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  1. incredible. jesus. The french just built 2 massive war ships for the Ruskies (lol) - "Under the agreement, signed during Nicolas Sarkozy's presidency in 2011, Russia ordered two Mistral-class amphibious assault ships in a contract worth 1.2bn euros ($1.6bn; £0.95bn)." beeb link LESS than a Billion for 2 massive war ships. How can repairing an existing building cost the equivilant of 6 state of the art war ships FFS!
  2. Bicester chosen as new garden city with 13,000 homes Bicester in Oxfordshire has been chosen as the site for the coalition's second new garden city, government sources have confirmed. Up to 13,000 new homes are due to be built on the edge of the town, as part of the coalition's plans to help deal with the UK's housing shortage. "I can confirm the government is putting its support behind Bicester," Treasury spokesperson told the BBC. An official announcement is expected on Tuesday. Beeb link A piss in the ocean...but every little helps I guess (assuming it ever gets past the NIMBYs). Great to see the Govt give it's backing......6 months before the election, years after 'michael' shapps was mumbling on about it, knowing full well not a single brick will be laid for years and years no doubt. Still I'm sure it'll give the local Ukip campaign a boost, which is at least something.
  3. I'm amazed by the doublethink of the anti UKIP / pro uncontrolled mass economic migration drones. It's WAY more racist to say ANYONE who happens to be from a certain geographical location in Eastern Europe can come over and enhance our country ...yet it's FINE to STRICTLY CLAMP DOWN on NON EU migration as thats bad and presumably they aren't welcome. They had some Limp Dumb MP on the beeb by-election coverage the other night who when asked calmly and clearly what the LD immigration position on immigration actually was spluttered and then admitted they wanted NO LIMITS whatsoever on EU immigration, yet fully supported strict controls for Non EU (ie commonwealth countries for example) immigration, well educated professionals who would obviously contribute to the ecomony refused in favour of beggars and the unemployed from Eastern Europe. How pathetic, stupid and completely RACIST is that! Talk about double standards. As usual he wasn't asked why he thought this would be a good idea, or fair and not discriminating, and the obvious contradiction in his position was conveniently ignored by the beeb. We obviously DO need controlled immigration based on MERIT - a points based system seems fair, we don't need mass economic migration based on where you happen to live or whether you've been able to 'convince' somewhere in the EU to issue a passport to get rid of you. It's funny to watch the morally superior lefties and liberals sqirm as this obvious fact enters their tiny minds and confuses them.
  4. I experienced this recently - I bought a brand new motorbike (a mid price Honda) this summer, the sales guy gave me that look of incredulous disappointment mixed with bewilderment and concern when I said I'd pay in cash. That look the hire car desk give you when you decline the ridiculous excess insurance that costs as much as the hire car. The bike salesman still tried to go through all the PCP deals etc - only 4.something % pa blah blah. I told him I wouldn't be interested at anything less than -3% (!) How long until you get a discount for non cash purchases?!
  5. Yes I've noticed this as well - just about every 'study' supposedly proving how beneficial mass uncontrolled economic migration is seems to not just fall apart under any scrutiny, in fact it often actually undermines it's own position with ridiculous omissions or assumptions. I think this is a legitimate debate to have. All the usual shills claiming it's racist / facist / nazi - wanting to shut down any discussion as usual. Pathetic. Liebour said it wasn't racist to discuss this only the other day - so it must be OK.
  6. oh dear.... Japan's economy dips into recessionJapan's economy unexpectedly shrank for the second consecutive quarter, marking a technical recession in the world's third largest economy. Gross domestic product (GDP) fell at annualised 1.6% from July to September, compared to forecasts of a 2.1% rise. That followed a revised 7.3% contraction in the second quarter, which was the biggest fall since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The economy shrank 0.4% in the third quarter from the previous one. Economists said the disappointing figures are likely to lead to a delay to the proposed increase of the country's sale tax. link
  7. quite. Beeb link : Ed Miliband has dismissed reports of unrest among Labour MPs over his leadership of the party as "nonsense". Some backbenchers have told the chairman of the parliamentary party that he should stand down, sources say. It is understood his leadership was questioned at a meeting of Labour MPs from north-west England this week.
  8. Democracy is completely broken in the UK now. Utterly pathetic bunch of self serving *****. We need some sort of proportional representation, so that more smaller parties have a chance of a fair number of seats to represent the national number of votes they get. This safe seat nonsense has got to end, it's clearly designed to favour the incumbent establishment, and deliberately makes it virtually impossible to elect anyone but whoever the party choose in many areas of the country. We also need a primary system similar to the States where WE get to pick our candidate not central office, or we can reject the selection of their mates paracuted in from afar. We need a right of recall so we can force a by election if our representative behaves inappropriately OR fails to accurately represent the will of their electorate OR changes their stance on a manifesto position (which must also be clearly stated). Why can't we have a referendum on important or controversial matters? the technology exists to make this perfectly feasible. We don't employ politicians to TELL us what we want, but to enact our wishes - WE'RE THE DADDY, RIGHT. WE GIVE THE ORDERS! I sense trouble ahead, I really do. The level of contempt, cynasism and naked hatred I hear from people I speak to at work / friends etc seems to be growing exponentially lately - there's so much dissatisfaction and anger out there. Look at the virtual news blackout of last nights Guy Fawkes protests in London - I think they know it's a tinderbox out there.
