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  1. Wages will not increase unless employees become hard to find. This is hugely unlikely to happen, unless we get the black death again. The more people decide to trade on the black market, the more wages will drop because the lone man with little to loose has no tax / overheads, and will work for peanuts, plus you get the barter system more in action ( fix my fridge / I'll fix your computer), so less official trading is required all round. People think twice before throwing their money at a mechanic when so and so knows about cars. Community spirit is the enemy of the tax-man, no wonder the government wish to kill the british pub. I have spoken to many people that live off cash in hand, with tax-credits etc funding the rest. People on Tesco check outs beware there are many forces that will force wages to plummet in real terms.
  2. my house is the same as op, (725/6.14)*1000 = £118078 3 bed 2 reception rooms, medium garden. thing is the lady next door was lamenting her house is not selling, so she has dropped the price from £220,000 to £180,000 and still it has not shifted. Our house has been extended and is in far better shape, so am guessing it would be valued at a fair amount higher. Even so I still can't belive she quoted such astronomical figures with a straight face. As though she earn't this money and was utterly entitled to it just by gettting old and smelly in a shabby house for 50 years.
  3. I suppose that unless something radical happens, the only people on the housing ladder will be those lucky few that inherited a house already.
  4. Kids are incredibly tough work, years of only 5 hours sleep a night, endless lifting and carrying of a wriggling couple of stone for 1 minute out of every 2 minutes, for 14 solid hours out of 24, whilst trying to do basic tasks like chop a carrot. It is tough, and must be an impossible job for someone on their own (especially for a weak and feeble young girl ). School-age Teenagers need at least a couple of weeks practical experience to put them off the idea, realising having a child and being a good parent is not the easy option they think it is. Plus there needs to be a cap on all the fluffy baby adverts and the nostalgic nonsense peddled by advertisers, it all counts to paint a ridiculously rosey picture of parenthood to the gullible.
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