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  1. So they all get disciplined for their imperfections?
  2. He says it all for us in one pithy (error-strewn) platitude: Yes, trust him to go taking photos of someone else's home and braging about it ... yes. Trust him to actually do something correctly ... no.
  3. Fair play to the academic who does a very good job of not mentioning Persimmon and HTB. (to be clear he makes some very very good points, IMO anyway)
  4. Really good point. Why is there no "lastminute.com" type thing for train tickets ... ? I suspect this doesn't exist because the providers don't see the business need. Ripe for disruption though ... except that prices for train tickets are tighty centrally controlled?
  5. Does anyone have a view on whether flybe is in trouble because they were just mismanaged or because current prices and economies of scale make keeping the airline afloat impractical or impossible? Probably a mix of both ...?
  6. No one else wants those domestic flights because they are not profitable?
  7. FlyBe? I notice a few travel and airline cos in these lists ... and did find: https://centreforaviation.com/analysis/reports/europes-top-20-airline-groups-by-passengers-2017-lufthansa-wrests-top-spot-from-ryanair-394211 ... odd that a company only just getting into the "charts" for passenger numbers is considered important enough to be bailed out? A realistic (cynical?) colleague of mine was suggesting: the bailout is in place so that the government hopes to get some of the tax back from the surchanrges made on the passengers?
  8. In an ev there are a lot less bits. No one is saying there will be *no* work for vehicle repairs. What we are saying is that there is very very very much less work for vehicles maintenance - and it is the maintenance that is the bread and butter money for dealerships. Repairs tends to go to repair shops. And on the boeing/accounting references -> OK, cool, so I missed the cross reference ot ther other conversationa dhtought you were responding only to what you had quoted. ... thanks for the clarity. In terms of Tesla not having a future beyond the legacy automakers (finally) actually bothering to enter the market (in a real and consistent way, with offerings across the range from luxury and performance to entry level to utility) - the legacy automaker are many years behind Tesla. And so are the Byton and the Rivian (though, tellingly, less far behind IMO).And the delaerships (and the suppiers of all the soon-to-be-irrelevant things like clutches, fuel filters, cam belts, spark plugs, superchargers, turbochargers, catayltic converters, exhaust systems, engine sensors, the list is immense) ... these organizations will (understandably) fight tooth and nail ... and will far more likely have to pivot heavily or come to an end ... and far before Tesla do.
  9. Dolorean - disputed sales figures but are in the order of magnitude of 10k. Tesla make and - for themselves - sell that many in 2 weeks (or less). ICE have a substantial dealer network, which Tesla does not - and this is how Tesla is one of the many reasons for their success (meaning: a significant reason why they have done so far). So coming back to the "Tesla will be dead & gone within 11.5 months" ... this is yet more ridiculous - exactly because they don't have a set of middle-men sniffing at the crumbs and encouraging the manufacturer to build in obsolescence. Dealerships is one of the many things holding legacy automakers ("ICE" manufacturers) back from evolving (eg: Audi dealers and how much you have to squeeze them to sell you an EV). The dealerships have 0 interest in selling you a device that doesn't include a servicign income stream for them. Oh, and BTW: Musk is not an accountant. Neither is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_von_Holzhausen/.
  10. You are kidding right? Gravity is a fact. I can't decide to ignore it or not. Billions of miles driven with precise data on accident and fire rates -> this data is precise (and more complete than almost any other automaker) Yes, that's right this is not BS at all, lithium ion fires are real, as are in-battery heat runaways. But a fact too is how often they actually occur (per mile driven, or per unit produced and sold) in Tesla vehicles. Now if the legacy automaker could show rates of incidents anywhere near as low as this (in proportional terms, in terms of numbers of cars on road and numbers of miles driven) then you might have a leg to stand on in this discussion. And then there is the fact that petroleum is flammable. And, yes diesel is more stable, but it still blows up if it gets hot enough.
  11. Not the traditional route at all. Google-hosted, Google-specialised, online (off-device) service for augmenting the road data itself that comes through an OTA update so that nav is consistent even during network unavailablity/outage. Traditional nav is local storage for maps using a network-less local app
  12. In terms of the nav - probably better that this is *not* made by the automaker (example: tesla use a revised version of google maps) ... and then those cars that support carplay etc (interestingly, Tesla doesn't currently) ... it's all about extensibility.
  13. The big automakers and organizations the size of Sony will have the bulk sufficient to seriosuly challenge Tesla ... Consider: What this (opinion!) piece is about is that the big automakers aren't buying kit from them (Sony) so they are out to prove their skills as auto-components manufacturers of the levels of capability that LG Chem and the other suppleirs to Hyundai, Kia, Tesla, and many more need. I hardly see this as a serious threat to the future of Tesla in the next 11.5 months. That said: people have been predicting the big automakers produce a "Tesla Killer" for years. Thus far, nothing sticks (based purely on sales figures alone. And Telsa can hardly be accused of not innovatign further ... unless you don't think Plaid is actually a speed (and the various other products theyr are bringing to market. And then there's the claamities of VW software that just plain doesn't work.