  9. Still hasn't made on to the beebs main news page - buried in the politics section. They must be very nervous, wouldn't take much to ignite something MUCH bigger IMPO.
  10. This report is just naked propaganda. Surely this crap is actually counter productive when it can so easily be dismantled and shown to be absolute rubbish? It's not easy to tell who's pro or anti mass uncontrolled economic migration any more. As far as I can tell the politicians, medja and 'establishment' want it, most of the population don't. Was this 'report' put out by the pro side? as it seems to undermine their case rather than strengthen it - whatever, it's all just lies and statistics anyway. If you exclude this and only include part of that, and guess a bit, then multiply it by an estimate and then turn it upside down and sqint it PROVES stuff * * for a few carefully selected dates. I don't think this is going to convince many voters in Rochester to change their minds.
  11. Interesting post - thanks RnR! Shows nicely just how corrupted these VI press releases are, no doubt they quietly 'correct' last months numbers as usual. It shows how our pathetic cut n paste churnalists just put out whatever bull they're fed - they would never dare point out these inconvenient truths.
  12. err...I think we have already 'agreed' to this. At least as far as the EU is concerned anyway.
  13. So now we're sypposedly on the hook £1.7BILLION extra for the EU coffers - and poor old poverty stricken Germany gets a refund!! you really couldn't make this stuff up. Beeb link The UK has been told it must pay an extra £1.7bn (2.1bn euros) towards the European Union's budget because the economy has performed better than expected in recent years. The payment follows new calculations by the EU, which determines how much each member state should contribute based on gross national incomes. Brilliant piece of timing by the EU - just after Dave got all tough at the weekend as well! lol I guess they hoped to bury this on a 'bad news day' as they've known about it for week. Farage must be pissing himself with glee. Get your popcorn at the ready for the by-election...
  14. Wow - FTSE and DOW really getting a beating today. Both down > 2% !
  15. It's funny I was thinking about this earlier as I looked at the aging grout around my bath in my rented house, it could do with replacing really especially around the shower before it starts leaking and causes damp problems in the future, if it was my house I'd have it on my radar of jobs I should get round to doing. I briefly thought about calling the letting agent and letting them know - then quickly imagined the non comprehension / bewilderment as the bath is still 'working', it was hard enough to get them to fix a tap that completely stopped. Anyway I thought sod it, it's not a 'problem' at the moment and I'll just ignore it. There must be a glut of BTL and accidental landlords who started renting out properties 5-7 years or so ago that havent done any non essential maintainence at all. Quick lick round with the magnolia, run a vax over the cheap carpet if you're lucky and game on. Cheapest possible fittings and workmen. The workmen love it, they charge full whack to the landlord, do a shyte bodge up job on the cheap, tennent doesn't have any say, landlord doesn't really care as they don't have to live there, and when the cheap extractor / whatever fails the cycle is repeated in a couple of years. Or the tennent just doesn't bother to use it, puts up with damp 'cos they're used to it from all the other crap homes they've rented, doesn't care the gutters are leaking and drains are blocked... storing up more and more problems and expense further down the line. It's a vicious circle too, the worse the condition of the house the less the tennents are likely to care / look after it so the quicker it decays. I think the allure of BTL will fade as the realisation of how high the actual long term maintainance costs on cheaply built housing actually is. Our housing stock is in a shocking state and getting worse fast, quick refurbs on low budgets by amatur landlords don't address the underlying problems. We need a MASSIVE house replacement programme as well as loads more new homes, but there's no money left to rebuild the old stuff and the NIMBYs won't allow anything new. Many landlords will also get a shock if the govt ever does get round to implementing some much needed minimun standards - ie min 'C' energy rating, max dampness levels, proper fire alarms and electric inspections etc etc
  16. It's not just the neighbours who will be getting twitchy - I can imagine there must be some BTL Landlords getting nervous as well. There was a big cannabis 'factory' discovered in a nice detactched not far from me this week, judging by the pics in the local rag they had pretty much gutted the place, punched holes in walls and ceilings etc, nicked loads of electric etc and basically turned the whole place into a moist fedid jungle - it's gonna cost big bucks to sort that lot out. Am I right in thinking the buildings insurance won't pay out on these claims? I'm sure I've read that somewhere. I'm hoping it might deter some home hoarding. (but I doubt it as I'm sure there are plenty more landlord boomers who can/will pay more than I)
  17. Surely it ultimately comes down to who's finger is on the print button when it all goes tits up, and in who's interest they will act - obviously mainly their own in our elites case, but also sometimes their voters. The scots can use the pound, or they can peg their currency to it if they want - that's fine in the good times. But what happens when TSHTF (ie another RBS, the next recession, high inflation or unemployment, an unpredictable global crisis etc etc), the scots wouldn't be able to force Osbourne to continue with or restart QE, or change interest rates etc for example if it doesn't suit England. Why would they want to give up some influence over this yet be tied to the same currency? makes no sense. The Scots will bleat that Osbourne does whatever he wants anyway and thats probably true, but at least they have representatives in Parliament putting their case forward (rather too much in the case of McBroooon) which they wouldn't have if they were independant. In fact the Scottish seem very well represented in Westminister. At the moment Osbourne / Carney et al are (supposedly) tasked with ensuring the finacial security and prosperity of the UK in it's entirety, once Scotland is taken out of the brief where's the incentive to encourage growth and development there? especially if it's at our expense. I don't actually think it will ever happen, it's just a pointless circus to justify politians and give the illusion of democracy. Even if they did get a yes vote (very unlikely IMPO) it would all get tied up in legal crap for years, watered down until it's unrecognisable and then in the end made pointless by wider integration into the EUSSR anyway.
