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  1. You forget we have our own bank that can print money. if we need it we will print it. Interest rate going nowhere....house prices going nowhere....HPC.co.uk going nowhere because you all dream of a HPC.....get over it.....it aint happening.
  2. More chance Interest rates will go negative before they go up. Allthough I agree that they will go up one day! Savers will not hoard when they see inflation eliminate their savings....they will look to invest (Bricks and Mortar) We are at the fore front in Medicine and invention. British talent and skills are in great demand. The financial services sector (Still have the best there is). Education.....we attract people from all over the world and we can export too. It is nowhere near the end of the world. well....2012 will see the return of PLanet x .....but apart from that we should be f
  3. Geoff.....say helo to shared equity....the goverment want to help guys like you. the goverment will put the 30-50% down for you and this leaves you with the task of finding a bank to lend you the other 70-50% Now with deals like that on offer there shall be no problem for 1st time buyers in the very near future. The best bit.....well...here it is. After 10 years have elapsed you get the ooportunity to buy out the goverment or sell up.........if you chose to sell the HPI you enjoyed will be shared with the goverment and the profits recycled back into affordable housing It's almost like m
  4. lol....I like your style...Im all for giving the tories a chance btw. Im sure they will carry on the sterling work NL have done over the years. TBH I do not see them being any different...infact they could be worse as they have a great escape clause because of the finacial turmoil were are in. That means scope for new legistlation and inventive new strategies in moving foward. HPI wold be well and alive under the tories imo.
  5. Well done Pete. Your powers of observation never cease to amaze me. Gordo would be pwoud of you son. I think you meant to say...labour want he who dares to succeed.
  6. I would not say well thought out, as there are a number of flaws. you keep telling yourself that though.
  7. Well, nobody said it would be easy..... some advice? get yourself someBricks and Mortar
  8. I said the recovery will be underway in 2011....not by 2011.....in 2011 It could well be the last quarter....but imo it will be started within that year. The growth will come from exports and services thanks to a low pound. Rates will remain low. Savers will be forced to spend or watch what cash they have evaporate. Wages will start to rise. through all this inflation will be rampant, the figures will be fudged to disguise it best they can. Property will still be your best bet. Once out the other side hopefully guys like you will be flat on their ****!
  9. You should have used your real name when joining the forum "nostradamus"
  10. The recovery will be underway in 2011. There is no way we will be in the same state then as we were in 2007-8 and are now. I think this is just wishfull thinking by some desperate HPC's. Im not saying things will be great and back to normal, but we will have came a long way from the start of the credit crunch. I have said all along that when 2012 comes we will have had the worst of it and see the begining of more prosperous times. That gives us 5 years to get to grips with whats happened and also to adjust.......it could be ten years (from 2007) till full recovery is in place......but
  11. Great news for landlords. 1 bed flats will be the next bubble.
  12. Put in an offer 20% higher than the ask and make it on the condition that you must get to view the property.
  13. Yes it would have been the same imo. Nothing stranger than people and they strange people love nothing more than to tell you how it's going to be. So yes! it would be worse than what it is today.....
  14. No it does not depend on the price of Gold and what you do with the $200. If I give the opportunity now, to give a decision on what you would rather have, what would it be? Gold is true money and beats paper dollars everytime.....$200 lol Yes I am a academic.
  15. Dominic said he had heard that Pretcher has told people gold will hit $200......Pretcher never confirmed he said that but he never denied he had said it. He went on to say gold will drop lots more than people think possible. So Im calling BS on his theories based on that. Fiat or Gold? What would you rather have at any time in the next 25 years $200 or 1oz of gold? Mods, close this thread please.
  16. Good to see you have a laugh about it though
  17. No it will not....anyone with any sense will see this as verification that the bulltrap was between 2005-2007 I think you just suffered an unintended consequence.
  18. Looks like the iranians have hit back with a "Sorry - we haven't been able to serve the page you asked for" There will be blood and tears...that's for sure
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