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  1. Without advertising revenue of this type the internet would be a very different place. There would be no sites like this one, unless the owners funded it from there own pockets. Why should they? You would just have a collection of direct sales sites, corporate awareness sites and pay-per-view sites. Every time you googled a subject you'd be given a small taster and a payment option page to see the rest. The revenue from advertising is a way for the ordinary person in the street to reach a wide audience. How this site was presumably built. With falling revenues there may come a time when those that run sites are able to 'switch off' smug users that run adblocking software. Or they may charge for that content. You may end up where you pay your ISP a huge annual fee and they pay the sites as you visit, so good content would get good money.
  2. So, only another 10% to fall. Then buyers will wait until that point is reached won't they. Then they will see further falls around the corner. The only people who keep calling the bottom are VIs. And they have been wrong at every turn.
  3. It's a dead cat bounce brought about by prices and borrowing costs reaching an acceptable purchasing threshold for some buyers who have been waiting desperately for maybe up to a year to buy. But this is probably the last of the money available and it is being mopped up. Removal firms are also reporting more trade, so that shows the deals are happening and going through. The market will not be able to fight off the drop to about 3 times average wage for ever though. Especially as more and more people (maybe 3,2m) will be out of work within 12 months. We could then see these recent purchases back on the market in distressed circumstances.
  4. No! We need a proper end to the financial crisis so the housing market can recover properly. Why will he never get the cart and horse in the right order!
  5. For many people it may become just a standard of subsistence at the most base level.
  6. Self interest, just wants the procuration fee not what's best for the clients.
  7. Maybe we've priced ourselves out because we only make high end products in the UK. The basics are what people need at the moment.
  8. She's just a modern day Michael Foot. Totally out of touch and unelectable. Most of her colleagues will be quite happy for her to take the helm while they rebuild quietly in the background.
  9. Good job Gordo hasn't got a penchant for walking in the woods.
  10. And, as Gordon Brown would have us believe, this all originated with a few dodgy mortgages in the US?
  11. Buying a house to live in is a very personal decision whether in boom or bust. You need to be sure in your own mind, not anyone else's, that the price you are paying is right for you now and in the immediate future. Other people can only give you opinions based on what they would do.
  12. Instead of giving money to debtors to pay off debt (actually it'll probably get spent on bling), why not give it to those who have saved. Give the money to the prudent ones!
  13. By being so rich that by going down you'd bring the banks down with you, or by knowing in who's closets the skeletons are.
  14. Remember when Eire was held up as the shining light of the EU? Proof that the European ideal worked? All based on a property bubble.
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