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    Glasgow Ea

    In my opinion, the best thing to do is to see who has the most similar properties in your area. I went with Clyde, as they had one on in my street. It meant they could contact the people who had seen the other one, but didn't like it for one reason or another..... Mine sold in 2 weeks, the other one has been on the market for a year!
  2. den


    this popped up on my google links today http://70randolphdrive.blogspot.com/?gclid...CFQ6wQwodZmwecg
  3. the offer was 10k under the valuation, and it was on as a fixed price 5k under valuation
  4. I got an HR then the estate agents said to put it on at 10k under the valuation, as they knew I was being "realistic" with my expectations, and could smell a fast buck. I told them not to be so stupid, and put it nearer the valuation, as I knew people would offer under the fixed price anyway. And the offer was 10k under valuation..... The HR has been a pain in the butt, as it said that the roof needed urgent repairs, when I'd just paid loads to get it fixed. Apparently the roofer had said the other side of the roof would need fixed in about a year, but that warranted a 3 from the surveyor, who probably didn't even look properly anyway.....
  5. den


    Am in a slightly different position to most. I half own this place with my brother, and the original plan was to sell in 1 or 2 years. Decided to sell now in case of any further drops. Yes, I know I was a little late in deciding to sell! I'm looking for somewhere smaller than I'm in now, as I'll only have just over half what this place goes for. Don't want to say too much, as my offer is not concluded, and don't want to jinx it all!
  6. den


    How much lower than peak price is your offer? The one I got before Christmas, which is still not properly concluded yet, so don't want to jinx it, is roughly what I paid in Dec 03. I was keen on a quick sale, and realistic with my pricing, as the flat a few doors up from me has been on the market for about a year and I've watched it drop and drop. I still think STR seems pretty grim, as I've been living on my own for the past few years in a beautiful flat, and all the rentals I see are pretty yuck!
  7. den

    Renting In Glasgow

    As small a percentage as possible Just search to see what similar properties are being rented at, and offer 20% less to start with? I think you were right about the shoe storage, I possibly got my numbers mixed up. I think it was the fact that most rental properties are not as nice as mine that I was bemoaning!
  8. den

    Renting In Glasgow

    I'm in Pollokshields at the moment. I do like staying here, but would compromise a wee bit on location, I quite like Battlefield and Langside. I know I won't be homeless, but everything seems pretty grim. I'm in a 3 bed tenement at the moment, with a lot of shoes, and my parents are in something smaller. So I'll be able to take my shoes with me, but not the furniture. I've been checking on S1, rightmove, gumtree, gspc regularly, but unfurnished flats are few and far between as someone on the other thread noted. I'm hoping that by the time I need to rent (around June/July) there will be a few more suitable things out there. The problem with a flatshare is I'll still be paying about £200 a month for storage. This is based on several quotes... I also have my finger crossed about the sale, I've heard a fair few horror stories recently. But if it does go through, I am evidence that pricing reasonably means that your property can sell quickly!
  9. den


    I don't think Buchanan St would be too noisy at night time, there aren't really that many clubs round there. I think you'd get more noise during the day, as it is one of the busiest streets in town. The parking would be a nightmare, but you'd not really need a car, as you are right in the middle of town, and right next to the train and subway. I've lived in the middle of town before, and it does have pros and cons. Personally, I'm happier slightly out of town, where I can park, and don't have people puking on my doorstep.... If you want to be in town, I'd also check the Merchant City, as most places there would have parking.
  10. den

    Renting In Glasgow

    My first post, so please be nice to me. I'm a bit late into all of this, but took advice to sell my flat at the end of last year. I got an offer after 2 weeks on the market, and accepted it. It's still not quite gone through yet, a few sticky issues.... I live in a beautiful flat, and am gutted to be leaving. I'll be moving in with my parents for the first wee while, but I can't do this long term, as they drive me mad. My problem is finding somewhere I'd be happy to rent. I've got loads of furniture, so it needs to be unfurnished, as there is no point in paying for storage and rent. But all the properties that are halfway decent are totally out of my price range. I know you need to factor lots of things into the equation, like not paying factors bills, and repairs, but they are still way more expensive, and not as nice as where I am at the minute. I'm just a bit worried that I'm selling my place, and won't find anywhere to stay..... Someone say something nice, please! Like does anyone have a nice flat on the Southside I can rent?
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