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  1. +100 THIS It's a total joke - a 50% discount for wealthy 'landowners' FFS! who ever thought that was a good idea anyway? I can't imagine the majority of people are in favour of it now, or ever were in the past. It's just another little 'perk' crept in for the rich to enjoy. Free to those that can afford it, very expensive to those that can't... Still if in the unlikely event that this ever actually happens I'm sure they'll be plenty of loopholes perfectly legitimate exemptions to go around for politicians / diplomats / 'wealth creators' / etc etc etc :angry:
  2. cheers for posting this - an interesting read. there's some scary stats in there, just another massive subprime bubble brewing up. Still it's only printed money I suppose... I think cars from around the mid 90's represent the best value for money if you like cars and can wield a spanner, eg. things like the e36 BMW, mx5, MR2, 205 gti etc etc can all be run much more cheaply and IMPO are more fun to drive at anywhere near legal speeds than their modern counterparts. New cars are way too heavy, usually characterless and completely boring to drive, and are so complicated / deliberately difficult to work on that you HAVE to get them repaired AND serviced by dealers (or at least specialists) which costs a fortune. I can see this being a big problem for used car residuals, especially higher performance stuff, I think now is a good time to buy a few decent examples of 90's icons and tuck them away as the demand for relatively simple, fun to drive, cheap to run cars will only grow. Especially once people realise how much all this complicated technology in modern performance cars will cost to repair once the car is 10+ years old. Look at all the early / mid 2000's turbo diesels that have DPF filters / complicated emissions crap that can easily cost a thousand quid or more to sort out (eg BMW's) - lots of these cars will be smart looking write off's soon once this starts playing up. I think people will get sick of the expense and complexity of running twin or even triple turbo'd (bmw again!) cars and few will want to pay a premium for them second hand knowing the potential repair bills in the post. The overall running costs of a mid range average saloon inc depreciation and tax, insurance, servicing / repairs, fuel and all the other bobbins must be way way higher as a percentage of average earnings than it was say 10 years ago, but going back to the NC article above it's currently being masked by complicated lease / credit arrangements hiding a lot of these costs...it's only another £100 a month!!! bullsh1t. It's just another PONZI scheme really, and many that are in these longterm lease arrangements can't get off the ride now as their equity is long gone and they can't afford the final payment to get out - basically an interest only mortgage on a car! How long before Osborne realises he can 'stimulate our hard working and world leading motor car industry' with some freshly printed loans???
  3. how can it be cheaper to pay for all the administration costs, time spent checking / correcting, paying someone a reasonable humane wage in India AND paying someone £15k per year (or whatever) in benefits here for NOT doing it?? (plus a generous redundancy package probably). madness, utter batsh1t mental. It's no wonder we're so fu*ked really.
  4. nice one! cheers for this M21er - will hopefully brighten up my day tomorrow!! lot 109 is the only one near me (Ipswich), IP2 9AB (no.16) a largish victorian semi, catastrophically close to the railway shunting yard / busy passenger and night freight railway line - and it looks set for a crashtastic 50% off 2007 sold price (a whopping £183 000!!) for some lucky punter, estimate of £90 000 which is LESS than the 2000 (pre bubble?!) price. WOW. Although I have to say this isn't typical of the local market (I wish.), and it's only their estimate. I havent checked the condition, may have been wrecked by the last 'owner' (sold by mortgagees). from mouse prices : This property is a four bedroom semi-detached house. It was built in 1890. It has been given an estimated current value, which is displayed above by the Mouseprice.com valuation system. The property has sold 3 times since the 1st of January 1995. The first time it sold twelve years ago, on 05/05/2000, for £93,000. On 21/11/2003 it sold again for £155,000. The most recent sale was five years ago, on 31/12/2007 for £183,000. Link to lot : lot 109 depressing that this is the only repo in the whole town - that's what'll light a fire under this poxy slow HPC! but it's coming boys....it's coming.
  5. 2million transactions affected and we're supposed to believe that this is all down to 'human error' - lol. Yeah right, sure. Bullshyte.
