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  1. Heh - it was my posting of that property (below) that started the whole crossfire thing! Sorry, Quokka, didn't see previous post. [EDIT: under auction, now at £175k with 10 bids and 4 days remaining] Neilrich - thanks for the below explanation.
  2. Sorry to be slow, but would you mind explaining how you got to £65k? I'm very much a newcomer to all this.
  3. Not so bad as all that, it seems: bought at £150k Paying rent only @ £650pcm
  4. Ironically, they're all in a more up-market block (river views, no trains) I haven't seen anything in Willbrook House on the market yet, but I remember my landlord (nice chap) said he paid about £200k for the place.
  5. Actually, please disregard the above. I've just found NewcastleLetting.co.uk which IS awash with them.
  6. A bit of background: as you know, Willbrook House is the most southerly block in Ochre Yards, and runs right along the back of the development, in parallel with the train line. I'm renting a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom place (I think they're all pretty standard), and the second bedroom (which I don't use) looks out onto the train tracks, while the living room and master bedroom look inwards, towards the more northern blocks of the development. 1. I haven't noticed any creaking at all in high winds 2. I don't use the back bedroom, but I've been in there when a train has gone past, and you can certainly hear it. What's worse is when a freight train sits idling on the tracks behind the block, which they occasionally do for about 30mins or so, and the throbbing of the engine can be felt even in the north-facing rooms. It doesn't bug me too much as it's normally quite quiet over the weekend, and I work away 4 days a week anyway. Also, you stop noticing it. 3. I'm on the top floor in my part of the building, so I can't comment on the noise from above. Nothing noticed from below. You can hear muffled loud music from the sides if it is playing, and very occasionally people bumping around etc, but nothing too intrusive (My last flat was a student flat, and that was much louder!) 4. All I've ever done is bang a few picture hooks into the walls with tacks I'm not much for DIY, I'm afraid. I wouldn't like to try it, though - the build quality is pretty low. 5. Other design features: amusingly, there seems to be some kind of passageway under the work surfaces between my kitchen and my neighbour's. His daughter has a hamster which occasionally escapes and my fiancée and I have both been surprised by said four-legged friend scampering about our flat! I'm happy enough renting the place, but there is no way I'd pay £150k - £250k to buy there
  7. Well, from what has been written about STTAB, he bought in City Quadrant and got burnt, so if I were him, but pretending not to be him (gosh!) I would say I thought it was terrible. Or would I say the opposite so that you thought that I thought that... Unfortunately, I've never been, so I really don't know. I would imagine that it was just like all the rest, though - high density accommodation, rapidly and cheaply built out of inferior materials in order for the big developers to make a fast buck. Incidentally, I read the thread from cover-to-cover not to perpetrate a fraud, but because, like a book you just can't put down, it makes mighty scary reading to someone who was about to part with more money than he's ever spent before! (Edit: Can't spell)
  8. Here's something I don't understand - there are a very large number of empty properties in the Newcastle area (I think the figure was over 3,000), they're not being sold, and the landlords are predominantly BTLs with large mortgages to pay. I'd have thought the rental market would be flooded with 'rabbit hutches' as landlords desperately try to fill their properties. Anecdotally, I've been on a couple of sites, and while I've seen about a dozen properties in developments such as Ochre Yards, Centralofts and St. Ann's Quay in the £650 - £950 (!) pcm range, it doesn't seem like the place is awash with them.
  9. I wonder if it is just a rather obvious attempt to b/s the buyer, or it really has become an article of faith- "Prices always go up, early viewings essential, add 10%, for ever and ever, amen."
  10. No, no - I'm not STTAB or any other VI - promise! As it happens, I did put an offer in on the place (well under the asking price) but more to see what would happen than anything else. I have read the whole thread (more or less), and the arguments for The Bar being massively over priced and having the potential to quickly become a distressed area have been very persuasive. I'm renting in Ochre Yards at the moment (Willbrook House, actually), and I'd like to become a FTB. I've been trying to get a feel for the market in Newcastle, but I've become thoroughly gun-shy after reading the forum. I'm planning to continue renting for the foreseeable future, but I would like to own a flat or house in the area when the market has reached equilibrium. Am I off the hook?
  11. Hi all, I'm a local lad moving back to the region, and my eyes almost popped out at this penthouse, up for auction, and expected to go for £140k. Quite a reduction, according to the EA, who believed its worth to be closer to £350,000. Luckily I found this excellent topic, which I have read avidly from cover-to-cover, and which reminded me that things that look too good to be true usually are. Many thanks all for your sage words of advice.
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