  18. more like brown swan! How long before sanitation becomes a serious issue here? there must be all sorts of sewage, industrial chemicals and other contaminents in that water. Will it all be swept out to sea fairly quickly or will there be stagnant pools of rancid poisonous water for months in some of these areas? I'm sure Dave'll shovel some of our cash to these poor millionaires to help them out.
  19. pfffft...no one is talking about concreting over the countryside, I'm sure it's perfectly possible to design housing and parking that has a negliable effect on drainage if done properly. Unfortunately incompetant planners didn't think about that when the rubber stamped sprawling slave box estates and out of town retail parks in the past - but that doesn't make it impossible to do in the future. I agree we need loads more trees - it would've been simple to insist on this and proper surfacing that allowed much more rain to soak into the ground on these out of town shopping areas for example. But the big corporations wanted to build them as quickly and cheaply as possible and they were allowed to 'cos they're big n powerful.
  20. I wonder how much salt and grit has been washed away over the last few weeks!
  21. Sounds like nonsense NIMBY logic to me. There is PLENTY of land perfectly suitable for building houses on that isn't prone to flooding, it's just that we are denied the use of it. That is why people have had to build on flood plains, not all of the sacred 'green belt' is flood plain, not all developments have to be barrett slave box estates covered in concrete. Last year it was "we can't build houses round my way 'cos of a supposed shortage of water" from the NIMBY anti build anything propaganda. NO ONE with any sense is suggesting building on pristine countryside / areas of natural beauty / flood plains is a good idea - that's largely an invention of NINBY's to prove how we shouldn't build anything near them - at all.
  22. absolutely right. The clue is in the name "Great British Pound", if you're not part of GB you can't use our pound - end of. Why would an independant Scotland not want their own currency anyway, either that or they could sign up for the euro
  23. Parts of the UK are again facing flooding as forecasters warn a further band of stormy weather later could mean the "strongest" winds of the winter. BBC weather forecaster Laura Gilchrist said winds could exceed 100mph around the coast of west Wales. Gales could be the most "strongest and disruptive" of the winter so far, she added. and BBC forecasters say a month's worth of rainfall is expected to fall in parts of southern England over the next few days beeb link Add in widespread powercuts, that are difficult to fix due to flooding AND another months worth of rain and some snow...and this looks like it has the potential to be a maaaasssssive clusterphuck.
  24. Yes - it is OK* Smug nimby homeowners take the capital appreciation and slap themselves on the back for the great investments, whilst looking down at scum renters in the good times, so they have to deal with some capital depreciation and a few "Ha-Ha!'s" from renters in the bad. It's pay back for those 6 monthly inspections, agency fees and pisspoor quality fittings we have to endure. I bet the homeowners in the Somerset Levels or Home Counties didn't don their hunters and barbour jackets to launch a relief effort for Hull in 2007, nor do I remember anyone offering a blank cheque to sort out previous floods, maybe the Thames has particuarly 'ghastly and beastly' water in it. (or maybe their rich mates and media luvvies have Mansions or Holiday homes there - who knows...). * In moderation and as long as people aren't hurt / genuinely endangered / suffering IMPO.
  25. How do you know they didn't leave that appointment conveniently on display 'accidently' on purpose??? They are pretty cunning / devious, I certainly wouldn't put it past them to lie to your face or pull stunts like this just so you know how in demand this property is, and how this is a once in lifetime opportunity to get on the ladder, 'they really like you...and would love to sell it to you ...just another 10k should do it' don't miss out...blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhh Also at the end of the day they are trying to weed out the timewasters and dreamers just as you are, and if most people are serious about really wanting a property they'll leave their offer on the table rather than risk losing out for the sake of a few hundred quid, it sucks but the EA's still percive it as a sellers market, and unfortunately it is round my way at the moment. easy Credit + low supply + high 'demand' (from some people - and it only takes a few) = Bubble
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