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  1. 1) This is the premium to manufacture and ship the goods, Silver is both valuable and bulky. There is also the VAT to think about. 2) Guernsey is VAT free, So technically yes you do need to declare over a certain amount and pay VAT. There is no allowance if mail ordering, in this case all of it is subject to VAT. 3) It is volatile, So it may be that you need to be held for a long term to recoup losses, but then again you may be able to exit with a profit in a shorter period. If you can get the premium down then it will help. The German VAT rate will help here. If you want purely to have a s
  2. If you don't want easy access to it there are plenty of options... none of which include a safe. The best place I can think of is under a pond, and anyone who has ever had to empty / modify a pond know this all too well. Just remember it has great wealth density and is virtually non reactive. This pic shows about 35k at todays price.
  3. I'm concerned by your term "allocation". If you don't hold it, you don't own it, especially in these times.
  4. Mrs: if you don't need the money, why not swap if for sov's?
  5. But is does mean that a long set (5, 2, 1, 0.5 sovs) weighs 2 TOz.
  6. If your buying a decent amount, drive to Geneva. Worth looking into.
  7. The ring is also down to the crystalline structure of the metal. If they are minted they will ring, if they are cast they shouldn't. I think that bi metals (lead with a gold outer) won't either.
  8. My stack was for personal enjoyment and as an inheritance for my kids. But that is purely academic as it was left in the boot of a car that was crushed.... clumsy me.
  9. Isn't this what the hunt Bro's tried? They got close to winning, but then comex changed the rules.
  10. I like the way that he locked it woth the only known key, but somehow they managed to check all the other boxes! Must have X ray specs!?!?!?
  11. I was given some gold at birth and some at my christening, BUT I wish my grandfather had sat me down and given me a lesson in gold / economics when he was alive. I never sold the gold though.
  12. tarnish is silver sulphide (or ate?) so if you remove it your removing silver. just leave it on and don't stress. I try to buy coints by the tube so i have a way of storing them.
  13. they are coins as they are legal tender minted by a state, but not numismatic as such cos the only thing that gets changed each year is the date,. Also not restricted mintage, Low premium though so keep stacking.
  14. I bought a 100g bar off baird and co back in May 09. I nearly cried when i calculated the premium. But its done very well for me. Look out for coins, ie maples . Baird's service is quick may be worth a look.
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