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  1. Why are women called birds? Because they pick up worms. Sorry couldn't resist that one, though I don't take offence at all being called a bird (I'm a woman), but I'm foreign so maybe it doesn't have the same meaning for me. Still better than being called an arsehole though.
  2. It's so refreshing to see that our well-meaning and hard-working councils are spending our council tax wisely rather than investing it in some bank abroad My council is very happy at the moment because: "Early predictions last autumn on recovering the money are now far more hopeful. The anticipated £15 million loss may now be more like £3 million and whilst we did not gain the interest it is a far better picture than we had dared hoped for last year." Well I'm so much more reassured now and will have a really good nights' sleep
  3. I hardly ever watch it, but when the hubby is home on weekends it goes on the minute he wakes up, grrrrrrr Then the incessant flicking through channels in the evening and the moaning there's nothing on, after which I suggest, to switch it off. Alas that falls on deaf ears. One thing I'm grateful for is that it's only a small ancient telly. Luckily we never got drawn into buying one of those room dominating beasts. At least, after dropping a few subtle hints, I got the mother-in-law to switch the damn things off when we come to visit (she's got 3 of the buggers!!!!).
  4. I never understood why my nearest town has 3 card shops (one of which is/was Clinton), all within a stone's throw distance of each other. All they do is sell cards and the usual tat like mugs/bears/balloons etc. On top of that there's a WH Smith, A Morrison's, a news agent and a Tesco's (and previously Woolies) that sell cards as well, plus a little further away ASDA. It's not a big town, there's at a guess about 20 to 30 shops in total in the centre. I never understood how they lasted as long as they did.
  5. People with kids moan about the childless/childfree. The childless/childfree moan about people with kids. I am pro choice. If you want kids, go ahead, as long as you can provide for them. If you don't want them, fine too. I do feel sorry for people that do want them but can't have them for whatever reason. Parents saying that the childless/childfree will have a miserable old day, should think of these people before they throw that old chestnut about. Also, having children does not mean they can/will look after you in your old age (nor should you expect them to, life being hard enough as it is). They might move to the other side of the country or move abroad or just be too busy to keep afloat. Some parents are selfish, some parents are selfless. Some childless/childfree are selfish, some childless/childfree are selfless. None can be tarred with the same brush.
  6. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/25219...m-politics.html
  7. First she lost her marbles, now her ring, whatever next?
  8. I need some smallish jobs (each less than a days' work) doing and posted them on a website asking for quotes. Got lots of reactions, but the quotes seem ridiculously high. Only one seems reasonable so far. I want to pay a fair price, but not a ridiculous one.
  9. I agree that people should be polite and give constructive criticism or ignore her posts. If you read her blog though which she began in december 2007 her cc debts stood at £11,370. A little more than a year later it stands at £17000. Despite all the constructive criticism and good advice she's been given, she still manages to rack up more debt (unless she missed something out in her dec 07 calculations, I haven't read her whole blog) and that must make people despair a bit. Most give good advice, but for what? Is she listening at all?
  10. Whatever next? Tony Blair standing for God?
  11. And her website www.rippleeffectcompany.com doesn't work. Hmmmm I wonder why
  12. Only saw the end bit. Did she really say something along the lines of expecting house prices to pick up again in the summer? The mind boggles
  13. Fair enough. I agree, they can be a tremendous joy, but also cause a lot of worry.
  14. Why? Because they chose not to have kids? If people don't want to have kids, fine. If they want them, fine, provided they can look after them.
  15. Ah, but they "can spend money they don't have on things they don't need", like Maxwell said.
  16. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/155...econd-home.html
  17. My husband went to see a house to rent (he's working away) in late 2008. The owners offered a similar deal. Rent it for 3 years and then being given the option of buying it at the price it was at when he went to see it! If the house price would go up in those 3 years, the house would still be sold for the 2008 price. If it were to go down, same thing. All rents paid over the 3 years would be deducted. By accident he found a business card on one of the window sills. These people made out to be private house owners. Not so, they were property developers. I guess they bought the property at peak price, realised their mistake and couldn't get rid of it, so came up with this gem. Funny thing was, they said we were allowed to do whatever we wanted to do with it with regards to decoration, repairs, building works, doing the garden up anyway we wanted. The house was a wreck with major damp problems (which the lady property developer glossed over feigning ignorance). Hahaha, win-win situation for them, if someone fell for it. Suffice to say we walked away. We drive past it now often, and it is being rented out now.
  18. Awwwww thank you I miss my cycling, but it's too dangerous and hilly here for me.
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