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  1. What a load of old ********! You obviously have never stepped foot in Morocco yet you feel able to spout such crap. Morocco is a very different place to Tunisia, with a very progressive and focused economy. The majority of the population are also very much behind the King and the current policies. I know where I'd rather live!
  2. Oh dear, looks like all our private sector HPC wealth generators buddies are going have to fall back on their giro's a little more
  3. Well I'm public sector and I just got one (payrise). TBH I've forgotten how many payrises I've had since I joined 10 years ago but I've more than doubled my salary in that time. I never asked for any of them and strangely I've never thought to turn one down. As for the pensions if they try to take them they'll be met with a fight. Unlike the woosy private sector that just rolled over for a good butt rodgering.
  4. I know, its sad isn't it. But I still can't help but take a perverse pleasure in listening to them bleat on. Carry on...
  5. Unfortunately, there are none so blind as those that cannot see. The poor things should have made more of their oportunities for a free education.
  6. You seem to be really wrapped up in a pound note, you need to get out there and see the world a bit. You'd be surprised at whats going on outside of ebay and this site. As for what I've contributed I guess you'd need to ask the kids that I work with who we've removed from abusive and neglectfull families that one.
  7. Whooho 22K, top drawer public sector sponger! I would guess that she's a social work assistant as she can't practise as a SW unless she has a SW qualification, end of. But hey you keep carrying on with your ill informed rants I'm glad you've got somewhere to get it all off your chest. BTW glad to hear that your little ebay venture is working for you.
  8. Agreed, my point was don't the buggers make you pay for the job! Its not as simple as making an application for the job, you need to also commit at least 4/7 years to study and then no doubt at the same time take out an expensive student loan. The public sector may be a gravy train but the admission price is high.
  9. Well you'll need to have a couple of A levels, a Degree, a Diploma in social work, at least 3 years post qualifying experience and a social conscience. Depending where you're starting from this could take you anything from 7 - 10 years to achieve. Good luck!
  10. Can I ask what any of this has to do with pouring scorn and hate on scum such as benenfit scroungers, local authority employee's or bankers? Sheech you'd think this is HPC !
  11. Yeh turn up up in your best homeless lookin clobber with a can of brew in hand and reaking of booze that should keep them at arms length for a while
  12. Most of them are and the courts would need to have good reason to remove them from their families for them to become looked after in the 1st place. Its usually because they are being abused or neglected in some way. Your point about the bureacratic process of adoption is nonsense. It to ensure that childless couples are adopting children for the right reasons and not some plaything or worse. There's many an adoption that breaks down shortly after the couple realise that they dont want another person's child afterall. The outcomes for those children is dire in terms of their development. Some aspect of the process could I agree be shortened but thats the way nu labour made it. Maybe the new kids when they inevitably get in might change this. I dont work in adoption so I'm not entirely sure if couples who smoke are barred from adopting. I do know that people who foster are allowed to smoke as long as they smoke outside of the house so as to not harm the kids with the smoke. Anyway, if someone is that determined to adopt I would have thought that giving up smoking to support a child's healthy devleopment would be a small price to pay. Filthy habit anyway! Anyway, all I'd say is dont believe everything you read in the papers!
  13. Yes like you I read the sheeple papers too, sad! Social workers are actually extremely underpaid for doing that which most of society is unwilling to do bar going on about the breakdown of society. The sheeple also believe all the crap they read in the rags regarding adoption, very few of them are aware of the depth of assessment that adoption entails so that children are safley placed. Its funny actually because those in the know usually complain that too many kids are adopted when actually alternative family memebers could have been identified. For the record a life in care is no life at all. So tell me what have you done today to make a difference to abused children's lives?
  14. You joking right? She'll end up with a huge award when her unfair dismissal claim is aproved by an industrial tribunal. This is what happens when nobs like Ed Balls plays politics and panders to the media hype. All Shoesmith did wrong was to be hopeless in managing the media.
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