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  1. Luton starting to show the strain , rightmove on sales and rentals both showing alot of reductions now..
  2. With the increases in the likes of Blackburn seems like they have all headed up there !! 16.4% in one year
  3. No bill yet but council have announced its going up 6 %
  4. Exactly !! How can you argue you didn't know what it meant when its described so clearly !!
  5. Also home ownership is declining , its not easy to find a rental property that allows pets ..some even say no kids FFS
  6. I find this one the most interesting , in my neck of the woods we have planning permission being given for endless amounts of 1 bed flats. Historically these would be what the young person would buy to get on the 'ladder'' but here's the thing these young don't have the money as individual to buy so 2 things happen 1) they are buying older and 2) buying as a couple which means they are skipping the first step and going for at min 2 bed flats.. So now add in BTL running for the hills and who exactly is going to buy the literally 1000's of one beds granted planning permission in a 1 mile radius ....
  7. This is a good point on top of the low rates and HTB this is another factor sustaining the pricing levels
  8. The Vauxhall site in Luton is now finally being developed as housing , in the 18 years or since it ceased production the prices in London have moved the commuter belt out far enough that its vaible to build 200k 1 bed flats on the old site..IBC ( they build the Vauxhall vans) are still here right next to the development but with a train station across the road and the size of the area they could sell it off for housing at great profit.
  9. So these people will 1) get fees on the loans 2)could find when they come to then end of their mortgage deal the rates will go up 3)as alot of these are flats with leasehold good chance the leasehold fee's will increase too ... How does remortgaging work then , aren't their specialised mortgages for HTB ? Where the likely 100's of thousands owed to the goverment come into remortgaging now you have to pay fee's ?
  10. They have so I can't see them lasting , at the very least the manufacturing will be moved.
  11. Profit margin on pizza's are crazy http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1370004/The-pizza-firms-slicing-900-profit-delivery--1-25-make-Margherita--pay-12-49.html
  12. In terms of the youth some will have access to the BMOD so rising prices won't effect them and if they can get on ''the ladder'' they will be expecting the gains their parents got so they won't be inclined to vote for a party likely to cut them out of the HPI party
  13. This - it doesn't matter how many you build or where if you keep allowing cheap credit and schemes like HTB the prices won't drop .
  14. 200k for a 1 bed flat same as round my way , clearly for investors to sit on or try and rent out .. 1) How many singles even with a good wage will qualify for a mortgage for a 200k property 2) How many couples with buy a 2 bed place It's massive oversatuation of properties that will sit doing nothing whilst , space taken up that could of provided homes.
  15. Well we have these 2 developments which are actually just one site https://www.redrow.co.uk/developments/saxon-square-luton-402512 / https://www.redrow.co.uk/developments/eaton-green-heights-luton-432446 there was supposed to be a medical centre as part of the plans and a supermarket but there removed for more housing so the doctor listed on the site as nearby is the town centre walk in clinic.
  16. If your building a development of say 1000 homes I would imagine it would be obvious you might at the very least parking and adequate roads .I'd also say if said development has 3/4 beds homes it likely you are going to have families living there so planning ahead for schools /doctors might be worth while. This development seems to agree as they have at schools /doctors as part of the planning and have already got the new road in place http://www.hrn1.co.uk/the_scheme.php
  17. I'm in Bedfordshire (Luton) also a the objections here are this demand is being stoked but the lack of affordability in London pushing the commuter belt further and further out so the locals are seeing no benefit from these developments certainly in Luton the locals wages are not supporting the development of £280k 2 bed flats and 400k houses.
  18. My issue with this is that councils ( I have seen this with my local council ) will just approve developments with no thought of the infrastructure required and secondly despite all the new developments going up by me its not having any effect on prices ...which is hardly a surprise when all the new builds can be purchased with HTB !!
  19. What they do with developments near me is just bung the council a wad of cash , recent development going for approval 400 flats instead of an affordable they gave the council £1,5mil . Also the problem with affordable is that it usually just means shared ownership its still the same price you just can get a mortgage for part of it.
  20. Thats not the biggest problem as you can defer the payment until you sell IIRC..the bigger issue is the muppets who find they cant sell on their overpriced 1 bed flat because no one will pay the full price without 20% (or 40% in London) off the price through HTB
  21. They do relize that renters have been getting rises like this annually right ?
  22. 200k the gov is lending them so given the size of the development if everyone is doing that , then on that site alone we are taking about millions of Tax payer money. Their mortgage seems low as well is it I.0 or over something stupid like 35-40 years ? 500k in Hendon ..madness
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