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  1. Nice! This had better be all over the beeb and msm today.
  2. -0.4 and chocolate rations increased from 50g to 30g!!
  3. yep, I agree with this up to a point - the 50+ boomers are more susceptible to VI spin in the Express / MSM. But I was surprised how little effort or thought 2 under 30's buyers who have recently exchanged put into their recent house purchases. I was chatting to a guy at work who's just completed on the purchase of a (slightly) larger family house, I asked him how long it had been on the market and he had no idea! - it hadn't occured to him to even ask, let alone research it or how it might have a bearing on negotiations!. Another couple managed to sell their house (albeit at a approx 15% loss on purchase price in 2007) and went straight out and offered 95% on a new place and we're very pleased with themselves for getting such a good discount! It was pretty obvious as far as they were concerned anything under asking was a result and would 'pay for' a new kitchen. I think lot of younger people aren't comfortable negotiating / haggling for things, its a bit of an art form that the older generation are much more comfortable and familiar with (ie buying stuff at local markets vs tescos / online), younger people are better at shopping around on the internet for the best price but its not the same as actually negotiating a better deal. Many younger people tend to see the asking price as THE price rather than an opening to negotiations - look at the numpties on LLL 'guided' by krusty and potless phil!! Most people really aren't interested / aware / able to think critically and properly research and analyse the biggest financial decision they'll ever make - a failure of our crap education or deliberate way to make 'sheeple' easier to manipulate??
  4. IMPO a big part of the problem is the corrupt planning system we have in this country, run by nimbys for nimbys desperate to 'protect' their little empire / house prices. There’s PLENTY of land that could be made available for housing, all this bull about 'concreting over the countryside' is complete b0ll0cks! No one wants to destroy tracts of beautiful countryside, but there’s loads of potential plots on brownfield sites, ex military land, on the edges of many (not all) existing towns and villages. You could build a million homes in the UK and if they were built sensitively you'd hardly even notice. By constraining supply they artificially increase demand and hence prices. I'd love to build my own home one day, and I'm pretty sure I could build a far superior house for £155k than most of the frankly terrible new builds I've seen from the big developers who decide they're worth £300k! (I can't comment on the quality of your builds developer - and I don't think anyone here was, you must've visited friends / relatives in so called 'executive' new builds and been quietly appalled at the p1sspoor quality / stupid layout / lack of space / tiny overlooked plot, probably even more than me with your expert eyes!). Shelter is a fundamental necessity and I don't understand why there are so many hurdles / barriers / stupid rules and endless regulations. If the government spent half the £xbillions underwriting mortgages in subsidising or making available 100 000 cheap building plots not for profiteering big housebuilders who already have unused landbanks, but self builders and small building firms the demand and jobs generated would be significant. The big housebuilders should be suitably 'encouraged' to build on their existing landbanks which would ease the chronic undersupply of housing. Oh and house prices would fall making everyone 'richer' except the banks and a few boomers. Which of course is precisely why if won't happen! :angry: :angry:
  5. Thanks dude - that was a good rant! totally agree this ain't capitalism!! although I have my doubts as to how much difference it'll make - project merlin?!
  6. congrats dude - sounds like you'll be very happy there, and thats what its all about in the end. I'm going through another 'worry phase' at the moment. I too have to thank HPC for saving me from buying an overpriced sh1thole in 2009, but prices have only drifted down a bit since then and whilst I'm sure there are further falls to come I'm getting increasingly nervous of having cash spread around numerous banks. I can't help thinking when Europe goes down things could happen very quickly, and buying houses takes time.... best of luck to you and keep popping in - I think 2012 is gonna get interesting!!
  7. +1 to that!! lol Its taken me 4 years to get to stage 4 - how much longer 'til I get to stage 5 I wonder?! I'm getting pretty jarred off waiting for this HPC - but I'm utterly convinced its gonna happen, probably about a month after I've caved in a bought some overpriced s***hole I suppose!! I think the next 6 months will be revealing one way or another, but then again I thought that 2 years ago as well !!!
  8. thanks honestEA!! very interesting posts as always.
