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  1. And who is going to front up even the insured deposits in the event of a collapse of the banking system, or even a run.
  2. Missing the point. Why should a married person have this ability to pass on a pension to a spouse who has made no contributions. Its a bias against a single person. Lets not forget that any married man can pay the contributions on behalf of a wife who will then have the pension in their own right. How many choose to do this i wonder.
  3. I dont think it will be removed from anyone. What it will do it introduce a cut off point whereby an old husband is worth more dead than allive by that date.
  4. If you like that kind of thing. She asked me how long i thought her husband might live for. Thais are totally money minded.
  5. Are you joking? How can not giving the husbands government and contribution funded pension to some young lady for the next 30 years be robbery. More like the other way round.
  6. Yes, quite likely, but the whole country is absolutely rife with this kind of waste of taxpayers money so its about time something was done about something at least. Just a thought though, if they bring in a cut off point where a husband dies and there is no more pension, might it bring about a bunch of dead farang http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gifmen in thailand in order that some of the minxes qualify for a pension?
  7. If you are a british widow, or widower, especially if you lived here, it is a lot more likely they have paid contributions . How many is open to question. I dont know about other euro or usa pension arrangements, but from my experience many women in thailand are after a british husband. But then, maybe its because english is their second language.
  8. Exactly. When a chap goes there and finds a wife ,he is pissing away our younger generations contributions on the alter of his own ego, so to speak. Without the pension many of the women would not be intrested. After all, most asians are better financially savvy than westerners when it comes to security and gold.. Just my oppinion.
  9. You must have been to thailand then and seen the british pensioners with young wives then, and not only pensioners. All will be able to receive the husbands pensions. If their was no transfer of pensions to wives then a few less suckers would get ripped off over there.
  10. Not only thai, but many more third world countries. But its true to say that british pensioners would be worth a lot less to the women if there was no pension when the coffin was put away, or whatever.
  11. For clarity, the problem is that there are a huge amount of people who have married foreigners, and gone to live abroad, or who have spouses living abroad, who have never contributed anything in national insurance here, who are entitled to the national insurance contributions of those paying it here. Some , like the example i quoted will be in receipt of for more years than most of our current working youngsters will be receiving their own pension, if its still around when they retire. I think its a problem.
  12. Not that i am against him marrying his young lady of course. But its us here who will be paying for her when he has popped his clogs.
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