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  1. Carbon cycle: Sunshines - trees and wotnot photomasynthersieze and gobble up all that nasty carbon. Later we come along and chop down trees and burn old dead yins = more carbon in atmosphere = bid deal. Meringue? Bird flu dries up and climate cobblers gains momentum for a bit until something better comes along.
  2. All this coal and oil is old dead plants and we dig it up and burn it. So at some point the earth had lots more carbon cycling around the system yet it didn't destroy the planet....
  3. Ecological desert it is. Whinging dipsticks (they mainly live in the deforested lake district) talk about protecting the countryside when it's about as natural a habitiat as Tesco's car park.
  4. I almost took over one of my locals about 2 years ago. Turns out it was a punch tavern. The last 5 years of a twenty year lease was being sold by the existing tenant for 20k. Rent was £2500 a month and turnover was C.150k 3 years previous dropping down to 90k in the last year!! 3 days after I viewed the place I got a call from the estate agent who was selling the lease telling me they had a very interested party and if I didn't make an offer immediately I would miss out. Three months later he was toast. Monkey number two took it on after a month or two. Monkey number three in there as w
  5. This forum has gone down the toilet because people like me post nothing but a load of rubbish and MI# have got at the webmaster and insisted he TOTALLY SH4G UP THE READABILITY OF THE FORUM with this new flipping skin! Oh and at least on facebook there's a slim chance of getting some..
  6. I think it's a great idea. The more feckless halfwits we have as peers the faster then general public will realise what a load of ballsack the system is....err.
  7. What you need is firefox with addblock plus and flashblock.
  8. This country was built on cups of tea. I bet my last bacon sarnie that the miserable customer bint never made the builder a cuppa. I also bet she never offered a little plate with a kit-kat and a jaffa cake on it.... Here's the science bit : Total project cost = £60,000 Cost of big old box of biscuits, tea bags, coffee, old ( they get broken) mugs and wot-not = £10 ish Cost of being nice = 0
  9. Drone workers who watch way too much TV and think paying half a million quid for a house made of chip board and thermalite blocks is a good investment....
  10. It's the summer. No body is going to give a rats ass until the winter.
  11. Thing is the markets already know whats going on don't they? So acknowledgement of a problem could mean the first signs of recovery.
  12. Well at least the man admitted they had a problem...
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