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  1. Meanwhile in Cornwall, we have the opposite problem. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-22796000
  2. A 20ft x 12ft parking space sold this week for £60,000 in St Ives. Three times the annual average salary for the town. My link Still some money around then.
  3. The world has gone crazy. My friend's son and his young family, renting privately, have been on the local council waiting list for almost 5 years. Citizens advice told them that there only chance of getting council accommodation was if they were made homeless. Ok,says landlord, you're behind with the rent, I'm evicting you. Of course there's no council accommodation awaiting them, but never mind the local property developer has some flats he can't shift. We'll pay him the £850 pm rent he's asking which housing benefit will cover. Of course my friends son has just committed himself to never working again, because as an unskilled worker, there's no way he could afford that rent. True story, happened last week.
  4. Just returned from a holiday in Malta, lovely it was too, but was shocked to see 30 tankers anchored off the Maltese coast, all apparently awaiting the rise in the price of oil products. oil tankers
  5. Probably been posted before, but an interesting link about "high" and "average" salaries. High Salary?
  6. I'm not too familiar with the Newquay market, but this development of just eighteen apartments in St Ives is yet to be built and echoes the clifftop sites of Newquay. The site has been cleared and boarded off, but as far as I can see, no building work has yet taken place. Will you buy me? Perhaps they are waiting for deposits? Costa Del St Ives.
  7. Update on police raid at mortgage brokers I mentioned earlier in this thread.
  8. Part of the problem is the influx of visitors to Cornwall seeking their dream property. This usually occurs in the Spring/Summer, so sellers are reluctant to reduce their prices until after the last visitors have left in the Autumn. They will of course be stuck with their properties for another year.
  9. The front page this morning of the Western Morning News exclusively reveals (where have they been?) that average prices in some areas of the West Country are 13x average incomes, despite a fall of 19% from peak. They've got a long way to go yet. Western Morning News Front Page
  10. Well someone's being busy. Heard yesterday that our local mortgage broker had been raided by the police and it's been confirmed on the local news. 5 held in Fraud Investigation
  11. Just filled the car with fuel (unleaded), Tesco wanted 97.9p per litre, so bought it in Morrison’s @96.9p per litre. I’m pretty sure I paid 93.9p last time I filled up. What happened to low oil prices and more importantly, will the transport companies eventually have to pass increased fuel costs onto their customers?
  12. My son is currently a student at Cardiff University and shares a house in Cathays, he graduates this year. There is a glut of properties available in the area and only the luckiest of landlords make a profit. After Halls, his first house, one of eight owned by an overstretched landlady, was repossessed and sold on, his second and present house was also repossessed but was bought by the agent as they already had the deposits and guaranteed income. There may be other landlords in a similar position, either looking for a quick sale or in the throes of repossession, so keep your ears and eyes open.
  13. An ex-girlfriend of mine was nuts and she had the certificate to prove it! . We couldn’t move in together because her benefits would stop, although her house was nicer than my flat. Her rent was paid, her council tax was paid, she got income support, extra cash for her “disability” and no requirement to seek employment. Her forms were even filled in by her mental health worker, so she knew that the claim was the maximum allowable. When I sat down and worked out what she was receiving, it was equivalent to a taxpayer earning £31k. She had no incentive to work because she knew she would not get a job paying more than £31k, she lived in a lovely three bed house with her daughter and took holidays in Florida. She even insisted on going Dutch on meals out. The father of the child disappeared 12 years ago, not making one maintenance payment. Her disability? Depression! Go figure.
  14. It was doomed for failure from the start. Wouldn’t it be great though to screw a salesman for every penny off and just as he thinks you’re ready to sign, announce “oh by the way, I also want my £2000 scrappage allowance”
  15. I’ve just checked my local paper The Cornishman. Planning applications are on page 41 and I’ve just discovered that Penwith is now known as Cornwall Council-West 1. Interestingly, someone has applied for change of use and conversion of existing florist A1 to form Estate Agents A2! Do they know something?
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