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  1. You use the word paradigm so you must be right. Thanks for clearing that up.
  2. I should rent or live outside wondering the towns and the countryside as a vagrant and part time ruffian.
  3. Yeh it's a pretty funny read with people making "confident" forecasts, but even worse than that I now know the difference between bull and bear.... noooooooooooooo stupid names
  4. Depends on how they sell it, if they sell thousand small items on ebay to get good feedback they could sell the one bad bank to a fool, who cares about the negative feedback, it would be nothing new
  5. I already have a car thanks, it should be going for many years yet.
  6. Diamond didn't seem like a very positive guy. And yet what his prediction says is that anything can happen, 51% is supposed to indicate a positive bias but it really is a little silly. The guy has no balls, if you're going to forecast then forecast something, ie 60% we all live, 40% armageddon. Not "oohh Betty, I don't really know". His numbers arent real anyway, they are indicating his view. It seems the guy has done his research on past civilisations who went extinct and he knows that stuff ok, but to put them on the same level as todays socio-economic downturn combined with environmental issues and come up with a figure is a tad retarded. He even said himself that the problem with some extinct societies is that they were using evidence from the past to create a solution to todays problems. Then you have the background of Diamond, being of Polish Jewish descent he probably has a sub-conscious bias to doom occuring when there is a depression after what happened in the war. And since the current situation is something he shoud know is new then his forcast is bizaare, except that it generates interest in his work, I found his book on amazon and nearly fell for it. But it is interesting stuff, particularly as the easter island people ate each other because they ran out of trees. So as long as we keep our trees we'll be ok, otherwise like house prices this graph may plot a rapid downwards motion * trees = fuel supply + climate + random social factor function
  7. sounds like heaven for a Welsh man, so basically the answer is head for the hills?
  8. There's only one thing for it..... buy raw materials, gold would have been a good buy at the time Brown sold it. Perhaps coal could become the next big thing when we get the next energy supply problem/cold winter
  9. 60% sounds a little optimistic, but hell its all on at the moment. I'm sticking with 40%, the trough in 2011 sounds good, I was thinking 2012. But I can't believe people think it's going to level off soon just because the drop has eased off a little, I don't think there is enough confidence in the market.
  10. Maybe they can sell the bad bank on ebay to somebody who is exceedingly gullible. RBS: One lady owner, smooth ride, no deposit required, £1000 for part-ex, FSH.
  11. A damn goo point, but you can stick anything in a curry, if you put granny in the slow cook pot she should end up nice and tender. Though I fancy a bit of roadkill, I always wondered what badger tastes like in a curry.
  12. Apparently the deposit is protected and in the possession of some third party to stop landlords scarpering with it, but it still takes time to get the deposit released, so unless its payday you may not have the cash for the next deposit. But I would stay in the house and only leave when Im good and ready either way, it would only remain empty if you moved out.
  13. The way you tattle on about Brown, anybody would think you fancy him. What a bizaare obsession you have my friend, with such romanticism are you by any chance a virgin? young love, bless
  14. I just looked on Gordon Browns lid and the stamp says JUN 07, but I think he should be good for a few more years yet, what a guy
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