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  1. We tried to find a decent house in a good catchment area for nearly 2 years before giving up and moving out to North Berwick, which has great schools and is only half an hour away on the train. I know you want a place in Edinburgh so I agree with the other posts - Edinburgh South is your best bet (Morningside, Merchiston, Marchmont, Bruntsfield, Grange, Sciennes, Greenbank, Braids) for the best primary and secondary schools. You'll be paying through the nose for a house though! One thing to consider is that many people send their kids to private schools in those areas, and the primarys (esp. South Morningside) are effectively feeder schools for the private schools. Worth bearing in mind if you don't want your kids to lose all their friends mid schooling! Or perhaps you are considering private as well?
  2. Thanks ccc and fflump. Maybe I should become a bull again, now that I've bought a house I'll start posting positive stories like that loon, the crutchster...
  3. Yep, as predicted: It all looks textbook so far, going by this graph. Prices should rise for a bit, then carnage. I'm betting on the end of this year when the carnage starts.
  4. Thanks. We got about 15% off peak price, which is pretty good I reckon considering detached family homes haven't fallen as much as the average.
  5. Guys, thought you'd be interested to know that we've bought a house in North Berwick, after giving up looking in Edinburgh after 2 years. We saw a great family home in a great location so we just went for it. I know it is a stupid time to buy (I always swore I'd never buy in the spring!) but there isn't much on the market in North Berwick so we thought we might have to wait a long time for another similar property to come up. We got a really good price for it (at the moment) but I know it will probably be worth half that in 5 years time. Oh well, we'll be there for years and we've got a pretty small mortgage on it so I'm not really that bothered. Our rented place was doing our heads in and the kids need a garden! Good luck with your house/flat purchases, hope you ride out the crash better than me!
  6. Ummm, it's not on ESPC anymore. Perhaps he was right and some idiot has bought it!
  7. Just came across this on my ESPC travels: http://www.espc.com/Buying/275847.html 13/1 Belgrave Crescent, West End, EDINBURGH, EH4 3AH First Floor Flat, In The Region Of £500,000, Reference: 275847 Just on the market: a 2 bed flat for 500K!! It's double the price of a 2 bed in Marchmont and doesn't even have a boxroom! Nice view though, worth the extra 250K. They must be anticipating a pretty incredible spring bounce!
  8. BigSack


    No we haven't viewed it, I think the power lines and nearby road noise is the reason it hasn't sold.
  9. BigSack


    Yes, that is one major plus! The primary is excellent by all accounts. The secondary is a good school but the stats are not great due to the catchment area. It is due to be pulled down and rebuilt pretty soon. I'd hope that would improve its results somewhat. New schools tend to have a positive impact on the teachers and pupils from what I hear. Both my kids are under 3 so worrying about secondary schools is not necessary for quite a while. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. The main reason we are interested in Portobello is that it has a fantastic community and great local shops and facilities. You also get a lot more for your money. And it's by the sea! There are also some really beautiful areas in Porobello, with some lovely victorian and georgian properties. There are two stunning ones which are at the top of our price range and have been on the market for ages: http://www.espc.co.uk/Buying/271097.html http://www.espc.co.uk/Buying/268117.html There is one huge drawback we have discovered about these properies though. They are directly underneath major power lines (and also beside a busy slip road). I had a look online and there are higher incidences of cancer and leukemia in people living beside power lines so this has really put us off. The trouble is, half of Portobello is close to these power lines. I'm not sure I'd want to risk my kids health just to live in a nice house. It's a bloody nightmare because otherwise we would have bought one of those places like a shot. So we are quite limited in what streets we would consider living in. We'll probably still end up in Morningside putting up with the snooty crowd!
  10. BigSack


    Congratulations roblpm! I am quite envious. I'm pretty desperate to move now: sick of renting, nice summer supposedly approaching and another year with no garden. Kids getting older, tired of checking out espc every day! Perhaps we'll manage later this year but there is nothing coming on the market we are interested in at the moment. We are starting to consider Portobello now, heard a lot of good things about it.
  11. Here's another one of my favourites: http://www.espc.com/Buying/274074.html 9 Craiglockhart Loan, EDINBURGH, EH14 1HU Detached House, Fixed Price £799,950 Stylish and contemporary! The same size as a normal bungalow in that area but twice the price with no garden. They must have knocked down an existing bungalow to build it, just as the CC hit. Poor sods!
  12. I agree, it's way overpriced. We went to see an immaculately done up lower villa on South Lauder Road about a year ago and it sold just over 500, which is what they were going for at peak. The lower villas are more desireable too because of the garden access from the kitchen. Talking about overpriced lower villas, this place has just come on the market. It's even smaller than the Lauder Road properties! http://www.espc.co.uk/Buying/275414.html
  13. Yes. Go to news, then 'Property Price Reports' at the top. http://www.espc.co.uk/EspcPageMedia/Proper...rts/2009-Q1.pdf
  14. Depressingly, 4 bed detatched are up 1.6%. The waiting is getting very frustrating!
  15. Actually, I see that number 47 was bought in 2007 for 485k (which was cheap at the time) and done up and put back on for 735 in 2008. That was the house that had the work done on it to stop the subsidence. I wonder how much they had to spend on it? They must be panicking!
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