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  1. Hi Guys, My partner and I have a typical Victorian Town House on the Prime side of Harrogate opposite the Grammar School on supposedly one of the most sort after roads in Harrogate. We originally went on the market at £495,000 and 4 weeks later we had a good offer of £442,500 and accepted it this sale subsequently fell through but have now managed to sell again for £430,000 and all seems to be going to plan (touch wood!) and the anticipated date of completion should be around the end of March. We have found another property we would like to buy and managed to get £55,000 off the asking price, my dilemma now is should we buy again straight away or go into rented knowing that house prices over the next year are going to fall further? The sensible person in me thinks we should go into rented and wait for further price falls but the other part of me thinks that we shouldn't put our lives on hold!. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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