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  1. Universal Credit and the accompanying IT has got 'massivecluster******' written all over it. It's so depressingly predicable. and pathetic.
  2. quite, 2 years in a row too. I'm sure it's just an amazing coincidence though.
  3. There's plenty more out there - the agent said so themselves! (oops! ). I wouldn't entertain any silly games from the agent, when they contact you again I'd express mild disappointment that this house has 'gone' and then adopt an 'oh well never mind it's not meant to be' tone and ask to be updated should it fall through, and why not ask for a viewing on something vaguely similar on their books that's preferably a bit cheaper just to make the point , I also like to reject their first suggested viewing time as you've 'got a viewing on another property' - this shows them you've already 'moved on' and have other irons in the fire. Lets face it although some stuff is shifting at the mo it's still a long way from a sellers market out there. If they ask you to make an offer I'd go for something like ' I wouldn't be able to beat the existing offer' or ' the other offer is a bit higher than I would've felt comfortable with anyway', and don't get sucked into a phoney bidding war. Remember estate agents are ALWAYS probing you for information and adopting various sales techniques (it's their job), and they NEVER work for you the buyer. Best of luck with it all however it goes.
  4. I'm coming round to the idea of a 0.5%(or maybe even lower?) annual charge on the current market value of ALL dwellings, do away with council tax and mansion taxes with stupid arbitary bands / thresholds and simplify the whole system. ie. 100k terrace = £500pa (considerably less than now) 250k semi = £1250pa (slightly less than now) 500k detached = £2500pa (about the same as now) £1m posh house = £5000pa (still affordable lets face it) £2m mini mansion = £10000pa (much less than proposed 'mansion tax' would be) £5m mansion = £25000pa (still affordable, those with the broadest shoulders and all that) Most people, especially the poorest / hard working familesTM would be better off - more spending money in the real economy, and fairer as everyone pays the same proportion. It'd be easy enough to allow old people to roll any increase over current council tax levels into a charge on the property to be settled by their estate / property sale in the future. I know it's complicated by insane London prices, but I'm sure something could be worked out, maybe along the lines of 0.25% for central london / 0.33% outer london and possibly a few other city centres? The up to date valuations is also a problem, it could make it too difficult / unviable were it not for the fact that we've got to redo this anyway - the current shambles has been kicked down the road for 20 years now, sooner rather than later someone is going to have to grasp this thorny problem, it would present an ideal opportunity to simplify and modernise the whole system. Seems to make sense to me, does this system (or one like it) actually exist anywhere? and does it work? I'm sure there's way too many vested interests for this to happen here though.
  5. I really don'y buy this nonsense argument about 'poor old widows' who are cash poor sitting in their £2m mansions. There can't really be that many anyway, and they can easily defer payment until after they die so won't have to 'pay' anything now - so what's the problem?? (apart from the squealing from the greedy family waiting for their inheritance obviously). And if they don't want that option they can easily sell up, buy a charming, warm, suitable lovely cottage/bungalow/appartment OURIGHT nearby or pretty much anywhere they want for £1million and STILL bank a £1million pound lottery House Price Inflation windfall. well boo hoo. They've had their turn in a big family house (when they presumably had a big family), now it's time for someone else's go and they don't want to share - naughty boomers!
  6. Heads up. As per title, Jeremey disscussing Mansion Tax - could be good for a laugh!
  7. Cheers for posting that - interesting read, it reminded me of this place about 5yrs ago! There's a lot of BTL / boomer hate on that thread!
  8. so what's next then? - quadrillion? squillion? zillion? (genuine question) the way we're going we'd better get it sorted PDQ!
