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  1. So poorer people (10k-20k earners) dont pay any of the other taxes? Surely if you're only 20p better off for each extra hour you work there is no incentive to work. What I do believe is that there should be no tax credits and instead raise the tax-free threshold to about 10k.
  2. I would say that we are at the stage where you can say confidently that the general population would think we are back to normal with HPI.
  3. well its certainly not the mean, which most would call the average.
  4. Newmarket is a horse racing town, the local economy is based around and dependant on this industry. Its not known as a great area to live to be honest. Ely is really nice.
  5. They probably got their land very cheap originally in the 90s. Edit: I would imagine that it is not marked-to-market as accurately as we would value it, but they don't have to take much of a loss on it due to buying it so cheap.
  6. I assume this would be total tax burden including corporation tax, sale of banks, VAT, etc. Still a massive amount but its not going to be paid back by income tax, that would cripple our economy. Its still a massive amount to finance and while I think its very unlikely for us to default, we will need to act soon and cut effectively or create an inflationary environment in the medium term. Which is why David Cameron is right to keep making noises now.
  7. Agreed, for your price range would be quite suitable.
  8. Some of the non mainstream lenders have been doing this, they are now under pressure to tidy up their balance sheets. Sometimes it seems like the bailouts never stop for the people who have stretched themselves too far...
  9. Willy Weasel is one poster who I have always listened too, knows his stuff for the most part. It wasn't a good call, but a lot of the factors mentioned might be coming to a head.
  10. I would have gone mental, I think you are crazy for not reacting to such a rude idiot. You have to put these cretins in their place otherwise we will sleepwalk into a society with no polite people. I don't know your circumstances but you seem to have gotten your heart set on a property and now you are getting stuck in a hole. Let all the cash buyers etc. shoot their load off a year early and wait for a better opportunity. We will be at 1 in 10 in 6 months. I am still trying to work out how come you are even considering dealing with such a person.
  11. 'Danny' gets a lot of stick on here but he has been one of the most bearish commentators on the economy in the last 2 years. On a personal level I know most of us would like to see base rates go up, but its probably best in the long term for things to play out over a few years.
  12. Well as soon as the credit is transferred to sainsbury's bank account the liability for providing the cash goes from the individual to sainsbury's bank. So the bill is settled and an exchange has taken place.
  13. I think adjusted M4 is not adjusted for season but for velocity of money etc. Banks clearly lend out more money than they have in their vaults, I would say to you that this is how money is created. Its inflationary in the money supply (which is the technical definition) but not necessarily in prices (which is the common definition). Due to the large extent of money lending in recent years it has led us to massive inflation especially in asset prices. We wouldn't of had to bail the banks out if they only lent what they had in their vaults, however we would miss out on all the benefits of a fl
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