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  1. I'd love that. A hearty meal of haggis and Bushmills while the entertainment is watching Englanders' second homes in Wales being torched. Meanwhile in England. Communal gatherings, in the workhouse, around the only black and white television (maybe just white will do) watching reruns of Jim Davidson and Love thy Neighbour and swilling down crates of Red Barrel. No Irish, no Blacks.
  2. You might think I'm picking on you K - but I'm not. GDP per capita is the best measure of a country's wealth IMO. Have a look here. https://statisticstimes.com/economy/projected-world-gdp-capita-ranking.php The only way is down with the dishonesty and ineptitude of our current crop of politicians, Bought and paid for. Like the USA.
  3. London doesn't have a deficit. It produces much more than it costs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Ireland_fiscal_deficit
  4. Indeed, unfortunately unbridled selfishness is the reason we're in this mess. People are not numbers - nor do they behave as rationally as the Rand libertarians predicts. There's a great bit in the doc below where some libertarian advisor to the American government decided to re-plan the Vietnam war by numbers - one metric stands out - enemy body-count as a measure of success. It had to be reported every day. So, what did the GI boys on the ground do. They massacred anything that moved - including kids. This advisor also had suggested that key targets should take the place of patriotism among
  5. There are very few people in the world who would not jump at the chance to own their own property. These 'minorities' were not just black people - but poor people, including many whites. The sale of sub prime mortgages was a massive scam - because the banks had run out of other ideas for their rentier shit. Do you work for Goldman Sachs? We've had this discussion before. Politicians are servants of powerful, self-interested individuals and corporations - they've been captured. There is a layer above the White House and Westminster. A result of greed. In Locke world - the poor are a m
  6. We spend more money subsidising Northern Ireland than our net contribution to the EU. NI takes gold. Poor old Wales - the only one left. They certainly contribute naff-all.
  7. It was banks lobbying governments to weaken regulations over decades which meant they could scam a whole new sector to enrich themselves. Happens all the time, like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_China_Hustle You're a human greed denier.
  8. Haven't you got it yet? Who the feck cares? It doesn't matter what YOU think - you were used by a mere handful of maggots who simply wanted to enrich themselves. Now they have everything they want and there is NOTHING you can do about it. 'Levelling up' - don't make me laugh! They don't give a toss.
  9. A noisy, but largely non-violent protest got rid of the Icelandic government after the crash in 2008 https://www.routledge.com/Economic-Crisis-and-Mass-Protest-The-Pots-and-Pans-Revolution-in-Iceland/Bernburg/p/book/9781138600126 Patel has put a cordon round parliament with her new legislation. Also the anti-noise legislation is telling. Maybe she's terrified of 24 hour 'noise' protests outside the HOC?
  10. Absolutely. The extraordinary thing is how people vote against their own interests by maggots that use and despise them. Adam Curtis nails it - with his series The Living Dead. It's all on iPlayer, but this a a particularly illuminating episode on selling fantasies - this is pre-Brexit. You can see why they wanted to drum up nationalism.
  11. We are on a painful road to hell at the moment. The impoverishment of Joe Public is only going to get worse, much worse while just handful of traitors get richer. Add the banker and finance spivs which Thatcher supported above all else. Plus Brexit. Plus the pandemic. Plus the Tories. A huge bill coming our way - not for those that caused it of course. They have and will continue to take and take without retribution. A fertile ground for fascism. It's inevitable. Like the good ol' USA, we live in a country where money is the master rather than the servant. And now it's time for the p
  12. Another fantasist who thinks we won the last war single handed. Who needs allies? Fecking snail eating waste of time people that are below and at the feet of the great British bulldog! Rule Britannia, YEAH !!!
  13. Nationalism (aka populism) is the last refuge of scoundrels. It does nothing for the well-being and prosperity of the country, as the governments are usually too busy filling their pockets at the expense of the people. As we have seen here. It's simply a device to manipulate the weak-minded. Who should be tied to a chair and made to watch the atrocities from Nazi Germany, Bosnia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Russia (as you say), pre-war Japan - over and over again - for months, maybe even years. Trouble is, they might enjoy the infliction of misery on others. Seems like it's their MO. A
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