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  1. Slightly OT, but I saw a news report on Channel 4 (I think) within the last week about Swiss banks in which the reporter stated that one third of companies in the FTSE100 do not pay any UK Corporation Tax. Did anyone else see/hear this and does anyone have the basis on which this statement was made? The HMRC offshore landlord is called Mapeley.
  2. Yep older Japanese cars were crap. They however learned the lessons and progressed. If the car industry is 'saved', what sector will next claim to be the next deserving case?
  3. 'It started in America' were not words I heard in his speech before congress. Did anyone else notice Alaister Darling looking a bit dazed and confused at PMQ's?
  4. What else would she say ? - VI. Much more telling was the item on the pension of the guy being decimated, 30 years saving to watch 75% of its value gone in a flash.
  5. Who would want the 'big chair'?. I don't think that the tories would want it at the moment. T Blair took the cream, gave G Brown the poison chalice, G Brown takes the fall for the economy and everything else. Feels like we have had a few 'Gordon said' moments recently from H Harman, J Smith and now Alaistair Darling. 'It's not my fault - it was him'.
  6. The model was appparently 'the banks say everything is ok and the government go along with it'. So this was the regulatory environment. A very light touch. Soft touch more like.
  7. G Brown on Sky ' it was Lloyds idea to get involved in HBOS, the government helped facilitate it', 'Still seeking legal means to get to F Goodwin pension' 'We didn't know about pension till a few days ago'. Hope someone is writing all this down.
  8. Repeat after me 'due diligence, due diligence, due diligence'
  9. Jay N Levine, £40m earnings over 3 years, left in 2007 before the sh1t hit the fan. Now appointed president and CEO of Capmark Finanacial Group Inc in December 2008. Nice.
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