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  1. Raising the minimum age for education is ludicrous, all those graduates living in shared housing must be weeping into their baked beans on toast at the housing benefit situation. Anything over 2 kids and benefits MUST BE SCRAPPED no more to be added. Close your legs my lovelies.
  2. Don't forget to point out what impeccable tennants you have been previously with refs. Did you ask roughly when he took out the mortgage? Letting agents are massively slow and infuriating, they know the majority of interested viewers are hyped up and excited, it is a deliberate ploy they use to stress you. Don't agree to anything when you can get hold. Tell them you need to have a little think yourself and take a while to calm yourself down. Try not to just look at the one house then wait for an answer, look at a few more to take your mind off it. Put the same offer to them, one will be willing.
  3. Alot of the properties are not posted up on rightmove, I guess it is added cost for the agencies. Some don't use rightmove at all, only local papers and their own websites. Just ask how long the landlord has owned the house, and if it is a short time then ask for mortgage statements. Personally I would not move into any house that was purchased within 7 years. Be polite and smiley when you are asking, there is no need to alert them that you consider them the enemy . If they are unwilling to give the information, then refuse the place and look again, it means there is something to hide. The skill lies in being able to turn your back on somewhere even if you loved the house and the roses round the door and had blissful visions of your kids scribbling up the cream walls and trashing the freshly planted tomato saplings in the garden. If you are that type of person that goes guns blazing wanting something as soon as they have clapped eyes on it, then ask the questions over the phone before visiting the house. If they do not accept your offer of the rent, and they can't / won't answer about landladys mortgage, or extended tenencies then that is not the place for you, end of. No need to be rude to them just shrug it off and say oh well. There are web sites that will inform you when a particular property was last sold, but you will have to ask on the main forum for that because I am unsure of the best site, I did find nethouseprices.com, which tells you if a house has been sold in the past 10 years, but I assume people will know of better ones. As you say there is no urgency to move, so take your time.
  4. we should be conserving / prioritising the oil we have left so we have time to create replacement technology, we are not doing this... there will be a turbulant time ahead. May I suggest everyone starts pissing on their lawns and collecting seeds.
  5. to Tired of waiting, Have you asked any agency / landlord for longer tenancy options? Can't hurt to be investigating other houses.
  6. it can be done, thanks to the advice on this site, I moved from a 2 bed gardenless btl flat, to a 3 bed house that was owned outright by the landlady, and negotiated the rent from £800pcm to £700pcm. It is a lovely big old house, it just took patience to find.
  7. if you want to move then wait to see somewhere that has been on the books for a while, use the letting agents own sites rather than rightmove, or even better free ads etc, see somewhere not going then negotiate price downwards. you can always negotiate lower rents by offering to do up a dump. when moving always ask about the landlords situation, if they are paying a mortgage then insist on statements, really take control for yourself, worked for me. Also be patient, expect to search for a year before finding somewhere that fits your needs. Ask for long term before moving in, the ball is in your court, if they refuse find somewhere else.
  8. well my dad came back from playing on a bomb site to find the Nazis had killed his Mother and little brother, and when his father came back from his service, he refused to have anything to do with him. Family wiped out in one go. He still went on to work hard and have a good life, sorry but the parents of these kids are really letting them down by not making the best of the situation and being a bit happier. Being out of work is not the end of your world anymore, noone is going to starve, make happy memories out of all that extra time and stop wasting everyone elses by forcing them to listen to spoilt whining.
  9. Minimum wage just means that employers know what they can pay, so everyone's wage went down to that level no matter what the skills. You can live on it; someone will accept it. End of story.
  10. The mould you are wanting is Penicillium. This is the type of mould from which penicillin, the antibiotic, was first isolated. Penicillium molds can be green, grey or white, but only a particular type makes actual penicillin when it grows, and other types make toxic waste products. The one that makes the penicillin is actually quite rare, so if you eat mouldy bread you could be playing russian roulette with... erm.. mould. Really you need microscopes to make sure of the culture you have on your bread, then the necessary equipment to extract the by-product of penicillin that the rare mould produces.
  11. No I have found no way of even improvising antibiotics, but I consider the prospect of a life without them to be rather more risk intense than is preferable and would be relived to know that it was possible to manufacture them without needing high tech Laboritories and oil. And yes it is mean but I would never spend time or effort seeing anybody long distance at the expense of friends that are close by.
  12. Community is the key. Anyone would rob a stranger before a friend. ok, Im short on the personally owned land side, however, I am a bit of a social person and know all the local muscle, who would certainly ensure that nobody will protest when we start pick axing the car parks. Certainly you can prepare people without them knowing, for example I've persuded a number of mates to grow their own vegetables etc, just by doing it myself and setting an example and waffling on about how to do this and that. They now have some basic idea about food production. Also encouraged friends to get wood burners and stock up on tools etc. At least I know where to go if heating becomes problematic. (Renting, but got a woodburner in the waiting to slap up if needs be). Never let on that anything is more than a passing interest, really other people will only ever see you as a loon screaming we're doomed, and you risk becoming a bore. It sounds really mean, but I quickly ditch friendships with people who are not in walking distance, unless they have serious potential uses. Tight knit and local, make sure you become a regular down your local boozer, be 'interested' in the other drinkers. The rough round the edges 'salt of the earth' types are the practical friends you need. Find out their skills, and then befriend, simple. What really scares me though, is the lack of antibiotics and medicine, really have not got the first idea how to make those. Herbal medicine does not do the job. Made friends with a local veterinary nurse though, so at least we can get hold of pet antibiotics at will, but in time these will run out too. Just would feel alot safer if I was able to make them. Also, how do we know when law has passed into the hands of the people, and state control has failed? How bad will the suffering have to get before restrictive rules/laws are unenforced in Britain? Just wondering if the UK is more like Cuba, or North Korea?
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