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  1. Expect all the new build flats , sorry Luxury apartments at 280k to all start advertising heavily no stamp duty to pay ..expect they will raise the prices too
  2. OBR expects house prices to rise 0.3% on Stamp Duty cut - main beneficiaries are owners selling as can raise prices ... Amazing to see people celebrating this ..
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-5105359/8k-extra-cost-lifetime-mortgage-Nationwide.html Deal not quite as good as it seems ...
  4. Yes give them free travel so they can afford to spend more on the builders houses ...because the gov handing them a 20% loan isn't enough already
  5. I look at it if they are making they user equity to stay in it at the end at their death they will still owe money and Nationwide will be taking the property so no inheritance for anyone from these lot ...
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/15/number-eu-nationals-working-britain-reaches-record-level-official/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter No major exodus yet then
  7. Similar article in Telegraph most of the comments support the EA ..doesn;t seem to register with some that one reason Millennials spend money of these things is that have given up on owning.It was only yesterday the Evening Standard had an article about the slowing HPI in London apparently it now dropping from a high of 11% a year is bad news .So if you where planning on cutting back to save for a house after a year of saving if you saw prices had shot up 10% wouldn't you just think ****** it i'll just live life and get myself a kebab and a large pumpkin spice latte when I feel like it !!!!
  8. £120 a week ..every week they are using as a calculation to save money its frankly ridiculous Even after all the savings they list they still need the parents to top up to the tune of 25k !!
  9. As well as the Bank of Mum and Dad you need to cut out the sandwiches too https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/estate-agent-says-londons-millennials-should-stop-buying-sandwiches-holidays-and-nights-out-in-order-a3690481.html
  10. Valarie However taking other peoples money for her own mortgage is just fine I can identify alot with this article - no Bank of Mum and day for me hence I'm renting all my friends have houses not a single one saved themselves for or ever paid rent .I also agree that it causes tension , I find myself avoiding invites as sitting hearing them talk about how much there house is worth now is pretty depressing .
  11. How can you be mis sold an IO mortgage exactly ..by very definition being called ''INTEREST ONLY '' tells you exactly what it is and what you pay
  12. In Luton all I am seeing is reductions on RM but from insane prices to start with , people still going into BTL here though one road close to trains station is half a mile of For sale /Sold /To Let /Let signs House on my road 3 bed sold for over 300k and straight onto rental market , other 3 beds close to me same thing. Then you have stories like this http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-5049903/Sharing-pay-pool-resources.html Celebrating the fact it takes 3 peoples wages to buy a house ..great news lads I'm sure this news will be greeted as great news by the media , the same ones complaining about cost of living etc ..
  13. Frankly they can ****** off Reading the Standard last night mentioning how this is the first time for some having to have a raise in what they pay for accommodation ...well at Gen rent will tell you most of us have had increases every year !
  14. I can see what it causes people not to move however at this point if removed all I see happening is the seller will raise the price of the house so the buyer will be no better off really
  15. I get a lift at moment I was just using it as an example of the cost
  16. Pretty much ..perhaps they think in 6 weeks you can do a bit of Ubering or Deliverooing on the side to get some extra cash together
  17. I recall seeing last week when the wage data was released EA where at bottom of pile for wage growth ...gutted for them
  18. Bus for me to get to the train station in morning 1) Doesn't run before 7 or after 6 2) 55 a month for just over a mile each way
  19. Good point , there is alot of luxury apartments going up in Luton and they give out very little parking provision. Going through the planning applications I have seen that the council's idea is that if they don't provide parking people will use the public transport.The flaw in the plan is the local public transport is too expensive. Where developments have been built you can see cars parked on the street etc The other side of the story is the cost of motoring is so much now ( driving lessons , insurance , car tax , petrol ) the younger generation are shunning it . The annoying part of this however is when they say of these millennials they are all in to their uber and small box apartments etc ..no these are not choices they are forced into this way of life.I was ready an article from I think it was the CEO from Air France describing their new service Joon aimed at millennials http://onemileatatime.boardingarea.com/2017/09/25/joon-routes-planes/ So basically a service which pays staff less than their main services ...so aimed at employing millennials as well then ..
  20. So am I supposed to a) Feel sorry for him that from 170k income from rental he is paying a meagre £7600 in tax or b ) Believe he is actually spending 70k a year upkeep ?
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