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  1. Good post; I was simply trying to suggest what might be going on in the agent's heads. Hopefully they'll cotton on soon.
  2. Playing devil's advocate for a moment. The agents probably can't risk suggesting a lower selling price because the vendor will simply move to another agent who will promise them a higher selling price (which they'll more than likely not achieve).
  3. My eyes are getting worse. When I looked at the article, I read the quote as "egg throwing and a light souffle".
  4. I ride a 600RR but really like the look of the Speed Triple. Could be tempted!
  5. I only have freeview as Sky is a total rip off. I'm not bothered either way with ITV - I can't recall the last time anything worth watching was broadcast on one of their channels (apart from sport).
  6. My bank keep ringing me up and leaving voicemail messages asking me to call them back for a "chat". F**k that. I feel that the messages are deliberately vague; I am sure that they are hoping I will think it is important and ring them back.
  7. Interesting points about need vs. demand. I "need" somewhere to live but I am choosing to rent for now. I have a healthy amount of cash and could afford to buy somewhere now if I chose to do so. However, my feeling is that it would be a mistake for me to buy at the moment; I still feel that there are further twists and turns ahead. Only when there is some sign of stability in the economy and the market will I start to look seriously. If that means that I pay five or ten percent more than the market "bottom" then so be it. I still think I will have saved myself a tidy sum by waiting. (In fact, I will probably use a rise of that magnitude as an indicator that the market is actually picking up in order to differentiate from these blips that we are seeing right now). So, some "need" from me, but more importantly, no "demand" as yet.
  8. I haven't read the whole thread due to time constraints (at work). However, I've picked up on the outsourcing discussion. The issue there is that most of the time it is not cost effective over the long term; some businesses are coming to realise this. If we are talking about software development, then the quality of the offshore engineers - in general - is not as good as a UK engineer (note: in general). The other problems are with management and communication - not so much the language barrier (although that can be problematic) but more the communication of requirements etc. It can be a full-time job keeping on top of an offshore team. IMO if you have more than a handful of offshore developers then forget it. You're much better off paying the extra and employing someone who can be managed locally. edit: I am not one of these "British Jobs for British workers" types; this is just my experience with regards to IT outsourcing.
  9. Nothing further to add other than it boils my pish that EAs list Kenton as Gosforth. It isn't.
  10. i think it's too late for that... they already smashed it to smithereens outside the shop.
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