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  1. Not surprised car sales are down, dealers don't do themselves any favours by refusing to negotiate a price. I had £6,000 cash to spend on a new car last month, but when the only kind of brand new car I could buy for that is something akin to a Chevrolet Matiz, which are absolute tat, then I went for a 2-year-old VW Polo for just over £5,000 and which I'm more than happy with. Whilst I was on the hunt for a nearly new car, I test drove a number of cars, and tried to get dealers to knock a couple of hundred pounds off them, but they wouldn't budge an inch. Needless to say, those cars (well, at least some of them) still sit on the forecourt, rusting away.
  2. Hello everybody, This is my third post on here, my first two being about the Oldborough Retreat house "raffle-cum-lottery" which has yet to be resolved. A little about myself by way of introduction: I am a female, in my 50s, living and working as a secretary at a hospital in South Yorkshire. I moved back up north 4 years ago from London where I had lived since leaving college a very long time ago. One of the main reasons was to do with property prices, i.e. I had bought my ex-council flat under the RTB scheme, and found I could not only pay off my mortgage but also buy a property up north with cash, and money left over, so I did! My reason for joining this forum was to find out what others' experiences were of the Oldborough Retreat house raffle/lottery, but this seems like an interesting site, so I will probably stick around awhile and look at other threads.
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