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  1. They will get paid....but what will their wages be worth?? Forget about any public sector pay rises for years to come, yet inflation looks certain to take off. Forget about final salary pensions too (unless you're an MP of course!!!!). If the govt think they can pay bankers with my hard earned pension they've got another thing coming!
  2. I work in the 'industry' and have heard there are in excess of 500000 empty containers in the Chinese port of Yantian alone - completely unprecedented. Shipping volumes into UK ports are down dramatically - I heard from a reliable source as much as 25% down in Southampton. China Shipping (one of the biggest) has slashed its sailings to Europe, other opeators such as Maersk are moth balling some of their fleet. I think this speaks volumes for (lack of) demand for pointless crap from the far east - and the dire state of our economy...
  3. I for one hope the incompetent and corrupt polititians, regulators and bankers get what's coming to them... ...unfortunately they'll slide away and continue to laugh at us as they live in luxury - as usual!!. Despite all the huffing and puffing by clown re; GOOD WIN(!!!)'s fat pension nothing will be done, Gordon's up to his neck in all this and as thick as theives with all these tossers - it really makes me want to puke. I think its time for demo's/be heading's in trafalgar square too - unfortunatley I think they'll get hijacked by the BNP and end up tearing whats left of society apart as calls for protectionist policies become demands for 'foreigners' to go home, it'll end in tears. There's a lot of pent up anger out there looking for a target - when the bankers and polititians squirm off the hook the angry masses will have to look elsewhere - a la France! Either we'll be completely in the shit and worse than the rest of europe here and everyone who can get out will, or it'll be even worse in Eastern Europe than it is here and a whole new influx of impoverished and destitute economic migrants will arrive prepared to work in the 'shadow' ecomomy (the only 'economy' left) for next to nothing. The skilled yet unemployed and bankrupt workers here will be a fertile recruiting ground for facists - god help us. It could shaft this country for decades.
  4. Hi everyone, Been reading this site with interest for a few months now, and feel its time to contribute. I'm in the fortunate position of having 130k from a very fortunate sale in summer 07. I'm lurking at the mo, as my gut says there's worse to come, but I don't want to wait too long... However, I'm not too keen on sterling either and am thinking of trying to get into something with a 10% yield...??? and get out of our crumbling banks, precious metal is too expensive, I want liquidity, I don't want risk and am worried about future inflation. To be honest I don't know what to do - who does. but if anyone does I'm sure they'll post on here!! Kev
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