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  1. Got the weekly local paper yesterday not a single house for sale in the property section only about a dozen or so going to auction. EAs must have pulled the plug on advertising
  2. Wasn't this on Radio 2 at dinner time the other month where one of their council leaders were saying that they really needed another shopping centerand how great it was going to be for the city (Tos*er). while forcing out and compulsary purchasing the small retailers still there
  3. Good one I used to work for a mail order firm some years ago. Someone sent back there dead mother in laws used jumpers/cardigans for a refund.
  4. The missus took a telephone call just before christmas the Ford/Citroen dealership I bought the car from 5 years ago phoned up out of the blue asking if I still had the same car and if I was interested in looking for a new one. I'm not by the way. Desparate for customers. They won't last much longer. Especially when they quoted £250.00 to change a starter motor got it done by a local garage for lot less than that.
  5. Child poverty my **** they need the tax to fight the odd war and bail out banks
  6. hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm Macdonalds.......!!!!!!! I'd rather eat the contents of the cat litter tray next to the computer desk
  7. At least Beirut goes back 5000 years and there is a bit of history and places to see. I can't see much culture there, is there any half built dodgy nuclear reactors??
  8. They shut the steelworks near us 3 years ago after 150 years making railway lines for the empire now they want to build houses on the site. Don't think so now
  9. Juvenal Sorry should have put those on as well. To be honest i've never watched L.L.L with the silly t*ats in.
  10. Enough is enough does any one think that that they should all pack it in and go home. They have had a good screw so far 1 Property Ladder 2 To buy or not to buy 3 Homes under the hammer 4. Place in the sun I admit I used to like HUTH but that is as tedious as hell now.
  11. Just an add on the wife has a mate who works at the fruit and veg counter Morrisons and was telling her how stuff doesn't last long. Her reply was that Morrisons buy stuff from there suppliers that is nearly past its sell by date as they get it alot cheaper so all in all we are about to buy rotten "fresh" produce. Bye bye now
  12. I was lucky enough to get an allotment after only 18 months on the waiting list. The council as with the majority of councils are fecking useless there are at least 5 plots been left to go to grass or overgrown with trees. I've a mate that wants one and everytime he phones the council he gets the reply if the tennants arn't using it they will loose it yeah rightieo it hasn't happened yet. Luckly enough he's sharing with another lotty holder. By the way go to Aldi or Netto don't shop in Morrisons or Tesco the robbing B***ards.
  13. God awful place to live even if it had of been finished....How far away from the beach is it????
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