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  1. So surely, if you can afford to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity you should do so, no? The only thing that is going to change people's behaviour is tax
  2. You have first hand experience, did you read this somewhere, or is this some mal-formed conjecture? Ironically, if all the guff in the media is to be believed, more employee (executive already was) compensation will be paid in shares, and I don't see this as applying just to banks... I'm intrigued what your philosophy is... can you expand? Personally, if we're going to start messing around with people's compensation, it should apply equally to all businesses and all levels of payment. Oh wait, I don't believe that - that's called socialism ! I have a chuckle every day about the way people are reacting to and talking about emotive subjects such as this. You rarely hear about people complaining what footballers earn - indeed, people aspire to become one. An interesting article was posted the other day on this subject which compared top financial earners with their sporting brethren.... (Bove) What's even better is the amount of money clubs pay for transfer fees nowadays, and the number of mugs who pay £50 for 2 hours entertainment to watch these guys. They work for about 15 hours a week.... unbelievable
  3. I can't believe the amount of bile posted on this topic - some HPCers are showing themselves up for the ugly, nationalist, xenophobic, biggots they are.
  4. I love the way this has all turned out ... My mortgage is dirt cheap (I can now overpay by a factor of 3 times) and my "equity recovery" investments are earning more annualised than my job ever would This is probably once in a lifetime stuff. Ride it while it lasts.
  5. Sibley is needed on this board, otherwise it's like debating with yourself - you see no other side of the argument. Or have I missed the point of this whole site????
  6. It just proves how the FSA and it's regulatory practices have become highly politicised and subject yet again to the 24 hour media machine. Let's start taxing "socially useless" reality TV stars and channels for their depravity which corrupts the nation's psyche Turner is out of his depth and the FSA isn't fit for purpose
  7. Great idea Company X wants to borrow £100m from the markets. Investment Bank Y says "OK, I'll help you do that. Our fees are £Z but we'll add 15% onto that because of the new tax we face." Company X says, "Oh, where will that money come from to pay the extra fees", and promptly cuts spending/costs. Taxation always affects the worker and consumer
  8. Come on Injin. I respect many of your views, but referring to banks as Casinos is simply wrong - it's a trashy phrase that sells news. If you want to start that analogy, then any form of investment is gambling, from a farmer investing in a combine harvester to the government investing in a new high speed rail system as neither can guarantee it will definitely turn out right, so everything is a casino. The commercial underwriter at a bank who lends the money puts in the same degree of diligence as the other two project managers, but his net exposure far outweighs the individual projects that you or I see.
  9. But there was a HPC Sibley, it's just that the magnitude expected on here hasn't materialised in all but some of the most precarious parts of the country (Midlands new builds and Thamesmead) I think QE and "zero" rates killed the theory of a crash similar to the 90s when there were high rates and little government involvement. I've been saying for several months that I think we hit the bottom for both equities and property, except this time I've invested in equities to catch the rise as so many property sellers are playing a game of show and hold out. It's so obviously not in the country's interests for property prices to fall by 50% unless we decided to do a Fight Club and wipe people's debts overnight to avoid neg eq. I for one am applauding the fact that there is some stability returning which will hopefully lead to a shorter recession and a shorter dole queue. Call me selfish, eh
  10. I was chatting to some locals in Hong Kong last month who told me about Hang Seng bank's equity mortgage products where they lend up to 90% of the value of an IPO order. It's driven the market crazy. However, it's not as bad as China - I saw a teacher in China who lost $10,000 in one day when the markets fell 8% - her salary was about $500 a month !! Personally, I'm doing the same as the OP now - volumes are really quite thin now An interesting thing to watch today was AIG - it rallied by over 30% at one point (to March 2008 levels), and is up an incredible 145xs from it's low !!
  11. That equally applies to most businesses I can think of. At the moment commercial banks can afford to lend less as margins are greater and until default probabilities stabilise and loss severities fall (which they are starting to do) it makes sense to restrain lending The role of Central Banks has been discussed ad nauseam here, and I find myself in a small part agreeing with Injin regarding their role, but they are what they are. Know your enemy and turn their weaknesses to your advantage
  12. As opposed to own house outright, never be accountable to a landlord again, and relax? Afterall, if the inflationistas on the forum have it, you're money will only become worthless but your sacred spot on earth won't
  13. Hear, hear !! I agree that it shouldn't be the role of government to control industry, but this government sees the world as needing endless interference. Turner was a political appointment after all - who else would useless such a loaded phrase ? One could go as far as saying anyone on the dole is socially useless. It's utter hypocrisy, but to be expected when joe public has a say on something emotive with only half facts
  14. That "flat" is ridiculous !!! Who the hell is giving planning consent at a council level for this?
  15. If we carry on as we have been I agree. Perhaps the solution is to adopt a more agressive and controlled planning regime (á la HK) and start clearing large areas of inner cities and rebuilding them with flats and putting in some decent, cheap public transport
  16. You're very lucky and, in my experience, in the minority
  17. I think housing standards are infinitely better than they were for my great grandparents (they had an outside loo, had to shovel coal weekly, and had limited electricity), but I don't think that living in small flats signifies that we've regressed. Demographics are changing, and more people are living alone or as a childless couple, so don't need a terraced house - it's a nice-to-have rather than a requirement. If you look at many Victorian terraced houses (sometime called "cottages" by estate agents) their front room is about 3.8mx3.4m which is tiny, and the bedrooms aren't much bigger. Just need to remember that what we're sold on TV with families living in middle class, middle-England Midsommer Murders houses just isn't true for the majority of people. The thing I'm not sure about is how we can all live in a Barratt's suburban development with low population density but relies on commuting with the future oil/energy problems we have
  18. I think my point was the UK is comparitively spacious, but we choose to spend so much time commuting so we can have larger houses. Looking around inner cities here, the real crime seems to have been by Local HAs and councils who have built tiny council flats with jail-cell sized windows and a window:wall ratio approx a third of Victorian houses (there's some terrible examples at Deptford next to the Hayes-London railway line).
  19. Blue, It wasn't meant to be insulting, but it cracks me up how many people start threads with their latest "predictions". I won't make a prediction on a FTSE value. As I think you yourself said it's a weighted composite so predicting the relative value of 100+ blue chips in 3-6 months time is star gazing imo. I prefer to go long the shares and take the dividend (wtih a total return target), and day/week trade the futures to hedge and get fast gains (and sometimes losses)
  20. Haha ! There are VERY few financial genii on this forum, but there are quite a few people with big mouths and little skin in the game
  21. +1 I've lived in HK too and quite frankly even London is spacious compared to many Chinese cities. And the price of HK property puts the sh*ts into me. It's interesting seeing what people's expectations are on this forum. Some people just like a moan, but quite frankly most of us here have it good despite all the whinging.
  22. "Current guess" hits the nail on the head. Your previous post about trading was spot on - successful traders make money in both bear and bull markets because they don't have an over-riding bias/opinion one way or the other. Put your stop losses in and seek that alpha of which there is so much thanks to the doom merchants of Q4/Q1 (although I'll happily take beta at the moment, thank you, especially in financials)
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