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  1. Pendragon issues profit warning 20% plunge in New car sales and 20% plunge in used car sales
  2. Saw that the other day , now people are attached to benefits any attempt to cut them goes the same way The problem as mentioned on here before its the system actively encourages to pop out more kids to increase your benefits .
  3. From the job figures yesterday EA's were plumb last in the pile of wage increases ..for the traditional high street ones charging 1000's for doing nothing much they good times are over I suspect https://doorsteps.co.uk/index.php#how Looking at that even 99 quid seems high ..all they do is take pictures and put it on right move ..you host the viewings yourself. How long until Rightmove etc just allow sellers to advertise directly themselves ?
  4. So average mortgage is just under 125k According to this http://www.tsb.co.uk/news-releases/tsb-is-getting-britain-ready-for-rate-rise/ According to this a rate rise at that point would amount to a whopping £16 monthly rise ...my rent when up double that this year so I fail to see why homeowners are being so protected.If a 16 quid a month rise is going to wipe people out then the country is screwed anyway
  5. Manchester upswing is people banking on a big price rise from HS2 being built ..
  6. So if no rate rise after these hints I guess the pound is going to take a hit in November ?
  7. Guy is a ******ing Moron , no bubble so the 100k plus increase over 3 years in my town on an average 3bed house is normal behaviour then Mark ..double digit increases whilst wages are in low single figures is also substantially ..
  8. Yes 3% increase in pensions .. House prices are up again ( 5%) so inflation can't be that bad overall if people are still buying at increased prices so see no reason not up increase rates really ...
  9. Indeed lets keep rates low so people can keep borrowing into infinity ..because its worked so well for the last decade ..FFS
  10. From what I read mid car sales are decling Astra sized cars as people move to SUV Vauxhall have a new range of SUV's coming out but not built in uk and they are already a joint venture with PSA before the sale so imagine they will move production to all varients to one location.
  11. Don't have the phone , was on holiday went in the sea forgot it was in pocket .SD card I can't recall TBH I was using app called Bitcoin was quite a simply looking one , figure I am down about 1k on current prices from this I only got the address back from finding my old transactions on bittylicious
  12. I brought some bitcoins 4 years ago had it all on my phone but phone went for a swim , couldn't retire anything ...lose you lose didnt think much of it Fastforward 4 years and the price has gone insane starting looking to invest again and found my old wallet address from previous transactions . So all I have is an old address is there anything I can do with this or am I still out of luck ?
  13. So basically the best thing to do is to allow keep blowing up the bubble with more borrowing and tax breaks for landlords ..what utter ********
  14. I like how the claim to have had no help , erm your married but living with parents rent free that's a pretty significant slice of help your getting right there . My parents dead , grandparents too I have spent close to 40k in rent the last 5 years plus the bills council tax etc ..so these 2 giving it the whole well if you don't have expensive holidays etc you can buy can jog right on
  15. Samuel Tombs, chief UK economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, is not convinced by the Halifax report:
  16. Houses still seems to be going SSTC near me at insane prices ..housing so far seems resilient to anything perhaps all the cuts back on car purchases is going on housing
  17. Yes you get the feeling that Corbyns plans on housing being affordable come down to state aid in some fashion This for example https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/may/21/labour--councils-help-first-time-buyers-mortgages-john-mcdonnell
  18. When they say sales they mean leases/loans Funny how the BOE warned against growing debt on car purchases and when purchases decrease thats bad news .Of course ''selling '' cars produces alot of jobs however when those jobs are funded by growing debt eventually the party is going to stop ..seems like the music just got turned off
  19. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/house-prices/number-homebuyers-aged-18-35-drops-21pc-millennials-continue/
  20. You are correct I did the calculator on website gave me a decent mortgage total , went into branch gave them my childcare figures and halved what they were prepared to lend. http://www.cityam.com/273050/uk-must-get-off-help-buy-binge Be interesting to here Labours response because they were keen to keep the policy in their election manifesto ... For those buying I suspect they will end up trapped , once they use the HTB loan up on the new build people buying from them can not and have to stump up the full price and I suspect many won't .Shared Ownership is another shambles , article in Evening standard last week showing how great it is couple buy 25% share property has increased 75k since they brought so they have more equity ..they fail to mention the part where the 75% they don't own has gone up more than their 25% so yes they have gained some equity but that has been eaten up by the growth in the larger share .Basic maths if the property goes up 100k and you own 25% thats 25k for you but 75K on top of the price so actually your now 50K further from owning plus interest !!!!!!
  21. Well the general receiption to this has been negative so far and its been called out for what it is ..a prop for housebuilders.
  22. Funny you didn't get many blow for renters / potential buyers when the prices where going up in double digits but a 0.6% drop and its headline news !!!
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