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  1. Yes if my experience is anything to go by then this is exactly right. I phoned up to cancel my service, they said O.K that's done, but they continued to extract money from my bank account for two more months.I was long past my minimum contract date.The service was pretty terrible as well. The whole telecoms industry needs tighter regulation.
  2. Yeah, try leaving five minutes early if you want to know who the real clockwatchers are.
  3. This is a question I've been asking myself for a while now.I suspect that the bubble was blown to temporarily hide the negative effects of globalization.If people had felt those effects without the cushion of debt they may have wised up and voted for nationalist parties.
  4. I'm not a civil engineer but I did watch a documentary about the construction of these islands.They used huge machines which dug hundreds of boreholes and then injected water whilst vibrating to compact the sand.Apparently if they hadn't done this, a sizeable earthquake could have liquified the sand with disastrous consequences.According to the programme, the need to do this was only identified after the Iranian earthquake of 2003.I wonder what else they've overlooked.
  5. Nick Cohen looks like a man drowning, he should remain in the shallows where he belongs. I'd like to see a proper grown up discussion on this subject between people who know what the hell they're talking about, but then people might realize that it's all just a big con.
  6. I wonder what the Lloyds board of directors were offered to take on this steaming pile of kak.Money, life peerages perhaps.
  7. Actually Dubai would make a good prison.Just turn off all the air conditioning - perfect.Probably all it's good for.
  8. To save £1 million from disposable income, make that 83,000 years.
  9. What the hell's going on in Dubai?I can only surmise that the big cheese over there spent some time in New York and concluded that the key to becoming a superpower is to build a huge number of skyscrapers.
  10. There's nothing I'd like more than a bust up with America.Everything that's shite comes from there.Talking of shite, I wonder what they intend to rename Mcdonalds.
  11. I think that this is one of those half baked schemes that will be quietly buried once the minister's five year old son points out that it's unworkable.
  12. The price of Canon lenses have gone up by between 20 and 30 percent within the last couple of weeks.That's scary.
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