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  1. TFS Gets updated every 2/3 months. Edit: Noel's link is referring to the same data, but seems to be updated monthly.
  2. Don't think anyone's posted the NSA numbers, up from 46,542 to 46,797, an increase of only 255. Last year, the equivalent rise was 61,972 to 65,133, an increase of 3,161. The YoY NSA growth in approvals* has therefore reduced between March and April from -24.9% to -28.2%. The YoY SA growth in approvals* has therefore increased between March and April from -33.4% to -21.9%. So there’s seasonal adjustment to the seasonal adjustment factors, ramping the stats before the elections. RW * bull-speak for the hard-of-thinking
  3. It was 2.7% when you joined.... http://web.archive.org/web/20070819182427/.../historical.htm BTW, there is a rich history of the Nationwide pages going back to 2003: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.na.../historical.htm
  4. Agree on the cameras. But like it or not, the cost of fuel is too cheap. Look around you on the roads. The Govt's own traffic forecasts are for a 30% incrase in traffic by 2025. And the answer isn't to build more roads on a carte blance basis. This simply generates more traffic - the M25 is a case in point. The Royal Commission reported in 1994, recommending that the real cost of fuel be doubled by 2005. That's 150ppl in today's money. The dismal land use planning policies of the last few decades combined with the inability of successive governments to grow a spine and hike fuel tax means that we're travelling down the road to congestion central. People's travel patterns are now entrenched, and so we're screwed in the short to medium term until the system gets some shock treatment, whatever that may be. One thing's for sure - it won't be domestic politics that solves our problems. Now that's depressed me RW
  5. The demand elasticity of vehicle kilometres to fuel cost is ~-0.3, so your 10ppl reduction might be expected to increase traffic by ~4%, and congestion more so. The cost of this extra congestion to the UK economy might outweigh any of the gains listed. RW
  6. I fail to see how a drop from £292k to £265k is a 30% drop . Did you mean 10%? Or have I misread your post? RW
  7. A £5k reduction. After a previous drop a few weeks ago of £50k, is an extra £5k actually going to make a difference . Maybe they meant to drop it by another £50k - still overpriced even then. Last sold for £325k in Feb06. 03 February 2009 * Price changed: from '£395,000' to '£389,000' 14 January 2009 * Price changed: from '£445,000' to '£395,000' 27 July 2008 * Price changed: from 'Offers in Region of £450,000' to '£445,000' 10 June 2008 * Price changed: from 'Offers in Region of £465,000' to 'Offers in Region of £450,000' 14 April 2008 * Initial entry found. RW
  8. You've not been to London Colney, have you? You either go to it to go to the retail park, or you pass it via the bypass to get to the M25. There's no other reason...... RW
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