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  1. https://www.change.org/p/the-chancellor-of-the-exchequer-protect-uk-rental-tenants-from-increases-in-rents-or-possible-evictions "These houses will disappear in less than two years putting an almost impossible task on the shoulders of local councils to find alternative housing for tenants. Alternative housing does not exist." Crikey! Will they just wink out of existence one at a time or will they all gradually fade out together!
  2. Kate's Bush


    My deepest apologies otters, But please please refrain from contacting estate agents or showing any interest ,what so ever, in property as one phone call this month becomes a flood of new FTB's next month (According to the Express anyway).
  3. Kate's Bush


    Wait until the surveyor goes round and values it at 25% below the offer and the potential buyer and the vendor have have a spat. The vendor will then put it on again at 5% below current asking and you offer 25%below that. Or Why the f**k would anybody with half a brain be looking at buying a property at the moment. You decide
  4. Kate's Bush

    Who's Suffering And Who Isn't

    "Who's Suffering And Who Isn't" I'm not, are you?
  5. "The China Securities Journal reported that banks have been asked to operate the stress tests on mortgage under three scenarios: drops by 30, 40 and 50 percent, with interest rates adjusted by 27, 54 and 108 base points, respectively." Ummmm.....Wonder how our banks would fair
  6. Kate's Bush

    Britain's Banks: Too Big To Save?

    Yea, we did this yesterday. However, you think this was 'usual' broadcasting for the BBC, do you. I beg to differ, I think peston did a brilliant job of cramming at least 5/6 fundamental issues, that have been discussed on this forum through various threads, at brain numbing length, into an 1 hour TV programme, at a level that could be understood. You are part of this forum and therefore, if you pay attention, are informed of these issues, believe me, many are not. Hopefully a percentage of those who are not members watched last night and learned something. I know I'm the eternal optimist, but you never know
  7. Kate's Bush

    What Gross Income Is Needed

    Hi TWG, joined 06, 350 posts. noted. Obviously lurks more than posts, no probs with that I too wonder how people are mananging, despite the nick picking responses you've had I was considering making a post along the same lines for a while, based loosly on my own circumstances, as I believe there are some very switched on people using this site and you could gain some good pointers. Unfortunatey very few of the them have replied to your post, but don't give up! KB
  8. Kate's Bush

    Measuring Worth

    Thanks AP, Useful site indeed, can't believe the variations! Just goes to prove 'lies, lies, and statistics!' Know what you mean about the site
  9. Kate's Bush

    Milliband Attacks Brown's Record

    Pathetic weazel. Anyone who held a cabinet post over the last five years should be hung, drawn and quartered. Bloody traitors to the british public.
  10. Kate's Bush

    Personal Debt And The Economy

    Until you find out your married to the woman in the OP.
  11. Kate's Bush

    The Greek Bailout Is A Banking Bailout In Disguise?

    No problem, Gordon will save them after the election with our money
  12. Kate's Bush

    Avg First Time Buyer Age

    So the fact that you brought a house in the bear trap does not influence your posts at all.....emmmmmmm
  13. Kate's Bush

    Avg First Time Buyer Age

    So your wrong then, are you running in the next election
  14. Kate's Bush

    Avg First Time Buyer Age

    er..............LINK? Or is it s spreadsheet on your PC......................................Knob

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