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  1. Back in the days when only one person had to work to afford a house was when houses were what houses were meant to be.......lived in not a damn money spinner. The sorry fact is that now days people think that it is acceptable to let prices get stupidly out of control with ridiculous thoughts such as houses being worth 7x the average wage. It is this sorry acceptance and the banks willingness to fuel these people that has got us where we are, up the river not only without a paddle but with a large hole in the boat.
  2. +1 Knew a guy who travelled around stealing to feed his drugs habit, messed his legs up injecting crap into them. Gov gave him a mobility car.............helped him out loads on his shoplifting trips......☹️?
  3. If only the Gov would take a view and hammer those that use house purely for gain.
  4. Thank Mrs May for cutting the shit out of Police, now a reactive rather than proactive organisation and they are struggling now to do that.
  5. What the fook are they on?.......... they install a unit to rectify damp (therefore a problem exists) now years later and because the unit costs a fortune to run they blame her for not being able to heat the damn property. Don't make her pay to fix your problems @&&&&@&£&£££&£
  6. 28 City Road is an attractive mid terrace Victorian city townhouse that has been cleverly extended in recent years using platinum support rails and diamond encrusted floor tiles........ There I fixed it for the EA
  7. I have a 4 year old that acts with more maturity than you lot, get back on point people or go PM each other for your bun fight please.
  8. And this is what makes this country great............"Don't worry about work, why should you. Stay at home there plenty of shows to watch on Sky and if they bore you just go make some more kids that of course we will pay for."
  9. I am seriously concerned that the housing issue is actually just a very small part of everything that is wrong with this country. Bail out the banks so they can continue to recieve huge bonuses which we pay for, throw more and more money at people and now it seems pay the debts off. The prisons are a joke and people actually opt to get sent back there because it is easier than living outside ( maybe this could be a new project for the soon to be out of work BTL landlords) hell some of their houses are a lot worse than jails lol. We also have no motivation for a large percentage of t
  10. For what GPS get paid and what they charge the average Joe, I am sure they can afford it, looks like it's only 2 bottles of gin this week darling and not 4. £30 for a Doctors signature.......hell I wouldn't pay that for Man Utd's signature (yes the whole team)
  11. Can I just say, Germany have now had 2 goes at ruling Europe which failed.............now Angela is taking a different approach but the goal is still the same..........they have failed twice already and we won both times, have a little faith "Great Britain"
  12. All this glum news about how the EU are really going to teach us a lesson.............this has made me think that maybe we would be better off sticking with Germany and bailing out the rest of the EU that want to live like kings and retire at 50 off the back of EU handouts.
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