  6. This is a great thread - it's like having a spanish penpal! Thanks for all your replies and responses, very interesting to hear how it's going down over there, I hope it works out OK in the end. I guess my question is ; if it comes down to a choice between being 'Spanish' or 'European' which would the majority in Spain vote for? As I see it the only way out of this mess is either eurobonds of some sort and that would require a common fiscal policy (presumably dominated by the Germans), or Spain going it's own way, going back to a much lower new pesata / iberio and leaving the Euro. Neither is a 'good' or 'easy way out' but what other choices are there? I can't see austerity working, the debts are just too huge for that now. My perception is that, like the Greeks, the majority would prefer to stay in the euro, and be prepared to give up economic soverenty if necessary to achieve this - but I'd be very interested to hear your opinions. gracias.
  7. from the beeb : Spain bailout rumour played down (!) Reports that Spain will ask for help for its banks this weekend have been played down by authorities across the eurozone. There were also reports that the Eurogroup of finance ministers would meet on Saturday to discuss the issue. we've had a denial the other day, a denial denial yesterday, is this a denial denial denial?? !!
  8. 28.84 -3.07 (-9.62%) After Hours: 28.76 -0.08 (-0.28%) May 29, 5:17PM EDT ouch. down over 10% on the day for a while near the end. that'll set the cat amongst the pigeons!
  9. The Immigration service appears to be in total meltdown judging by the 3 hour queues at Heathrow and other airports, didn't they 'find' loads of old unresolved cases a few months ago too? Damian Green seems to be completely anonymous and silent - he keeping his head down I guess - I doubt he'll have much to say about these stats either Total shambles, as per usual.
  10. Hi Loui, Welcome to the forum!! sounds waaay dodgy to me, completely unreasonable and illegal. I can't believe she'd have the cheek to even ask, let alone suggest using her vote - amazing the lengths some people will go to to avoid complying with the rules and paying their fair share. As has been pointed out credit records and anti fraud checks often involve electoral roll checks, sounds like it could be a right ball ache later on if there's gaps or inconsistentcies (ie your bank, utilities and credit cards will be at a different address from where you are registered etc) - I wouldn't want the potential hassle. Is you place run as a 'proper' HMO? does it have a proper fire alarm / smoke detectors etc etc? Any number of people 'could' have secretly dobbed her in to the council, who could come round on a 'routine check' ...
  11. IMPO, it really depends on the deposit not being in one of the 3 proper schemes. If it's not then I would say you've got a much stronger case. You have a letter saying it was withdrawn, no confirmation of where it went, you checked the public record to no avail so I think you would be entitled to argue you reasonably lost faith in the landlord. Coupled with a breakdown in your relationship with the letting agent because of the documented noise issues. I'd say 1 month is fine (ie no deposit worries), another month or two would probably be OK - but personally I wouldn't really want the hassle unless they'd REALLY F**KED me off! It doesn't pay to burn bridges if you don't have to, you never know what might happen in a couple of years - house sale falls through at the last minute or you pull out because of a massive sudden HPC hours before exchange of contracts!! or unexpected relocation and you might end up renting again...
  12. what's YOUR point billfunk? this isn't a grammar competition. Let's hear your counter to the actual points raised, not spelling and punctuation debates - YOU'RE contributing nothing to this discussion. pedant.
  13. I'm not falling for the divide and conquer spin and propaganda that is spewed forth from the usual VI media machine. ( I hesitate to use the term 'Press' as this suggests some checking and analysis of facts and 'news' by actual journalists - not the cut and paste churnalism of VI spin and lies we are subjected to). I don't agree with overly generous payoffs for the largely incompetent managers and senior civil servants, that's where most of the money is wasted, but most front line day to day civil servants don't receive high wages, don't receive massive pensions, and won't retire at 50 or probably even 65! I don't see why any high paid public sector fatcats need a pension over say £25k p.a., especially when they've been earning £150k per year - if you want to save more then fine, you can well afford it. It would be pretty easy to cap all pensions at a maximum of £X without affecting any lower paid front line workers who can only dream of getting half that anyway. The only reason this doesn't happen and THEY go after much lower paid front line workers etc is because it doesn't suit THEM to have a cap and THEY make the rules. I bet MP's , FTSE 250 board members, the captains of great british industry receive some pretty generous 'enhanced packages' that strangely aren't available for the shop floor workers who actually do the work and create the 'business' - totally corrupt IMPO and it's about time the unions grew a pair and started getting this message out there. Fatcat directors pay and pensions are STILL increasing at 11% PER YEAR - yet oddly no connection is made to this, and that is completely OK and 'affordable' ...hmmm. FFS!!! :angry:
  14. yeah I know. depressing isn't it! the system is obviously broken, but it'll probably limp along for years before anything much changes too. I can't see where its going to come from either, politics is completely corrupted, the yoof by and large haven't got a clue how they are being robbed, and don't really give much of a sh1t anyway. I'm still hopeful though, just getting sick of this same crap week after month after year. :angry:
  15. How long before someone is electrocuted, there's a massive fire or carbon monixide poisoning in one of these shanties? incredible that the council obsess about building regs for law abiding people, yet as soon as it's a bit awkward or there is a suggestion of political correctness it can all get quietly dropped and everything just carries on. How hard is it to go round and at least insist on basic safety and sanitation standards are immediately enforced, paid for by the property owner. No quibbles, if we come round and find there is someone living in an outbuilding or shed that is not safe and fit for human habitation prosecutions WILL be made.