  14. Yes. Interesting content TBH. So back to the "Tesla is going to fail in 2020" question ... That the wheel arches on this original-price-was-a-premium car (this SLK) eventually rusted (totally understandable, and clearly fixable) ... did this ever lead you to believe that the automaker was going to fail? I wouldn't have thought so. Was the SLK an innovative product when it was first released? I would suggest it was ... since it provided innovation and entertainment to more than 1 owner since it rolled off the line. Now a lot of folks might question the entertainment/fun value of the various Tesla models because they have a subjectively different definition (eg: making enough noise) ... but selling 100s of thousands of cars means that quite a few folks find them entertaining. Now a lot of folfs might question then safety side but are on very very thin (objectively so) ice (no pun intended). Now a lot of folks might question the affordability of the Model 3 ... but given price parity with the BMW 3 series (and, yes, that is a luxury car, but hardly outside of the acheivable for significant part of the population) ... with parity before you adjust for TCO! ... https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/bmw/3-series/prices https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/tesla/model-3/prices Yes, Tesla - like any other corporate - will eventually go bust. But until someone can show real reason why that would happen any time in the next 12 months then I am going to call the nay-sayers on this one. Tesla will go bust when the legacy automakers catch up. And they have along way to go. And that is not a subjective statement. Until sales figures (per year) get at least into the same order of magnitude then ... ummmm ... no. Tesla are not everyone's taste (of course!) ... but a lot of people disagree ... and a that number of people is growing.
  15. How about being in a car that is ALL OF: i) demonstrably safer in an accident (eg: the ingress of an impact into the passenger compartment) ii) demonstrably less likely to hit a pole iii) demonstrably proven to actively predict and avoid accidents (and, yes we have the data for this too). Finding a few heavily-over-hyped, often tampered with (meaning: the videos) and pasting them into a forum is not proof. The data is proof. The data is per-mile-driven ... and it stands against the 1-car-fire-every-3-minutes-in-the-USA-alone fact - and yes, we have all done the basic logic around numbers of cars on road(s) etc. Number of car fires in a Tesla Model 3: Zero. None. Nada. Number of Model 3s on the roads across the world: hundreds of thousands. Pleaseif you are going to question statements on safety - please do so with data or accept that the argument will simply dissolve into I see your three yotube clips and raise you many many more ...
  16. OK, ignore the industry proven testing data if you will. It's a free country.
  17. If you think that matches anything near what Tesla are offering you're wrong (perhaps *way* out of date). And there is a lot more to a Tesla that is new and innovative than just autopilot. And the only thing that comes close to a Telsa Model S "killer" (yes, that car released several years ago) is a Porsche Taycan - and that is easil 60k GBP more expensive. And it doesn't have anything like the other innovations that really set Tesla apart ... and it's version of autopilot is way behind as well. And then there's the range ... and yes, more than 200miles is more than enough. A Kona has the range, has the efficiency nd -= potentially - the longevity of a Tesla ... and will have an interesting challenge in the Tesla Model Y (which isn't avialable yet). I do wonder if the folks who claim Tesla are in the same amount of (or more) doo-doo than JLR have noticed: i) they are selling a record number of cars (more than all JLR combined) ii) can't make them fast enough iii) innovate in terms of the vehicles (covering multiple markets) iv) and last longer than pretty much anything else on the road
  18. Some of us are of the opinion that there is some value is extra: * safety * utility * fun ... and afe wother things like that.
  19. You are right to be concerned about your role as an honest person in this. Please bear in mind that any extra information above the legal and transactional minimum that is suggested above could significantly impact your resources for caring about the people close to you in the future. So please consider this in the balance of your own behaviour. The EA and the vendor will have no quarms about thieving from your future in order to feather their own nests.
  20. And on the "nothing will change until civil unrest" commentary ... may or may not be true ... but some other countries have seen some serious civil unrest and it takes years to effect change ... eg: Zimbabwe. Heck: is that even changing? Just trying to keep some perspective as I stare into the abyss of a never ending mortage.
  21. So the tories made signficiant gains. Does that mean I am soon to be living in a ocuntry where the murder rate is world leading? Or the homelssness rate? Or *even more* entrenched and endemic racism that most of us folks in the UK can imagine? Probably not. To be clear: I am NOT saying the Tory leadership will (or won't) be good for the country ... I am just saying it could all be a *lot* worse.
  22. I added annotation before positing image TBH. That said: kind of matches up with the drop in flats and maisonettes ... because other stuff increased in price but not enough to offset? But but but ... with all the amateur landlords selling up ... where are all the tenants going to live? Going to be homeless surely! *sarcasm*.
  23. Huge amount of bear food in this report. Like the dropping sales volumes (first person to mention Brexit uncertainty causing this owes me £5).
  24. But what does matter is that the EU are borrowing 20 billion a month more and my elderly family and my children will never see the benefits (allegedly or real) of that borrowing. But my children will face the consequences (including but not limited to the impact on asset prices - incl. housing - of all that misdirected fiat sloshign about till it settles in non-productiive 'investment'). And they may even face the consequences of someone somewhere trying to swim back up the river of debt (regardless of whether this is a pointless/impossible task) or not. And the sheople in the UK will never see that this is a substantive fact. Nor will they see the relevance of this. And the sheople of the UK still believe the BBC when they publish bull-dust that is deliberately slanted at suggesting money is real like this article "timeously" published yesterday that blatantly peddles the stupdiity of an "expert" who gets air time to say: Which is a clear and blatant fabrication.
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