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  1. So half the country is irrelevant? ... and you say we live in a democracy? It's fecking banana republic politics. It takes effort to maintain a democracy - a word missing from your government's dictionary. Far easier to divide and rule and dig deep into taxpayers pockets for self-enrichment.
  2. I see. Well it's true that British diplomacy has taken a major hit since Brexit - almost as policy - so you've obviously been well briefed. https://www.e-ir.info/2020/10/12/a-recessional-power-how-britains-claim-to-be-a-great-power-has-been-fatally-undercut/
  3. A market of 460 million people on our doorstep Now who are we going to trade with? Come to think of it - what do we have that others don't? Answers on a postcard please. Or maybe we could have our own 10 Cent Party Army, Web Brigade or Internet Research Agency and export the lies - what say you? Your revered government have just passed the sale of our last fab plant to the Chinese FFS! Never mind the litany of auctioneering the family silver for the last 40 years. Yep, we're in excellent hands
  4. I am wondering - how would your free-market, libertarian sect fix this? Perhaps a vaccine for pure greed? But then that goes against the Mother God and Apple Pie dream doesn't it? - and the Trump drones would riot Americans’ Medical Debts Are Bigger Than Was Known, Totaling $140 Billion A new study finds that health care has become the country’s largest source of debt in collections. Those debts are largest where Medicaid wasn’t expanded. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/20/upshot/medical-debt-americans-medicaid.html
  5. I'm as wedded to statism as much as you're married to Kiera Knightley. I hear all the endless calls for no government from you. But you have NEVER put forward your vision for a working alternative in all its glory. You just proudly flash your ankle at us occasionally. Your ideology seems based on wishful thinking rather than a useful structure with which to successfully modernise a society.
  6. I feel honoured having a reply from the elder statesman of the forum 🙂 Although I did not have your background - I've met quite a few very wealthy people. I am convinced that in most cases the lizard people hijacked their bodies at some point in their life. A lot of them become detached from real life and live in a swirl of self-entitlement. Thus, I find your responses fascinating, as they completely resonate with my views of where the problems lie. And you're right too. The old definitions of partisan politics need redefining. But this needs people of great vision. Whereas you had thinkers in the past - Marx, Adam Smith, The Founding Fathers, Ghandi and Atlee etc - there is nobody now. Only the hollowed-out husks of ancient Norman landowners and their allies - the spivs and the misers. The real problem? You can see it, some here can see it and I can see it. I fear those who either won't or can't see the grand re-serf plan will only change their mind when it's too late.
  7. Who de-industrialised the West? Who sent all the manufacturing jobs to China? If most wages have not gone up in real terms since the 70s - who will you blame?
  8. Who determines the deterrent for beating your wife? Or are you just going to trust human nature? Is an evil person going to be thinking twice if he has to pay a high price for the evil beating of his wife. Is there any reparation for the wife after she has been beaten - who in your world decides this? Does the idea of Shariah law appeal to you?
  9. It's not a binary choice. For example, the handful of greedy elites hoarding the odd $60 trillion rely on both their media control and bought politicos to spread dishonesty. IOW, now money is the only true master of the universe. Got none, you don't count. Got most of it - the world is your oyster, and you will always find lackeys to do your bidding - usually dishonestly. It's the system and it's killing us all.
  10. Good post, and I agree with the bold bit in particular. You cannot assume that people are robots. Big mistake. They are greedy or not. "Greed is good" - was once a pat line in a movie - now it's a religion.
  11. I think you don't have to worry Huggy. You do know "taking the knee" celebrates the 9 minutes under the cop's knee to squeeze the life out of George Floyd? Feel better now?
  12. You're having a giraffe! What revolt? The same people are still running things who were running things 10 years ago. A bunch of Etonians lying down and opening their legs for their climate-denying, money-obsessed, self-serving billionaire Johns. How's the levelling up going? What's changed? We're still up sh*t creak without an Ork. Show don't tell.
  13. I'm surprised they did not blame Labour, the Armada, or even the Roman invasion.
  14. I agree. Emotion wrangling is the secret weapon used by the super-elites and their media and politician cling-ons. It works. It just has to blind enough people with hate and fear. We are seeing the slow car-crash of democracy being stripped, flailed - then hung out to dry. So very sad and also a major crime scene.
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