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  1. It seemed an age coming but now things seem to be happening fast. I remember the anticipation of yoy finally going negative. Suddenly we're at -10% yoy. Happy days
  2. The Renault and Nissan dealerships in Cirencester closed down last week. Both owned by the same company but have been around for years.
  3. Our "future slums" will be more famous than yours jack - getoverit
  4. Yeh - why don't we just admit that we have a "vested interest" in wanting to find an affordable property that will not make us debt-slaves for the rest of our lives. How possibly can property developers, like Kirsty's partner, continue to profit massively when "sick" people like us actually aspire to a decent quality of life.
  5. Year-On-Year negative in Cardiff. Change in last quarter: -4.5% Change in last year: -0.5%
  6. A few sweeping generalisations here. According according to National Statistics Online public sector employment as a proportion of total employment is - Northern Ireland 30%, Scotland 24%, Wales 23%, England 20% (2005).
  7. Watched the Tonight program last night as it was advertised as providing tips on how to get on the housing ladder. In summary my options are: By a renovation project, but don't improve it and never go out Move to France and commute Move my family in with a stranger Live on a boat Become a Nurse Now, why the heck didn't I think of that!
  8. ...and the rest - but I like his line of thinking. From a few days back - sorry if already posted. HOUSE prices in South East Wales are over-inflated and in need of a correction, the newest estate agent in Cardiff,Thomas George, has said. Mr George said he hoped his business would be the first in a culture change for estate agents in Wales. He said, “I think the market in Cardiff needs a slow down. “I’m of the opinion that prices need to fall by 15% – if the average 19 to 25-year-old is earning around £19,000 and house prices average £140,000 they have got no hope of getting on the property
  9. That's not what they said Seems extraordinary though!
  10. Channel 4's "Britain's Debt Crisis" report a couple of weeks ago indicated personal debt levels are already at their highest ever level - and are now rising by a billion pounds every 5 minutes. Easy? I don't think so.
  11. I've been keeping an eye on prices in the Cardiff area for a while as I'm planning to move back to the area next summer. It's been quite discouraging until recently. However it seems to me a small shift downwards has already taken place. Whereas in the last 6 months I would see one property in a blue-moon that was potentially suitable, and in our price-bracket, browsing this morning there is a small selection of properties that would be of interest. Long way to go, but I think some vendors are definately dropping prices to sell. Long may it continue.
  12. You've just stated there what you'd like to see not what you're seeing and your-hoped for consequences. Considering your earlier criticisms of previous posters, the difference is? (other, of course, than they don't share your views).
  13. According to ONS, in mid-2005, the proportion of public sector employment as a proportion of all employment was as follows: Scotland 24% Wales 23% England 20%
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