to move / merge) Channel 4 news led on this story tonight, and they seemed quite excited by it all. There are echo's of the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon leak debacle by the sound of it, but it's a big gas leak rather than oil. Seems like the french company TOTAL were using a fairly new drilling system, which involves very high temperatures and pressures, which will make the leak much harder to stem. The flare on top of the platform is still burning and the only reason the whole thing hasn't exploded is thankfully the wind is blowing in the right direction. (why can't they just shut this off?) The Beeb seem to be playing it down, from their website : BBC story "The operator of a North Sea platform which is leaking gas has said there is no immediate danger of ignition. Oil company Total said the escaped gas is at a lower height than a flare which is still alight on the installation. Earlier, it revealed it could take six months to drill a relief well to stop the gas leak on its Elgin platform in the North Sea." Anyone with any knowledge of this know what the hell's going on?
  14. Bugger! - I put a bloody curse on it. :angry: :angry: Just done the same search and loads have sold!! Even the dump I posted in the MOPSH thread - FFS! I despair, I really do. Seems like it's full steam ahead for the spring bounce, will it peter out post Olympics??
  15. good spot. I wonder how much they got paid for this? why would you want us lot going over your family finances, let alone the tax man? wierd. They must get a good few grand to even consider it. Might keep the wolves from the door / pay the mortgage for another month I suppose! Moaning 'cos they can no longer afford to live in a house worth 66 times either of their incomes - Fvcking mentalists!
  16. Just browsed my usual rightmove search with property bee, and wow - there's loads of tasty reductions in the last couple of weeks. Searched Ipswich, any property, £325k - £150k, last 14 days, inc sold / under offer. Nothing had sold, a couple had come back on after falling through recently, and lots had some decent reductions - not just the usual couple of poxy grand, but several had 10% / £20k reductions, in some cases on top of earlier £20k reductions. Now we're finally getting somewhere! Is this the start of the next leg down..... eg. 20 March 2012 Brief Description changed: BLAKE MAYHEW are marketing this UNIQUE 3 Bed semi-detached house. The property is situated on the sought after Christchurch Park area and is adjacent to the Park entrance. Benefits include a brand new kitchen, study , new bathroom suite and is refurbished in our opinion to a very high standard. Subtitle changed: 3 bedroom semi-detached town house 15 March 2012 Brief Description changed: Blake Mayhew BLAKE MAYHEW are marketing this UNIQUE 3 bedroom Bed semi-detached house. The property is situated on the sought after Christchurch Park area and is adjacent to the Park entrance. Benefits include a brand new kitchen, study , new bathroom suite and is refurbished in our opinion to a very high standard. Price changed: Guide Price £279,950 £269,950 23 February 2012 Price changed: Guide Price £295,000 £279,950 02 February 2012 Brief Description changed: Blake Mayhew present to the market are marketing this 3/4 3 bedroom semi-detached house. The property is situated on the sought after Christchurch Park area and is adjacent to the Park entrance. Benefits include a brand new kitchen, study , new bathroom suite and is refurbished in our opinion to a very high standard. Subtitle changed: 4 3 bedroom semi-detached house 27 January 2012 Agents Telephone changed: from '08433155809' to '01473222202' 17 January 2012 Initial entry found. Gotta love property bee!!
  17. How about this little gem.... £320,000 3 bedroom detached house for sale IVRY STREET, IPSWICH believed to date back to 1990 of red brick construction with modern slate roof, good looking in a country cottage style which offers very stylish living accommodation. Also incorporating many period style features including sliding sash windows with double glazing. More details and 12 photos Save property Contact agent Upgrade listing Marketed by Woodcock & Son, Ipswich. FFS! hardly lost in the mists of time.
  18. A step in the right direction. Poor pensioners won't be affected, in fact they get a bit more. Rich / comfortably off pensioners pay a bit more. What's not to like! EVERYONE is going to be MUCH WORSE OFF - get used to it. The bleating from the boomers on whoever is standing on for Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 today was pathetic, they had Clegg on and a stream of furious pensioners moaning on about how they were 29p or whatever a week worse off which meant they were all suddenly going to 'suffer' and what an outrage it is blah blah. Get over yourselves - the money is ALL GONE! (because Liebour went absolutely mental with our credit card.)
  19. This is turning into a bear fest!! Apart from the London stuff hardly anything is getting to guide let alone reserve. A plot (tiny) in denbigh, Clwydd didn't even get a single bid!! no reserve would have sold for £1!! - the plot next to it (car parking space?) sold for £50 ! Well worth a watch - thanks again M21er.
  20. Lot 1 - £650k and rising! estimated at £450k NOT a great start!!
  21. Nice one! Cheers for posting this M21er - will be interesting to see how this one goes I think. Hopefully HPC in full swing with no spring bounce in sight, or will everything be snapped up with the foreign 'funny money' pouring in to the London / SE??
  22. a cool half mill - and they couldn't even be arsed to slap a bit of paint on the front. unber******inglievable!
  23. yeah, I've got a bad feeling about this one. +1.2% stamp duty holiday, great time to buy, don't miss out, house prices always go up, blah blah blahhhhhhhhhh. :angry:
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