  9. lol, yeah I caight that on the radio earlier - that will come back to bite him I'm sure. Another inept PMQ's by Drippy Millipede, he wasted 3 questions unsuccessfully trying to ask what Camoron would do in the highly likely event that his attempt at unliaterally rewriting the rules and getting agreement from ALL 27 other nations doesn't succeed and we are left with either the choice of 'in pretty much as we are', or 'out'. This is a perfectly reasonable, interesting, relevant and potentially awkward question to ask, but every time Ed stupidly misphrased it giving Dave the chance to wriggle out everytime with 'I'm not going into the negotiations to fail, I'm confident I can secure a better deal blah blah blah'. This seems to be the crux of Dave's get out, there's no way he wants us out of the EU, or to allow a referendum that might risk that, so he's been very careful to state : "The prime minister said he wanted to renegotiate the UK's relationship with the EU and then give people the "simple choice" between staying in under those new terms, or leaving the EU." - bbc ie the ONLY choice is a vote on a NEW RENEGOTIATED AND AGREED EU contract, which will never happen, as there is NO WAY all 27 countries will agree to ANYTHING let alone this. Even if it were possible it would be spun out to take decades. A total sham IMPO. But I wonder if the genie if now out of the bottle, Dave's semantics might go down a storm at the Eaton debating club, but they are not going to cut it with the man on the street - as far as they are concerned they've been promised an in out refendum on Europe (not the vague possibility of a vote only on a NEW agreement). If tens of thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians start rocking up claiming benefits people might get very angry and disappointed if they feel they've been lied to YET AGAIN.
  10. "Greece's unemployment rate climbed to a record 26.8 percent in October as the debt-laden country remained sunk in recession. Austerity policies imposed by the bailed-out country's international lenders to shore up public finances have taken a toll on the battered economy, which was shrinking at an annualised rate of nearly 7 percent in the third quarter. Greece is expected to stay in recession for a sixth consecutive year in 2013, with national output seen contracting by 4.5 percent as budget cuts and tax increases worth 9.4 billion euros weigh. " - Reuters When does the recession in Greece become a full blown depression? -10% per year is it? Those are some pretty sobering stats. Still I'm sure they'll pay all their debts in full and return to growth shortly.
  11. We never had any central heating to turn on either, just a wood burner in the living room and a portable gas fire in the kitchen, and bugger all insulation and no double glazing as well. This is only the 1990's not that long ago, TBH it wasn't that bad, you get used to it and it didn't seem to do any of us any harm, I hate warm bedrooms even now. It wasn't uncommon then, and I bet loads of families even now either don't have CH at all, or it's not working or they just never use it - so what a pointless article. How many of these families also 'choose' to smoke, bet, have sky tv, large pets etc etc instead of putting the heating on I wonder? Central heating is a luxury IMPO, definitely not a necessity. (That said I hate the thought of poor old people being cold and would support the use of savings from mean testing pensioner benefits to properly insulate and heat houses of poor elderly people. I don't think the wealthy boomers could complain too much if the many rich pensioners are asked to help out the poorest members of their own generation keep warm, and if they have a problem with that well tough - it just illistrates why I have a problem paying for the air conditioning and swimming pool maintainance of rich pensioners with holiday homes in Spain etc).
  12. hmm quite a tasty little bear breakfast snack...but as you say woefully short of facts or any proper journalism ( the usual cut n paste churnalism from the beeb). although I particuarly enjoyed this part : "But Steve Wilkie, managing director of Responsible Equity Release, says his business sees many older people who have not made any plans and may need to downsize where they live. They are receiving letters asking them how they intend to pay off their mortgage, so suddenly the poor performance of their endowment has become a critical matter. One issue to their advantage, he says, is that the value of their property has often risen, so there is sufficient equity in the home to pay off the loan, if they choose to sell. This, clearly, is not the scenario many of these people would have wished for. They wanted the mortgage to be paid off and the property owned outright, ready for their family to inherit in due course." This whole endowments / interest only shambles is going to be a massive slow motion car crash over the next few years. Tick tock.
  13. yep, I saw that - a dozen rooms a time for their 'entourage' of security and errr shopping advisors. unbelievable waste and profliagcy when you think how much food, shoes, school books, pens, medicine etc etc you could have bought with the money spent on their lovely shopping trips to Claridges. Most of the dictators seemed like regulars there too. Nice to see our Royals enjoying the hospitality there too - despite having how many palaces / mansions within a few miles?? lol. I'm sure her Majesty could have made up a spare room in Buckingham Palace for her son to stay in....no wonder he couldn't get through the door fast enough! Disgusting, excessive and totally corrupt. There is plenty of money in the world to feed everyone and end poverty, it's just that rich elite don't want to share it - they want it ALL for themselves.
