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  1. Here is another - highest price ever got in the boom for one of these houses - 500K (with garage end of terrace and larger garden) and that was 30K above everything else that got sold at the time. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-26730725.html 537K - amazing what a bit of floral wallpaper does to the price, eh?
  2. Brilliant! This joker's put their price back up again! They are now officially the most expensive house in our area! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-23698715.html
  3. I think we all have to hold out for later in the year. This 'return to normality' that the Press is talking up will pass and hopefully bring lots more choice onto the market as people become less scared to sell. The house I was trying to nail down to 25% off peak has sold right under my nose - I don't have much faith in the chain holding though.
  4. I hate to say it (because it does seem like a terrible generalisation) but I suspect it's London buyers that have brought this place. The last pair who got an offer accpeted on Preston Drove pulled out after 1 month, so we'll see if this London buyer gets similarly paniced.
  5. Grrr. The house I was watching since last year has been sold (not sure how close to asking price). I hope it falls through and comes back on - only time will tell. :angry:
  6. I was getting so irate with Avards that I had to stop calling. I get so bored of hearing the "we've never been busier" line - the house we offered on (£600k) still hasn't sold - apparently they are willing to consider a substantially lower figure now - not as 'substantial' as I'm thinking though! So I'm just waiting it until after the summer when desperation really sets in.
  7. Wait until it's worth under £500k and save yourself some stamp duty!
  8. Double Fronted house on Preston Drove - originally went on last year for £750K, gradually came down until it sold (in a sealed bid process of 3 people) last month for somewhere near £599k. Now it seems that the Londoners wanting to buy it have had cold feet so it's back on for £599k. The 4 and 3 bed houses may be shifting slowly, but in the £500k - £1m mark - nothing is moving.
  9. Hahaha! You know me well - Avards and Beaumonts. Beaumont reckons that 800K monster on Beaconsfield Villas has got a potential buyer already - "they need to sell, but they've made a sellers offer" - What does that mean??!!! Apparently the house we offered on 2 months ago may be willing to accept now! Now our offer will be lower and still not accepted!
  10. Seen the -2.3%. EA's seem to be immune however stating that Brighton is very active - "can't sell enough £400k fiveways houses at the moment" HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO WAIT!!! DAMMIT! I just want 25% reduction off peak, that would do me!
  11. Are the Halifax figues due out today? I've been waiting for it to wipe the smirk of our local EA's faces for ages! (Last month's slight rise means they are back on BS mode in a big way.)
  12. None of the houses I have my eye on are selling and none of them are reducing their prices either. :angry:
  13. In my experience, many of them are doing just that (withdrawing them after 2 months) - or just leaving them on Rightmove with no viewings, just in case some finiancially idiotic Londoner sweeps in and pays the price they want.
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