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  1. Install a decent ad blocker. Ads slow down your browser and most are of no interest. I installed a blocker after being "targetted" with ads for feminine hygeine products.
  2. As a staunch Eurosceptic, I'm all for Mr Blair becoming a prominent mouthpiece for the yes campaign.
  3. It seems to me that those prepared to publicly campaign for "yes" are also those likely to benefit personally and financially from EU membership.
  4. One thing Corbyn will achieve is another 15 years of majority Tory government. Another on the list of groups that "got him in" is mischievous Tories, who know full well that Corbyn is about as electable as Michael Foot. Filling his cabinet with hard-left wingnuts like Diane Abbott and John McDonnell hammers the last few nails into the coffin. Although laughable, it's a disaster: an effective democracy needs a strong, PROSPECTIVE opposition - it forces the ruling party to up their game. The Conservatives can get away with murder now.
  5. True. At least the women were of legal age. Yes, his wife will be fuming, and his kids embarrassed, but Sewel hasn't physically hurt anyone. He's just been a prize idiot and (for a man who's nearly 70) should have known better. He's lost his job and his reputation and that's more than punishment enough. Also makes me laugh when London journalists descend into apoplexy over cocaine use... Sewel was caught with his trousers down. But he's small fry compare to other kiddie- and expenses-fiddling members of the establishment.
  6. No hike in the price of booze and fags either. Was this a shagger's budget?
  7. The best thing about election posters is the inevitable graffiti, particularly on the Tory ones.
  8. The best thing Tory opponents could do is keep quiet and let Shapps get on with his job. Nothing turns off voters more than having a smarmy grinning mud-stained buffoon like Shapps at the helm.
  9. Looks like the broadcasters may be preparing to "empty-chair" Cameron the coward: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/mar/05/pm-empty-chaired-broadcasters-set-to-go-ahead-debates
  10. Well, it appears Dave is too scared to debate Miliband and has FINALLY, after much Tory game playing, agreed only to take part in one debate with seven leaders. In my view Cameron will have been advised to do this because he would otherwise be annihilated by Farage, in a four-way debate, and probably beaten by Miliband in a two-way debate. I'm no fan of Ed Miliband, but he has consistently trumped Cameron at PMQs. Yesterdays PMQs was a masterclass on how a weak Tory PM cannot answer a simple question: "Will you debate me?" Oh well. Another reason to not vote Tory.
  11. According to the Tory's latest Saatchi-designed billboard poster:
  12. Very true. Natalie Bennett's ideas were sound, but she just didn't have any confidence in her figures. When Ferrari mentioned the sixty grand conservatory, she said have ribbed him about him probably having a 60K conservatory on his house, and that he's getting market value confused with actual value.
  13. Love the bit where Ferrari says (about building half-a-million houses for two billions pounds: "What are you going to make them out of? Plywood?"
  14. Funny. I had a leaflet through the door from my local Tory MP. First time I've heard from him in five years. Anyone would think he's after something...
  15. I always thought John Major was under-rated. He comes across as a genuine guy; he's also a good, clear speaker. He bonked Edwina Currie, but, hey, we all make mistakes. Unusually for a political tome, Major's autobiography is supposed to be a very good read.
  16. He's a good-looking bloke that Greek president. Dark, striking and handsome. I'm not gay, by the way. Just think it makes a change to have a world leader who looks capable of tapping off with a non-scrubber in his local dive bar.
  17. Reading this thread about perpetually low IRs reminds me of that song ... "I'm turning Japanese, I'm turning Japanese, I really think so".
  18. Aye, the interweb slaughtered that once-thriving beast. Now that Google is the portal to unlimited filth, most of today's young men will never experience the ritual of nervously buying a bag of Quavers and smut-book from their local BP garage. Sad times.
  19. I don't have much time for the "mob", like I don't have much time for assumptions you've made to trivialise the man's illness.
  20. Well its editorials typically support the Conservatives - they even did so during the early Blair years - and it's getting a hard time from Private Eye (according to the Eye the Telegraph is now staffed by many lowbrow ex-Mail hacks), but it's still not a bad read. Its analysis is often sharp. I also don't believe that you should buy the paper you think is best aligned with your political views. Buying the Guardian if you're left or the Telegraph if you're right (or the Mail if you're EDL ) reinforces your confirmation bias and doesn't challenge your thinking.
  21. I always have a daily scan of the main online papers for an overview of what's going on, but I sometimes still buy a broadsheet (about once a fortnight, mostly when I've got a quiet day ahead). I get eye strain reading off a screen; sometimes I don't think you can beat a good in-depth read of a hard copy.
  22. Yes, but ... 2001 and 2005: the Tories were utterly directionless and with rudderless leadership; people still listened to Tony Blair without vomiting; the UK basked in a (false?) sense of prosperity and homeowners (wrongly) felt they were getting rich through seemingly guaranteed house-price inflation. Back then, the EU was like wet weather: a drag, but not worth getting too angry about. Now the EU's pernicious influence seems to be everywhere, and - to the (white van) man in the street - its demands are at odds with the Tories' message of cutbacks and austerity. Agree that the 2015 election could be very interesting.
  23. The so-called main parties only have themselves to blame for UKIP's success. If the Tories grasped the EU nettle - not necessarily withdrew completely, but just stood up to them - UKIP would be neutered. If Labour were an effective opposition, UKIP would be neutered. I'll be voting UKIP - there's no viable alternative.
  24. Maggie T. will be shouting obscenities as she looks up at this and sees what they're doing with her much-lauded rebate.
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