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  1. I guess the planets must have lined up again as here's the latest 'DB is about to require a bailout' prediction.
  2. This article is predominantly about UBI, but introduced me to the story about Speenhamland which has interesting resonance with TC/UC: who-really-stands-to-win-from-universal-basic-income
  3. Must admit I'm a fan of proper Middle Eastern humous with a puddle of olive oil on top. Preferably with Iraqi falafel or a decent shawarma. As with most foreign food the stuff served up over here is rank in comparison.
  4. As inbruges alluded to earlier in the thread, £259bn/£23.9m = £10,836/house. What do these figures actually mean? I can't read the full article so I'm probably barking up the wrong tree as usual. EDIT: Ah, I assume it is the value of sold houses, rather than all houses?
  5. Jen, I'm struggling to identify a clear distinction between that post and devout religious belief.
  6. When I first saw the title of this thread I thought they'd made a porn film.
  7. Can the mods change the title of this thread as it no longer has anything to do with the original post!
  8. Another drop like today would put the FTSE100 close to 1999 levels.
  9. Dow not too happy at opening: Market summary > Dow Jones Industrial Average INDEXDJX: .DJI - Mar 2, 9:30 AM EST 24,348.94260.04 (1.06%)
  10. FTSE100 below 7090. Currently lower than it was in April 2015.
  11. Appreciate the beautiful irony that the agent who persuades foreign investors to pour money into London property is called 'Herd'. Baaaaa!
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