  16. what, so that's ok then? there's no other way of making these 'elites' accountable for their actions? just let them asset strip the whole f**king country! I'm just saying this shoulder shrugging 'twas ever thus VI crap is starting to wear just slightly thin by now. We ARE all in it together aren't we...
  17. no great loss really IMPO. Sending massively overpriced greeting cards to each other is a completely pointless marketing trick in 90% of cases. (there are exceptions when it's a nice, thoughtful thing to do, not grandpa day or whetever bu11shyte 'day' they think up next ). I wonder what the profit margin is on a piece of printed cardboard and an envelope for £2.99! how the hell can you be a market leader in a £billion per year industry with massive profit margins and manage to screw it up this bad?! Will creditors and staff all get paid? probably not. have the directors been making out like bandits for the last few years? I'll bet! pathetic. it's about time we started looking at bit more closely at these millionaire captains of industry. Why should they get away scott free with millions stashed away every f***ing time this happens? as has been said above buying out their competitor when they could've let them go bust and then owning and running two shops literally within 50m of each other is just stupid. Instead of slapping themselves on the back, playing golf and paying each other ever bigger bonuses they could've used their dominant market position and trusted brand to buy or beat moon pig etc and be the goto online choice with a slick app and clever marketing. It was pretty obviously going to be the future of their business model. = EPIC FAIL.
  18. economy in meltdown 'cos it was rainy' in April in Britain!! what utter sh1te. really is an insult to our intelligence. makes me wonder how the journo's (in the loosest sense) who cut and paste this crap feel? it must be like being winston smith! as they sit there copying and pasting propaganda and spin that's so obviously just complete lies and ******** plucked off the top of the head of some self or govt. appointed 'expert' or 'spokesman'. it must be so depressing. what ever happened to proper journalism? Skeptical analysis and at least some recognition / recollection of past events and promises made - asking pertinent questions doing research etc etc. The internet should make this all easy, yet it seems proper journalism is dying on it's ****. This is a significant problem IMPO. Maybe the internet has actually made it easier to manipulate the press? (although I'm not sure how?) or is it a succession of corrupt governments who've skilfully used people like Murdoch to manage this by supressing other media competitors? whatever we deserve better than this insulting crap being presented as 'news'.
  19. +1 He did point this out in his post too. If you break down every possible variable it quickly becomes so confusing with so many 'if's and 'but's that it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. I did a similar 'back of a fag packet' overview of my similar situation and came to much the same conclusion - ie. even not allowing for significant nominal falls there's not a lot in it. If we get only 5% pa nominal falls I'm MUCH better off renting. I can't see how this won't happen with sharply falling incomes (great chart yesterday from freetrader), rising mortgage rates, falling mortgage availability, no more IO / Liar loans, all this on the brink of a double dip recession. Come on HPC get a farkin' move on! (FFS!)
  20. Typical beeb - bullish headline House prices up in past 12 months hiding a pretty bearish article! I like this quote.... Russell Quirk, of online estate agent eMoov.co.uk, said house prices in London were "in a league of their own". "Average prices in England are only in the black due to the strength of London," he said. "If it weren't for the capital, the overall house price picture would be a lot less pretty." it's getting ugly out there!
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