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  1. Oh don't get me wrong, I agree he should have forseen this possible outcome and admitted his position would be untenable before the compaign even started. But I do accept his argument that then you make it a popularity / political question rather than a constitutional one - which is why I think the top few people (maybe even both cabinets?) should have been kept deliberately well out of the way and therefore left largely intact in order to impliment the outcome - rather than enjoying some sort of Game of Thrones style mass gorefest and then realising afterwards that all the 'good' people are lying around dying. It would have helped strip the personalities and presentation from the equation. Cameron could go down in history as another spectactular failure to eclpise both Blair and Brown, especially if he directly leads to the break up of the UK as well as massive post BREXIT chaos. But I think it's still way too early to call his legacy, if Europe implodes (quite possible), and we manage to sort ourselves out (hmmm just about possible!), we COULD possibly be well placed between EU / USA / commonwealth and have a chance to be a succsessful independant country. Not that it's much thanks to him - but history might remember Cameron as the PM who saved us from the clutches of the EU? who knows. It seemed the 'honourable' thing to resign immediately, to accept defeat with good grace and offer his resignation - rather than wait a few days to see what way the wind was blowing and try and squirm out of it which is the usual way.
  2. I voted out, and am both excited and slightly nervous for our future TBH. But I must admit to having feelings of doubt yesterday esp. after Cameron went, I wasn't expecting it and it suddenly added another layer of uncertainty to proceedings I hadn't anticipated. For some reason I hadn't really played through his resignation occuring so immediately - I don't know why I hadn't expected it, as it felt like the 'honourable' thing to do when he did it and although I'm not his biggest fan (at all) I thought Cameron actually spoke very well and came accross as genuinely patriotic and decent in his speech. WHY couldn't he speak like that and make a reasoned and postitive case for Europe? if it's so good that he's so convinced the outcome is willing to 'compromise' some of our soverignty to acheive, why couldn't he make that argument in the debate? the campaigns on both sides were pathetic. It's now that we need a LEADER with a shared positive vision to drive us forward we look around and realise virtually all the major politicians and possible contenders are widely disliked, not trusted, and frankly uninspiring. The few who have got a chance have all been mortally wounded by the battle or are despised by the people on the losing side (BJ), of whatever political party they support who don't look like they'll forgive and forget and move on. This whole referendum was ill timed, probably attempted opportunism by Dave and Gidiot that has back fired spectactuarly on them. It should have predicted these potential outcomes and devised a system where the leader (+ 1 maybe?) of each party was kept OUT of the debate - above it - maybe allowed to simply express their own opinion a few times but NO campaigning, no lying or exaggerating, no pleading or threats, not even facts and figures, leave ALL that to the campaign teams, at least then they could have maybe avoided most of the fighting and allowed them to carry on at least until the next election or be potential unifying new leaders going forward. I guess they couldn't resist. At the moment it feels like not only have we lost our European identity, we're also searching for our own, we have apparently destroyed large parts of our already broken political system without any plan of how to fix it, no clear mandate from the public nor any intention of reforming it whatsoever from Parliament anyway. Just as we need strong leadership we've got no one at the wheel and no effective opposition whatsoever. It feels like we've got a hell of a lot to sort out that's for sure. All of this stuff needs sorting anyway though - I get that, at least the public is engaged and interested (for now) hopefully neither party will drag out the uncertainty and infighting for too long and we can all move on. Europe is trying to look hard at the moment but we all know it's just an act and they need us as much as we need them (at least), and on balance I'm still positive, but it's interesting times for a while I think.
  3. Someone woke up Carney?? I'm sure a crack team of boe experts is 'monitoring closely' lol.
  4. Ugggh. That Eagle woman is on now. Slumped in her chair looking defeated! She's gonna regret that stupid IN badge hopefully
  5. Oh my god. This could be on, I can't believe it Sunderland in 10 mins could be the start of something huge. Bring it on!
  6. Very close in Newcastle Leave - 63598 Stay - 65404 V good for leave!! (Apparently....)
  7. news article from the beeb : Landlords who scrambled to buy homes earlier this year are beginning to rent them out, providing tenants with a flood of properties, research suggests. A record number of sales took place in March, as buyers tried to beat last month's Stamp Duty deadline. That has resulted in an 11.5% rise in rental properties being listed in April, according to data from the website Rightmove. Some towns, like Worcester, have seen rental listings surge by nearly 50% . Even in London, the number of homes for rent rose by 9.1% last month, says the research conducted by investment firm Property Partner. It looked at 90 towns and cities across the UK, and found that the supply of properties went up in 82% of them. nice. Make the BTL'ers sweat it with a few more voids, and if they think they can jack up prices to cover S.24 etc then best of luck!!
  8. todays action : The FTSE 100 closed down 50.07 points, or 0.9%, at 5,848.69. The fall came despite some big gains in miners, which are benefitting from a weaker US dollar, making commodities more affordable in other currencies. Anglo American rose another 10.7% after a near-20% gain on Thursday, whileAntofagasta was up 3.7%. On the downside, house builders suffered, with Berkeley Group down 5% and Persimmon 3.6% lower. On the commodities markets, Brent crude was down 0.4% at $34.32 a barrel, while US light crude was 0.4% lower at $31.60. Oil prices have fallen more than 70% since mid-2014, hit by the slowing global economy and oversupply. On the currency markets, the pound was down 0.9% against the dollar at $1.4466 and was 0.2% lower against the euro at €1.2989. (from the beeb's winston smith rewrite of the same article above lol : link)
  9. What does this post even mean?? What are the main benefits of staying in the EU as you see it Camper? - or are you scared of negative things that will happen if we leave? if so what exactly?, or is it a bit of both? I'm honestly stuggling to see the stay in argument is at this point? (genuine questions I'm not having a go.) You started this thread but haven't really actually said anything yet, (I think we all know you're anti anyone who wants to leave, and basically regard anyone who does as a closet racist hate filled 'kipper', but I'm not clear why?)