  14. As per title, the beeb are reporting Ireland has introduced a property tax of 0.18% on the value of homes up to 1 million euros, and a hefty 0.25% on the value over 1 million euros. It will be very intesting to see how this pans out - devil will be in the detail I guess. If it's successful it would surely add to calls for a LVT / something similar here, which is loooong overdue IMPO. link: Ireland budget: Local property tax introduced
  15. Whether it's through over paying for beans, excessive charges for logo's and branding or just 'clever' accounting the bottom line appears to be Starbucks have been cynically and deliberatly massaging their UK profits down to avoid tax. Yet again our incompetent / corrupt HMRC are pathetically culpable - I wonder if Mr Hartnett was involved again? Alexw nailed it (and goat appears unable / unwilling to continue his defence of this blatent fraud) - Starbucks have slipped up and said one thing to investors on the record, and said quite another thing to HMRC and the select commitee also on record. whoops! Both cannot be true. Some very awkward questions to answer here, and maybe the first wriggles of a very big can of worms both here and all around the world. I mean I doubt Starbucks UK were the only ones pulling this stunt whilst on record telling investors how sucessful and profitable they were, and I doubt HMRC are the only tax agency around the world to have been duped. It would be interesting to know how executives renumeration in Starbucks has progressed during these oh so lean and unprofitable decades, one would imagine it would be very hard to justify paying themselves both enormous salaries AND MASSIVE BONUSES based on this supposed shockingly bad performance I would've thought.
  16. That is the most hilarious chart I've ever seen - brilliant. How the hell can they keep a straight face when they churn this shyte out. Oh well....2nd.....I mean 3rd.....no sorry make that 4th....errrr 5th time lucky!! Isn't this chart already hopelessly wrong anyway??? unless I've missed something they appear to be 'predicticing' Greece has been GROWING steadily since Dec 2011....hmmmm
  17. it's got a brilliant address though... 2 bedroom flat for sale £484,950 Shoot Up Hill, Cricklewood, London, NW2
  18. That's pretty much what I thought - instead of "we'll give you £££ if you meet this sales target" it's now "if you don't meet this sales target....well, lets just say we'll find someone who will." Hardly likely to reduce the pressure on staff. net result = bugger all improvement for us but looks as if they're doing something, also puts the pleb 'staff' in their place and by lowering costs it's even bigger profits for the fat cats. Hurrah! trebles all round.
  19. "As Labour MP Chuka Umunna" LOL apt comedy name of the day. I Chuka Umunna - away. Does someone make these names up? ie Madeoff, B.Liar, Liebor etc
  20. THIS ^^^^. I agree 100% and couldn't have put it so well. It's not just that it's complicated, or that we have manipulated / false data, mainly the problem is the deliberately confusing / contradictory way it's presented to us. No one that I've heard in either the Govt or the Treasury has taken the time to clearly explain what QE actually is, or how they expect it to work, or how it can be measured etc etc beacuse THEY don't WANT US to understand. They don't want our opinion anyway thank you very much. In 5 years of secondary school education I cannot honestly remember ANYONE ever even mentioning economics, at all. The basics of supply and demand we're covered in my Economics A level (this was in the early 90's) which says it all really. Anyone know if there is currently any economics taught in the high school curriculum? As has been said economics has been hijacked by politics which is all about power and control - in application it's got precious little to do with mathematics that's for sure.
  21. Thanks for posting this Dorkins - very interesting. Can't believe there isn't a thread on this. Where is everyone? The new housing minister seemed about as effective as the last one (ie chocolate teapot), waffled on around the edges but didn't get into the real meat of anything. Andrew Neil seemed to confuse a house price boom and a house building boom and didn't seem to have much of a grasp of the issues, let the minister off the hook several times and made few penetrating points, but the overall vibe was pretty bearish on housing. I thought the chap from City AM Allister Heath was very good (where Neil gave him a say) and made some very good points - ie. the problems are: affordability, supply, rental laws not suitable for families and the risk of creating negative equity and risking tax payer cash on underwriting deposits in a falling market. Was about to make an interesting point about nequity creating 'sub prime life' before Neil cut him off. Anyway - Keiser got in a few blows on the banksters and generally the whole show was surprisingly on message and well worth a watch.
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