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  1. Just like Hitler's unprovoked attack on Poland was a regional war. How's your fecking German? If you want to worry about fiscal responsibility - I suggest you look closer to home.
  2. No. It's your libertarian counterpoint to greed and corruption. In mentioning your point about the successful bribing of government to a full-capture point - you underline my argument. Regulation has fallen off a cliff here and in the US since the 80s. In a week where our so-called PM's ethics advisor had to quit. Don't you think permafrost robust control/regulation systems are the answer? The American Healthcare system is a basket case. It's virtually running on free market rules. There is just a withering set of rules holding it back from complete autonomy. And the result is? And don't try to sell me that competition is the answer. Not when, throughout history, a free market leads to monopoly and cartels. Which is effectively what they've got with nothing holding them back.
  3. Greed never generates value. It might, at best, be an incentive for the sociopath narcissists with not-enough-billions-in-the-bank to get more money for themselves. It might have microscopic side-effect benefits, perhaps someone gets paid to double-stitch the luxe leather seats on a newly commissioned luxury yacht. Greed is a non-sharing, exclusive to me phenomenon. So it's non-inclusive. The clue is in the name. And that is why we will ALWAYS need regulation. Extreme inequality (which you seem to advocate) creates social instability, dictators, unrest, insecurity and war. Funny thing war - it was the catalyst for income tax and in medieval times, the monarch would tax his people to pay for his latest escapade. Full circle. You will never have a flat management system in society. There will always be a chief, surrounded by helpers.
  4. So you've been told by liars that foreigners are to blame and fallen for one of the first tenets of popularism. The blame actually lies elsewhere. But then it's the same people who should be blamed are are telling you to blame some poor sod. Here's the problem, pure and simple. https://time.com/5888024/50-trillion-income-inequality-america/ Now, rather than have your mind made up for you by people who are doing us all damage - why not sit back with a nice cool drink and decide to make up your own mind - based on clear evidence. It would be good if we all hated the right people together wouldn't it?
  5. You seemed to have glossed over the fact nearly a third of Americans are in serious debt because of medical bills. Everything is financialized there. Fecking $15k to give birth FFS. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/hospital-bill-childbirth-cost-us-b1900201.html Nobody is stopping the healthcare/insurance/doctor racket. Regulation has been relaxed everywhere and it has obvious consequences. Yup, small government, less regulation and the so-called free market works brilliantly. Show me evidence of the free market working well for essential services without regulation controls - it's certainly not the USA is it? Before anyone says it's a government issue - remember Standard Oil and the oil robber barons. Regulation had to be brought in to control them Where we are now is because most governments are puppets of the super-wealthy, and the super wealthy only serve one God - GREED. When is enough - enough? Nope, remember Ayn Rand died in poverty, on benefits and managed to live her later years by sponging off a few of her wealthy cult members. Free markets don't work for 99.9% of the population without an external control framework. Even Adam Smith recognised this. Now, perhaps while we talk of Victorian times and the industrial revolution - we can uncover a lesson for today. People had real jobs which contributed to the success of the country and society overall. In other words, there was progress made towards genuine trickle down. Nobody is talking communism - but as the Time article points out. Extreme inequality is dangerous. Worse than that - it's not necessary and should be restrained like an escaped rapist would be. As well as a super-transfer of wealth to the top, there's tens of trillions of dollars sitting unproductively in offshore havens - doing nothing - held by super-rich Fagins. This is where we should start. https://time.com/5888024/50-trillion-income-inequality-america/
  6. Brilliant idea. I love the smell of abject Victorian poverty with a pinch of workhouses and debt prisons. India's street's are so clean, safe and wonderful too. No poverty there, no sir! Sick and struggling to pay, 100 million people in the U.S. live with medical debt https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2022/06/16/1104679219/medical-bills-debt-investigation?t=1655408624643
  7. How can a market be 'free' then? It will always be dominated by those with the most money. Whose only presumed purpose on earth is to enrich themselves. What is your solution for greed?
  8. IMO, the only way to ensure a 'true' free market economy is to make sure the whole world population are stripped of the uneven wealth they own. Then give everybody a cheque for $1000, and say you are on your own. Make of it what you will. Meaning the market is truly free. So, levelling down to generate a true meritocracy. Then we can ensure the anomalies which defy your theory are ironed out. Like this latest headline: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/news/press-releases/2022/06/ftc-acts-protect-pet-owners-private-equity-firms-anticompetitive-acquisition-veterinary-services Unless you start from a level playing field for wealth, there is/will be no free market.
  9. And this UK Exports Billions of Litres of Petrol to US Despite Local Record Pump Prices https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-06-09/uk-sends-billions-of-liters-of-petrol-to-us-where-it-s-cheaper#xj4y7vzkg Feck, that's a LOT of tax. But then this government can only hear people with at least £10 million in the bank.
  10. I never knew Bezos was an EU citizen. Gosh, you learn something every day.
  11. Yeah, we're doing so well. He's so trustworthy. What a man. https://data.oecd.org/gga/trust-in-government.htm He really, simply MUST be working for Putin.
  12. Never thought about it. But sounds like a good idea. If only we could talk to China and Russia directly - perhaps we could lessen the grievances . Of course, ye olde quaintness sessions where people gather together in smokey basements to speak Latin, ancient Greek, Aramaic and Esperanto among others should be allowed. But only once a week.
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