  10. Jeez - thats friggin ridiculous. parasites. they're probably gouging on the people farmer as well. greedy sods. you should let them know that you would've taken it but for the excessive fees, just so they know that good tennants can be discerning and we can and do say no - you're taking the piss. A useful example that should be brought to the attention of the Housing Minister maybe - to further show why we are sick of paying to be farmed and how much they take advantage of us.
  11. yeah I agree, I think they're misreading the anti status quo feeling out there. They were saying on the pathetic BBC2 Daily Politics at lunchtime how 'whatever the prime minister decides (as if it were in dobt lol) would decide it - as the majority of people will just go with what he recommends. hmmmm....I'm not so sure about that. I reckon it'll be close either way though. But there's still plenty of people doing OK at the moment, have a VI of some sort, are utterly disinterested or simply too stupid to understand - and won't dare change the status quo. Will all the moaners actually turn out and vote? or will they just chunter on down the pub how they've had enough blah blah but bottle it at the last minute 'cos they don't wanna lose their benefits innit !' (like the Scots bottled it).
  12. I agree they could drag it out for ages, they'll pretend the world will instantly stop turning and Britain will sink into the North Sea the moment the YES! vote falters, complete cobblers obviously but scary to many (mainly stupid) people. ....and should the unthinkable incorrect result be mistakenly cast redo it...and if needs be again and if that fails - well drag out leaving for 10 years rinse and repeat. It's not as if ANY of the LibLabCon party seriously want out anyway.
  13. Your comment re. better negotiating position is very true and got me thinking... have they said what will happen if we do vote NO! ? I can't imagine for one moment that the EU will simply give a gaelic shug and say "oh well thats that, au revoir...." - how would it work? whats the timeframe? what process would there be for a further vote? would they re negotiate or not? I've seen nothing about a time bar on another vote? yet I'm sure a la Ireland we'll be told to do it again - but will they sweeten the deal for a re run? - as you say our position would be MUCH stronger if we voted out as NO WAY they would want to lose a big cash payer and we're still a considerable influence or at least have the ear of the Commonwealth and to some extent the USA on the world stage - The EU would be weaker and poorer without us in - which gives us a stronger hand. Will the EU maybe 'clarify' a few bits near the election to 'put peoples minds at rest' especially if the polls aren't going their way?, just like in Scotland when Camoron was basically bribing the whole country to stay in with last minute concessions. If Dave is serious about a June vote thats less than 5 months to potentially re draft our entire legal and political system!? how would that work? and what about stuff like all the UK MEP's and their entourages on the Brussells gravy train - would they just be kicked out? elected politicians? sounds very complicated and messy. Don't get me wrong I'm 100% in favour of getting out - and don't think any of these problems are unsolvable, but it all just seems very vague. Is this a deliberate ploy - make it seem really hard / complicated / messy / expensive to deter people from thinking about voting out? I'd guess so - make it as unclear and 'scary' as possible. Anyone know of any good info / websites that covers the practicalities of leaving and the expected timescales for these potentially MASSIVE changes (for the better) to occur in? I'm sure they'll drag it out for years if need be.
  14. Well sounds like we didn't even get the pathetic few demands in the draft agreement EU renegotiation... Camoron is claiming it a brilliant succsess... Beeb link. sounds like it's unravelling already... some wierd 'emergency brake' but we can only use it if agreed by the EU?! some guff about red cards - that sounds like it'll be tied up in red tape and ineffective not much else
  15. What a risable news 'story', utterly pathetic propaganda. How can a typical 20yr old have done A levels, worked as an estate agent and then jump into a high flying career earning £80k pa. in recruitment? utterly ridiculous. Maybe daddy has a succsessful Recruitment company in the Cambridge area? maybe BOMAD has deeeep pockets? Whatever, surely this advertorial is a blatent promotional piece dressed up as 'news' and lacks balance.
  16. This pointless argument has been done to death on various threads over the years, this is / was an interesting thread that doesn't deserve to be dragged even further off topic. And with that in mind I'll point out that WTI has plunged 6.6% today to $31.40 price change % West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Futures $/barrel 31.40 -2.22 -6.6 wonder what that'll do to the markets tomorrow?
  17. wow circuit breakers kick in after only 30 mins of trading!!! link Mainland Chinese shares stop trading after 7% plunge Trading on the mainland Chinese markets was suspended for the day after shares plunged more than 7% for the second time this week.The "circuit breaker" rule, a mechanism introduced on Monday to stem falls in the volatile market, was triggered in the first 30 minutes of trading. Investors were nervous after the central bank further weakened the yuan for the eighth consecutive day. The CSI 300 index, which triggers the trading halt, fell 7.2% to 3,284.74. The index is a collection of blue chips stocks from Shanghai and Shenzhen, and first sparked a 15-minute trading halt after it fell 5%. The mainland benchmark Shanghai Composite index also fell 7.3% to 3,115.89, while the tech-heavy Shenzhen Composite lost 8.3% before trading was stopped.
  18. this story has it all - BTL troughing, Right to Buy, dodgy sounding 'bankruptcy' of husband, and now she's so flush she's buying more BTL's in cash?!? - WTF!!! Talk about shamelessly playing the system for all it's worth. Something really stinks here.
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