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  1. None of that contradicts what I wrote: "Yeh implementation can be changed to initiate all connections fully encrypted though. Authentication-free ECDSA public key gets transmitted first, then d-hellman, whole stream looks like random data."
  2. You'll appreciate this I think (I know it's more now) 🙂
  3. None of this is easy, and one doesn't really get to know the security of a system until it is faced with a determined and resourceful attacker. As far as I'm aware, the Chinese and Indian governments have not attempted any nationwide network protocol attacks on bitcoin. There's a difference between what defence is possible, what is currently being deployed, what is currently deployed, what was deprecated but still running, what was deprecated and is no longer running. Heck, in the early days all Bitcoin nodes connected to a very centralised Internet chatroom to discover to each other.
  4. The TCP/IP header does not say "I'm a BTC packet" anywhere. And a well implemented ECDH can be indistinguishable from random noise. Source: I implemented one of these.
  5. Yeh currently Bitcoin boosts off fixed seed nodes, but the implementation can change to make that distributed. Fun fact, if you simply ping a few thousand random IPv4 addresses for a minute on the torrent port, you'll find a torrent node. That is, seed nodes are not necessary for joining the torrent DHT. Then there'd be a chicken-egg game of port jumping and govt trying to detect new nodes by their network sweeps. Chaos. Yeh implementation can be changed to initiate all connections fully encrypted though. Authentication-free ECDSA public key gets transmitted first, then d-hellma
  6. Since he said that TSLA was too high it went up 10x iirc
  7. How kind of Blockstream to provide a service where they can choose which blocks are broadcast first over the surface of the planet. That kind of selfless block prioritisation capability is exactly what miners who aren't subscribed to Blockstream latency protection racke...err..service.. need to have their blocks at the front of the queue. I do hope there will be another network.
  8. At the end of the day, it's a war for human nodes, not electronic ones. The electronic ones have finite possibilities and failure modes. Humans though, are nuts, completely off their rockers, completely unpredictable*, totally bonkers even in aggregate. Like there were folks fighting viciously for voting rights in various autonomous investment vehicles on eth, and then 2 months later when it came to actually making decisions, most could not be bothered to read proposals and actually vote. Sensible human governance requires very strict and uniform selection processes. Lets hope Bitcoin selects
  9. Oh no it doesn't. Can't send gold over ethernet without counterparty risk. More entertaining attack is to go over to nasa/us.mil/microsoft and randomly fiddle the time of day for known Bitcoin miners who update their clocks from these NTP servers. Bitcoin will route around it eventually but the disruption will cause a lovely confidence hit!
  10. I dont share the boomer bashing sentiment, but this could be good to normalise house prices. Then all of the crazy money quantity games of the future will be played between bitcoin and fiat/gold, houses can be land value taxed and mortgages would be on bitcoin instead of houses. Houses can be homes again and everyone who doesn't want to be a gambler can chill.
  11. This is a very rational approach, but in practice patterns can continue longer than you expect. Many patterns are exploited through continuation and amplification rather than reversal.
  12. One of the things I found interesting about bitcoin was that it is not fundamentally interest-based. Like, most USD is borrowed into existence at interest which is frowned upon by some religions. Taxing unrealised gains would be a major reveal of the unfairness of the system. Possible, but would be a very extreme change. Could lead to a revolution, secession or mass exodus. Agreed. As I suggested before this has echoes of the South Sea bubble, eventually getting tied into treasury swaps and governance architecture. Congress critters tend to front run markets (and fiddle with on
  13. How much energy is used to ship people to and from the Olympic Games? Maybe they should cancel the Olympics. Oh wait, they have 🤔 but that was for a different reason 🤗 Edit: also, funny fact, olympic gold medals are gold plated but made of silver, because gold price is too damn high
  14. US foreign military is an absurd energy vampire whose primary use is controlling people overseas for the political benefit of a few, not even one step removed from murder. It is arguably the biggest energy consumer in the world. Go get 'em and shut 'em down, Dr. Robert!
  15. You're right. No need to wonder why, most people have no financial sense and many will voluntarily subject themselves to being ripped off. Some will join to risk their life in the army for a pittance. A few will voluntarily submit to sex cults, suicide cults, etc. Humans are nuts, and there's one born every so often. Also, reason for the listing may be also to raise expectations and pump the price. Someone who wants to get ADA will look at the exchange and think the price is a bit high, then look for alternative ways of getting it, reference this "mining cost", and now the exchange price
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