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  1. CIGA Errol perchance? Give him his dues, Jim Sinclair is excitable but he's consistent and his fundamental analysis is probably correct.
  2. Asking prices falling again already and it's only June - http://miranda.hemscott.com/static/cms/5/2...145/3190758.pdf Some Spring bounce. The cash-rich and more nervous Nerys STRs have been flushed out - interesting Autumn/Winter for those still liquid.
  3. Yes, but fortunately most people who think it's a good time to buy will find the computer says NO so their views, in practice, do not move the market. This is why the opinions of those in a position to buy (cash + excellent credit rating) matter much more; they tend to be more savvy (why are they holding cash and do not have anything to sell?) so it wouldn't be surprising if their assessment was more sophisticated. Hence my agreement with the OP.
  4. Nice idea, car-crash in practice. Very different skill-sets. Managers do rise from the ranks of the wards, why do you think NHS employee litigation costs/compromise agreements are so high? Symptomatic of endemic poor management. The Chief Execs may have more commercial backgrounds and are frequently as p*ss-poor, but I assume you are referring to the management rump.
  5. I did think like that, maybe I am a fool. But there was a phase where Armageddon looked quite possible and where cessation of normal banking functions entirely plausible. At that point all bets were off and anyone who was predicting anything with any degree of certainty was the fool, IMHO. There was plenty of downside to holding on to your STR fund to offset the expected further falls in house prices. For the moment, I agree - that phase is over.
  6. If I waver again, I will canvas opinion on here before commiting. A bit like online AA; "Be strong, brother!".
  7. Real end-of-an-era stuff at the moment. The Ghurka debacle is classic for a government that has lost all control - it really isn't a very important issue in most people's minds, and the fact that the government can f*ck up their management of the problem in such a massive way and take so much damage for it means they are nearing the end. A bit like the Westland affair. I don't think Brown can limp on till next spring even if the Tories would like them to, and I can't see any new "leader" being able to get away without an election. This government probably won't survive the local and european elections and the Tories could be surveying their scorched earth sooner than we think. Another 10 years? They probably have another 10 weeks. Please God, here's hoping anyway.
  8. I almost got sucked in, and for exactly the reason given by the OP. Cash-rich people (largely STRs) with good credit ratings will have constituted a significant proportion of real potential buyers over the last few months; those without deposit or an impeccable credit history will have fallen at the first hurdle no matter how motivated. Things will be drawn out as all those who have had second thoughts, or whose purchases have fallen through, stop to draw breath and decide to ride things out a little longer. Personally I am increasingly convinced by the bond market arguments, the inevitably of much higher interest rates, and the view that very large falls will materialise in time. I would wager many STRs who have been wavering over the last few months are now more inclined to keep the faith.
  9. it means the only people buying are cash-rich and/or have excellent credit ratings, and this is their market sector. Same as with houses.
  10. Errol, You should spend less time on Mineset. He's nuts and deep down you know it!
  11. http://www.propertyweek.com/story.asp?sect...3136243&c=1
  12. There isn't a "correct dose" to overdose on. A sub-fatal dose might still result in a lengthy hospital stay being treated for acute liver failure which, I assure you, isn't pleasant. A fatal dose might mean the same... followed by death. And something of a lottery as to which group you end up in depending on a wide range of factors beyond the grasp of someone whose rudimentary understanding has been gleaned from a conversation that took place 20 years ago and google.
  13. You are such a f*ckwit. 8000mg is 8g. I haven't made any reference to any imperial measure. The website that you link to explains that severe effects (not fatal) "have been seen" with as little as 20 tablets (a 10g dose). This means that an 8g dose is not likely to be fatal even for the most susceptible individuals. You tell people how to tie a noose if you think that's a worthy use of your time. If its anything like your advice about drug overdoses it'll be a slipknot.
  14. Rose, No, absolutely incorrect. The standard paracetamol formulation in this country is 500mg. There is legislation about its sale but it was that only 16 tablets could be sold at any one time. This is 8g or 8 x 1000mg tablets in your old money. The authorities consider this to be a safe allotment to sell over-the-counter to people (i.e. to people who may not have their thinking cap quite on) and will have factored in some margin of error. So your whimsical account of a half-remembered story from 20 years ago about what your doctor may or may not have said to you about 8g being an inevitably fatal dose is a bit silly. Given that you admit that you are not even sure about the dose sold in the UK I am not particularly impressed that you can google the fatal adult dose, and I am fairly confident that you have not first clue about the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of this drug that you would need to understand to be able to relate oral dosage with fatal blood levels. My point is quite simply that you are talking out of your ar*e about something you have very little knowledge about, and because botched paracetamol overdosage is a misfortune I wouldn't wish on my most mortal enemy I have taken exception to your potentially dangerous witterings about it. The point is, any overdose can have tragically unintended consequences for the unfortunate concerned but this is particularly true of paracetamol. There is enough folklore about the subject without you compounding the problem.
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