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  1. This is just Fox news being Fox news. Trying to discredit the *values* they feel are important. Carefully constructed though to make mention of '911' and all the other knee-jerk crowd pleasers. It wouldn't harm if a few more celebs stood up and risked their careers on such subjects. I'd imagine Brands's agent has being looking closely at his cancellation list, so fair play as he's putting stuff out there at his own expense.
  2. Yeah I've done this debate in my own business: that is they say high taxatation limits incentive for business owners -depends on the personality of the owners. It certainly doesn't limit investment as it provoked me to invest in my business by way of capital expenditure, and thus I paid no direct tax. But,vat was collected and the purchases kept another business going and we expanded. I guess when the business is a cash cow with no real products or love for your service , you only ever want to draw profits. The answer for me would lie in being encouraged to re-invest and grow.
  3. I've run the same company Ltd and as a partnership. I changed to Ltd for kudos reasons but was much more of a ball-ache. We are a two man-band and we pay minimum salary and extract dividends without tax due. But this is not the full story: our company still pays tax on profits which I think is 20% at the moment. That is the same end result as paying PAYE tax in my mind, it just comes out of company profits rather than personal tax - which given the same profits filter to the same two directors - it makes no difference. I also pay PAYE on my company car and NI on the benefit-in-kind of the car. It may be possible to structure the Ltd element to minimise tax but you're still paying corp tax from the same profit as you would in a partnership (ie 20%) - certainly at the lower end of earnings. On top of this I've just had £40K worth of equipment pinched (which the law doesn't term stolen because it was hired to someone who never returned it) which I invested into the business myself. Still you have to keep on trucking, and it's not always green and pleasant in this land.
  4. I may be being thick but I can only find reference to Hester's contract - not containing anything mandatory with regard to his bonus. Be nice to get the bottom line on this.
  5. One of my existing clients often slightly mis-quotes Oscar Wilde - "People know the price of everything and the value of nothing." It appears to be a human condition to extract every miserable last 10p from the things they purchase whilst not questioning the ethics, quality and value of the product/service. I've always traded on quality (we are video and film production) - not price, it means I have a few good clients that are willing to pay, the ones that have dropped by the way-side can go hoot, I'm not competing at the bottom. I try to exact the same mentality when I purchase anything, but it's getting harder and harder to purchase anything with these ingredients. Folk should have valued themselves/each other more when the unions were being dismantled and state sell-off of utilities become de rigueur. It was a race down from then.
  6. One of my favourite sneakers of the emergency budget was the little known reduction in AIA due 2012 by our 'pro-growth' coalition from £100,000 to £25,000 AIA was great for us in terms of capital, it did away with the the write down and forced us to invest probably £70,000 on equipment - okay we had less money to spend but we were thinking long-term. I would prefer the AIA at pre-coalition rate of £100,000 than the forth-coming corporation tax reduction. One forces you to invest, the other lands you with a tad more profit. Now I may be old-school but I prefer investment incentives than just lining my own pocket, which is why I believe tax cuts aren't the correct way to stimulate growth. Flat rate VAT has been another less showy improvement of affairs.
  7. There is no issue here. HD-ready TV/Monitor is capable of viewing HD signal whatever that form takes - Blu-ray, Freesat, SkyHD. In all cases something has to be purchased to provide an HD source to the TV. And They're not paying for the hi-definition channels they're paying for the box to receive them. Freeview isn't suddenly going to stop working either. And actually I'm really glad that terrestrial freeview is being developed to HD, as I can't have a dish and I prefer to see Murdoch squirm.
  8. This is absolutely it, isn't it? Modern life boils down to nothing more. If you dissent though, and go around saying this sort of thing, you're a leftie, a tree hugger or a terrorist - which is all part of the plan. The population want to be angry but they've haven't a clue who to be angry to.
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