  9. Hi everyone! Apologies for my lack of posts - I'm an avid reader but tend to read on my phone which is a pain to post from. Anyway had to share this from my local rag this evening. Its a local story, but I think its indicative of the fragility of the housing market nationaly. Front page headline screams "Touble at Mill" (very drole.) and goes on to tell how the developer of a huge 'landmark' (monstrosity) waterfront development has folded mid way through this massive project. About a 3rd of the flats have been finished and are to be flogged off, presumably on the cheap as who the hell will want to live in an unfinished shell of a building that is probably littered with half finished bodges and leaks, and I can't imagine the mortgage companies falling over themselves to lend much on them. God only knows what'll happen to the rest of the building. The paper fails to mention how many units have already been sold (maybe none?). This is supposed to be an award winning project, yet its failure has been blamed on oversupply !!! - I'm sure that the stupidly high prices didn't come into it!! I think this has got to be a drag on flat and house prices throughout the town. I bet there's LOADS of these development companies that are limping along, just barely scraping by all over the country. It all feels very 2008 to me - I think phase 2 is beginning.... (sorry this isn't a proper link - I've cut n pasted the article below, my highlights!!) The Mill, Ipswich Question marks are left
hanging over Waterfront BY HOLLIE-RAE MERRICK Tuesday, 25 May, 2010 15:00 PM IPSWICH: The town’s Waterfront regeneration suffered a hammer blow today after it emerged the firm behind the landmark Cranfield Mill development has collapsed. Wharfside Regeneration has been forced to call in administrators after falling victim to the effects of recession and a saturated property market. The Cranfield Mill development, which earlier this month won the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Project of the Year gong, includes a 23-storey tower block and incorporates the DanceEast Jerwood Dance House complex. The firm’s demise comes only months after the developer behind the neighbouring Regatta Quay site suffered a similar fate. City Living Developments was handed to administrators Grant Thornton earlier this year, halting work at the site which was set to include a hotel, a 220-seat theatre and flats. Today, the administrator for Wharfside Regeneration, Baker Tilly, said an estate agent had been appointed to sell the flats which had been completed, while advice was being sought on the best course of action in relation to any incomplete properties. Nigel Millar, of Baker Tilly, said that over a third of the property units had been completed and were ready for sale, while other units are “partly finished”. He later said that he attributed the action as being “an effect of the recession on borrowings and perhaps the surplus of properties at the time.” Residents and tenants will not be affected. DanceEast’s artistic director Assis Carreiro told the Evening Star that she firmly believed that the news did not affect the dance company. She said: “I do not think that it will effect us at DanceEast because we have an 125-year peppercorn rent our main building. “I’m trying to see it as a positive thing because if the site is bought then it could end up being developed sooner with available funds. “It is a very iconic building and there is still a huge amount of potential on the Waterfront and there may be a tough few years ahead but I’m still hopeful that the development of the area will continue.” Former Ipswich Borough councillor Steven Wells, who previously voiced concerns over the development in times of recession, today said that he was “saddened and disappointed” by the administration of Wharfside Regeneration. He said: “I have had concerns for quite some time, and I voiced those concerns. I deeply hope that development will be a success but as thousands of new homes are being built across Ipswich, I feel that this will mount more pressure onto the prices on the Waterfront. “It is a high cost development and if things can’t improve then it is all only going to go one way – down hill. I hope I am wrong, but it is my fear.” n What are your thoughts on the Waterfront developments? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN or
e-mail [email protected]
  10. +1 Good post, I can't see how Liebor could possibly kick of an election campaign with what will have to be an awful budget immediately before a May election. You’ve got to hand it them really, pretty clever way to position themselves as pro growth versus evil Tory cuts. They’ve neutered the Tories 'flagship' inheritance tax policy which now looks ridiculously out of date and frankly so embarrassing even the Tories are trying to talk it down. As much as I hate to admit it I think that the election is very much in the balance, I for one don't trust the Tories an inch, they're going to look after their toff mates first and foremost. I'm desperate to get this shower out but I don't fancy the Tories in power at all. I'd vote Liberal but they don't seem very credible either - Cleggs a complete wet lettuce, Ming is a clever bloke, but he's rubbish at making his point, someone said on here yesterday he's good at seeing the problem but would probably be hopeless at implementing the solution. (Mansion tax - nice idea completely cocked up). Sometimes it’s as if no one wants to win this next election......
