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  1. Dear Elizabeth, Please could you explain this statement further Also, what is the "post-structural age".
  2. I'm not sure if you're being serious or sarcastic here, but I'll take the bait. Lets take 100 identical houses all at 100k each, 5% need to sell = 5 people. 1 puts his price down to 90k, sells. 4 need-to-sell houses remaining. Having seen the result of the price cut, are they going to put their prices up or down? 20 more houses come on the market. 1 of which (5%) needs to sell. Is this new need-to-sell going to price above or below the last sold price? The market is composed of actual transactions, not asking prices. The people whose houses haven't sold have no effect on the market, wh
  3. Wait, you haven't thought about the capital gains!!
  4. Sorry for being cynical, but this could well turn out to be an incentive for splitting up if the partners financial situation is much weaker. If it was my money, I would - give the use of the house, but not the title. So they can save and pay their own way eventually. CGT only if the house is sold, which is up to you as you are the owner. and/or - put it in a trust for the grandkids. But thats just me. I know some other people are incredibly generous, with money as well as generosity of spirit. I don't think there will be a CGT implication for an interest free loan. You name would b
  5. I've got b****y hay fever, so under house imprisonment. Actually I said it was his moral duty, its up to Bluelady to say why its not sensible, given that his high pay is apparently a reflection of his responsibility. And I thought she mentioned that anyway money wasn't the most important thing. Still waiting for her bank details though. Trying to tie this up with house prices now... A man agrees to paint a BTL's walls magnolia in return for payment. He messes it up totally, and causes damage to the rest of the house, risking the valuation. -Should he be paid for his work so far? -Shou
  6. Careful or you'll create another job for a 'Trauma counsellor'. That person will then need a Manager, a Deputy director, a Director, an HR administrator, a PR advisor, a bid officer, a 'Lifelong skills' consultant, and an outsourced IT project, to stop them from doing anything useful. Would this be funnier if it wasn't true? I'm not sure.
  7. I agree! can you pm me your bank details please ...
  8. Surely the moral duty would be to pay back the wages for all the time when things went horribly wrong, and then pay to put it right from his further wages..? Funny things morals! (especially on other peoples money)
  9. Best market analysis I've read in a while... Here's Brad DeLong on rational investors in irrational markets, sound but not as left-hemisphere memorable. http://delong.typepad.com/sdj/2005/06/the_economic_so.html
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