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  1. http://www.ispreview.co.uk/ Can't wait to get out of my Virgin contract. but i have to cos they signed me up to another 12 months when i moved flat. [email protected]
  2. The engineer discovered that someone had unplugged me at the exchange - he had no idea why! I haven't changed providers, though I had just had an argument with a Vigin tech helpdesk person about their excessive bandwidth throttling policy (i hadn't download anything for months, then I try to download one game demo and my connection speed gets crippled)
  3. The BT line in my flat has gone dead. BT cannot see a fault remotely. They will send an engineer round but say if they find no fault, or a fault with anything 'within the boundaries of the property', they will charge me £125+ If the engineer charges me saying the fault is on the property, do I have to pay for a fault with the landlord's equipment?! If one of his water pipes failed I wouldn't be expected to pay the plumber - shouldn't this be treated the same? The sodding letting agent is telling me the phone line is an optional extra which they bear no responsibility for! The phone line cam
  4. If his system is so lucky, why is his website still such a cheap piece of crap?
  5. I'm no expert but I beleive it's a general rule that tenants have zero responsibility for the state of the exterior, except by any special agreement written into the tenancy. You have a duty to inform the LL of any problems you notice, but that's just common sense anyway.
  6. Bit of a challenge for the average estate agent; looks like they had to get someone in to handle the viewings:
  7. i lived in Saudi for a while - the whole area is just a big sandbox, a gigantic kitty litter tray Dressing it up with marble & glass and golf courses fed with desalinated seawater doesn't really change that long term - the shifting sands may swallow them all!
  8. There are some very serious upcoming threats to net neutrality and freedom. Hosting offshore solves nothing as your home country's ISPs can be ordered to filter anything out as in the Great Firewall of China. We may end up having to build homegrown local wifi mesh networks, and defend them, to regain digital free speech
  9. This appears to be the first the staff have heard of it! A hasty memo went round basically saying 'please forget what you've just seen on the news sites. We have a big announcement to make later on today, but we're not saying what it is yet. We were going to tell you. Sorry about that. Carry on!'
  10. just put "timely bump!" or something on all previous forum posts for a start
  11. http://zerohedge.blogspot.com/2009/05/flag...sible-hand.html “Something strange happened during the last 7 or 8 weeks. Doreen you probably can concur on this -- there was a power underneath the market that kept holding it up and trading the futures. I watch the futures every day and every tick, and a tremendous amount of volume came in a several points during the last few weeks, when the market was just about ready to break and shot right up again. Usually toward the end of the day – it happened a week ago Friday, at 7 minutes to 4 o’clock, almost 100,000 S&P futures contracts were traded
  12. I bet Her Maj is secretly well up for a dissolution of Parliament! I imagine the royals are more than a little miffed that the govt are getting away with ripping the populace off, as blatantly as the monarchy did before Cromwell; whilst the current monarchy practically have to earn their money!
  13. Interesting point - are we already in WW3? Except, being the 'information age' etc. we're getting an economic war with only relatively minor military actions under the 'war on turrizm'. The amount of human suffering by the end could still be counted as severe as WW2?
  14. article on Boingboing today: Very interesting comments on that page. Looks like this sort of thing will be normal under our lovely One World Government.
  15. I kinda thought this excercise was mostly about flexing what little democratic muscle we have; and showing people that's it's easy to do, and worth doing, as much as anything else. Hopefully helping to reverse the enormous political apathy that we have allowed to develop in the last decade.
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