  11. Cheers! - enjoyed that. (well you know what I mean!) Balls really is a nasty decietful piece of sh1t.
  12. very disappointing QT tonight I thought. I too sensed that UKIP were set up - I know farage is a prat but week in week out most of the things he was saying about controlled immigration etc would have been widely supported - not booed before he even said anything Why didn't Dumblybee get to the nub of any issues? It all drifted along without going anywhere. Which brings me to the main point I wanted to make; why was there virtually nothing about what these parties ACTUALLY PROPOSE TO DO about any issue of any note?? Its not as if they wasted ages going on about expenses / corruption - they skirted round it. Even when a couple of people in the audience begged to get onto actual issues STILL nothing interesting was said about who HAS DONE what in Europe and more to the point WHAT ANY OF THEM WOULD DO in Europe. Am I going mad - have I missed something??! I've got a couple of crappy propaganda leaflets which told me practically nothing - I mean who doesn't want their MEP to work 'tirlessly for' safer streets / clean enviroment / better transport etc etc OBVIOUSLY I want that, but nobody seems to be able to explain how their ideas are better than the other parties, what new proposals they have and why they think they'll be more sucsessful - just pointless guff and platitudes. and thats the two that even bothered to send me anything all!!! I mean FFS they get literally millions to spend on staff/offices/post/printing and yet I've got 2 shitty 1p leaflets. NO public meetings, virtually nothing in the local papers. I really enjoy politics (wierd I know!) I watch QT, enjoy Newsnight this week, and am hopelessly addicted to HPC, yet not only have I got absolutly NO IDEA who my MEP is, I don't even know what party they're in!!! (I know I could look this up and be a bit more proactive) none of my mates have got any idea either. Most people I speak to havent got the faintest idea what we're supposed to be voting for. Thats down to our SH1TE meedja I suppose.
  13. Ha ha! reminds me of that bloke on police acadamy getting a blowie on that lecturn!! who was blowing broon out of shot???!!
  14. !! If you're not a troll....For the love of god DON'T DO IT!! it really is the worst of both worlds. I can't believe you think its 'OK' to lose even 6 grand (by your own flawed figures) - thats more than your entire deposit now!! and its still a lot of money - its easy to see it as a small amount compared to £100000 (let alone a billions / trillions / zillions!!!!) but thats £250 every month for 2 years. Hold your nerve, and be patient. This spring bounce will tempt the sheeple and test the nerve of many wiser people on this site - myself included! if you've been here since 05 you must know this!! (or are you a troll? )
  15. I thought the guest sounded a bit wet, and I feel he missed the point re the first caller June - ie. it depends where she's moving to, as she sounded like she had alot of equity and expected to take a large lump sum out of the sale falling houses prices don't matter if she's buying somwhere else thats also falling. Ie spain/ireland/greece etc etc In fact as long as you've got enough equity falling prices benefit everyone trading up as the house they buy will presumably have fallen by more than the house they're selling. Great though to hear 50% falls unchallenged and accepted as likely on main stream day time Radio 2 - imagine all the delusional sellers spitting their tea over their keyboards as they listened to that! I know my mate listens to Radio 2 all day, he really believes this is just a dip and that as he's "in it for the medium term" confidently expects prices to recover in a "few years", I guess he's got to beleive this as he bought 4 properties in 2006/2007, 1 to live in and 3 BTL's!!! I don't want to sound smug or sh1t on his strawberries so I let it go. (I STR'd in Aug 07 and mainly due to sheer luck havent bought) In fact thats partly why I love HPC so much as I've got no one else to sensibly discuss falling house prices/crashing economy etc with - all my mates have pretty much bought in the last few years, even my closest HPC ally (my brother) has just bought. Its amazing how few people want to have a proper informed discussion about house prices or the ecomomy - head in the sand mentality i guess. Bloody frustrating though!
  16. bear rally = bull trap. there's way to much crap in the pipline still to arrive in the economy, and such poor fundamentals - unemployment for example for this to be anything other than a dead cat bounce fuelled by denial. even if the stock market has bottomed, a sudden and more importantly sustained upturn (V shaped recovery) won't address systemic problems in the markets. a lot of smoke is blown into these rallies by VI's who have assets to unload on greedy bulls.
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