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  1. No, but I'd love to hear him trying to say Gurkha!
  2. Have you seen Beau Travail? Worth a watch, especially in the company of any repressed homosexuals you may know.
  3. Is it just me or are some people on here talking about these guys as if they're Ewoks?
  4. Indeed, should we treat all off-shore workers of UK PLC the same? The army's just another job, after all...
  5. An EMP would be just as effective, without the collateral damage.
  6. Wait a year or so and the Tories will repeal this. Won't they?
  7. That's ideal, but can be tricky if you're on 2 months' notice. Unless your next property's only available 1+ months in the future... We recently lost a house we were mad keen on renting. Were supposed to be moving in at the start of April, but the owners (currently resident) had their Australian visa application knocked back. Fortunately the landlord of our current place let us extend for another month!
  8. Maybe he should have followed his own advice... http://www.channel4.com/4homes/on-tv/reloc...#33;8888!-1
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