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  1. And what have we seen the Tories do to help this? Nada, nothing, not a thing. They never will. There is no plan - they don't give a shit. You can dream all you want. But now the country is skint. The skill-base has diminished. We have no frictionless trade route any more. The EU now is a much better location for starting an enterprise - or even running an existing one. Which is why so many companies have moved there. There is only one Brexit objective. To further enrich those who are already sitting on massive fortunes. Stop with the fruitless dreaming already.
  2. That's an interesting question. In fact I had no idea that Austria was not a member. I heard on the radio that there is increasing pressure from the populace of Switzerland to drop their neutrality in the face of Putin's aggression. Amazing if it happens. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-61320132 Putin must be a secret recruiting agent for NATO.
  3. What is Boris from your point of view?
  4. I wonder why he'd say that? - mmmm, let me think ... Putin's little cohort in Austria missing their most famous son perhaps? https://www.nbcnews.com/video/putin-dances-at-austrian-foreign-minister-s-wedding-1302108739604
  5. There were many that supported Remain. That's true. But look at the types who are leading Brexit now. Personally I cannot think of a group of people who are so two-faced and uncaring about the people of this country.
  6. I agree. There was a sort of brittle inflexibility to Corbyn when it came to this sort of stuff. The sitting on the fence stuff over Brexit was bad optics too. There are principles, which he definitely has, but there is also a need to review and snapshot the situation as it is today - not as it was in the 1970s.
  7. The are two Brexit's. A cardboard version that says we will be much better off if we stop allowing Johnny Foreigner to arrive here from the EU. Plus the EU is an overhead and the cause of all our problems.You know - the sunlit uplands type shit distractions and lies. And the real one. Project enrichment for a handful of Tories and their billionaire operators. To be above the law and raid the country's coffers until the pips squeak. A kind of Black-Mirror reverse of Healey's speech about the rich. And I wonder what Orwell would have made of Priti Patel? And the Newspeak of the rest of the conniving, self-serving, lying, inept maggots that make up the current government?
  8. Who pays for the non-existent training? Nobody. Ask yourself why and there's the problem. Profit above all else. It's not going to change by Brexit is it? As has been pointed out - many in India are packing their bags and donning bright eyes as we speak (write?).
  9. Ironic. I suggest you read this - where one of our greatest observer's views are given: https://www.businessinsider.com/george-orwell-on-brexit-2016-6?r=US&IR=T It pinpoints the cause of English exceptionalism (clue - there is only one).
  10. Oh, I do agree. But how does Brexit change this? - Except greatly legitimising business as usual.
  11. Are you serious? Do you really not know why we are where we are? Nope, you're just winding me up ... good one.
  12. That's not very patriotic. But then again, neither was Brexit. So I suppose it tallies.
  13. Um. Housing association tenants are those that have no beans. I can't see it working. Plus how the feck can someone afford to buy one of these while working on the minimum wage for Amazon (the current peak of worker's prospects)? Unless you are earning at least 3-4 times the average wage - you cannot afford to buy a place. It's all bull shit.
  14. Morning MCC. I like your posts a lot (and obviously your stance) - but please, please can you provide a link to your sources. Getting my fingers sore with using Google to trace them. It completes the story 🙂
  15. Yup. Until we have a new system - built from the ground up by the people for the people. Like after the war. Unfortunately Dominic Cummings agrees as well. But, in his case, before you pull things down - you have to have a plan of what will replace it. Until then - the nightmare train's speed means it will overrun the buffers and drive through all the passengers waiting at the station. It's driverless.
  16. A very good post Pop. The cancer is at stage 4.
  17. You should get out more. It's a nice day out there. Go visit the Hermitage (IIRC, there's a great Millet in there which is gobsmacking). Part of a beautiful city formed when Russia was an important part of the world and respected by the global community accordingly. Here's the weather report https://www.bbc.com/weather/498817
  18. Environment determines consciousness. I've met many Russians and many Chinese. Generally, the poorer they were - the nicer they were. The Japanese soldiers were brutalized by their superiors in preparation for WW2. I mean really, really brutalized where fear was the energizer for atrocities. Our own public school system adopted a similar, but less extreme approach, to make men ready to fight for the empire. Both the Chinese and the Russians have had centuries of turning the populace into slaves - where a human life is worth nothing. It's happened everywhere where power and greed are the main societal controllers. IMO, once you get down to it, a new human's differences are merely skin-deep. It's the nurture that matters. IOW, the circumstances and what happens to them as they grow.
  19. Not even 1% true. Medvedev worked with his vision to modernise Russia and make it a major commercial player on the world stage. It included raising the Russian people's living standards. https://www.rferl.org/a/medvedev-liberal-to-bellicose/31818941.html He had to toe the line. Putin won with his vision of nothingness except him. More **** than cog.
  20. How's your Russian? "I have here, from Herr Hitler, a piece of paper ... " War is a dreadful, dreadful thing. But usually started by madmen with shoulder chips and massive inadequacies as a side dish. History teaches us these bitter little people will not stop if appeased. It's simply school-bully psychology. So did you lie down in the playground and give Flashman what he wanted - every time?
  21. The shoes were already bought. Since then it's been a case of how the feck to use ballet shoes for playing football.
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