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  1. Again with CPW there are cheaper alternatives on line and next day delivery , my most recent phone I ordered Friday afternoon I had it Saturday Morning no need for me to go into a branch. I hate going into phone stores as the assistants jump on you as soon as you get in there another reason I prefer to buy online
  2. You also have the Ireland 2040 proposals that aim to grow the population by a million "Given the demographic structure of Ireland and fertility and mortality trends, faster population growth would require higher international net immigration into Ireland. This would only arise if Ireland were sufficiently attractive economically and if migrants could find accommodation at affordable prices. This implies that the average age across the population will increase more rapidly than has been the case and that unless immigration increases, overall population growth will slow. https://www.esri.ie/pubs/RS70.pdf
  3. Guy at my work just remortgaged to extend house as needed more space as kids still at home and doesn't look they they will be moving out anytime soon
  4. Indeed , when did it become Luxury to not have a separate Kitchen !!
  5. Bedfordshire is chock full of developments and some of the prices I have seen are insane , from my house alone within about 500meters there are 2 new developments a further mile or so down the road there is a huge development on the old vauxhall site. I live in Luton but work in Hemel / Bracknell and in those 3 areas if you told me there is a lack of building I would imagine you are blind , as you can't move without seeing some kind of development going on especially ''luxury '' apartments
  6. I wouldn't say Luton is struggling yet , have seen some reductions but plenty still selling , new EA offices opening .Luton is still picking up the London people moving out or london workers just deciding to commute from further away.
  7. Which means the Government is staring at a massive funding disaster in years to come as there is millions who won't have that much or even close to it
  8. Yeah on 17k a year pointless working when childcare fee's are not far off 1k a month even if she did stay in work MMR would stop them as MMR takes into account the child care fees for affordability
  9. Another way to look at this is these jokers repeatedly claim those renting can't afford to own when actually it seems the renters are paying double the monthly costs to rent over owning ..
  10. You could try Property tracker on Chrome its not as good as PB though
  11. So just like mortgages they are extending the terms to keep cars affordable Does VT extend to pure lease deals as well ? Or just the balloon payment type of deals
  12. I'd assume that the change in law meaning the the £200 month from the government now being a loan means Santader know that in the event of their deaths the government will be taking back that loan , in effect if they live another 10 years they are going to owe the Gov 24k to come out sale of the house .
  13. Wasn't it that Lloyds up the fees to use their system from 93mil to 200mil which drove TSB to move over ...either way as they split from Lloyds they had to move systems eventually but as part of the course in banking IT the clearly cut corners somewhere Another way to look at it is this is the fall out from forcing Lloyds to sell off part of the business in the first place ....
  14. So they had 4 BTL lost 3 , the one they have left is generating a yield but is worth half what they paid and yet the poster still wants to gamble his pension on another one ....
  15. Tend to agree , to start with should falls like that start to happen Labour will suddenly decide cheaper housing is bad and demand the goverment do something and the Tories will react with another insane HTB type of support
  16. How many will actually retire , how can you retire when you are still renting and have some crap pension .It's going to be a disaster and will end up costing the country billions to keep OAP homed ..
  17. Well certainly seems to have helped the infamous Fergus Wilson https://www.theguardian.com/money/2015/sep/12/fergus-wilson-rent-rise-property-kent-maidstone
  18. When does he want to pay it back then ,and as he gave all that cash to his kids to buy 10 years ago have they not made enough in HPI to give him it back ...
  19. What an epic load of ******** her biggest saving in the week was the haircut that she wouldnt do every week so in reality her off peaking saved her about 30 quid ..and the biggest saving she is going to make is moving back in with her parents ...
  20. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/5862012/thousands-of-help-to-buy-mortgage-borrowers-trapped-due-to-lack-of-choice-and-high-fees/ Oh dear ...
  21. I think another rude awaking is the fact that wages will not go up to inflate away the mortgage Somone paying 40k for a house in the 90s but the time they retired could conceivably be earning 40k a year ,hell they could be working in retail on 16k a year and it would still be just under half of what they paid.Now do you think those paying 250k for a 2 bed flat now will find in 10-20 years that their wages have gone up to half that ...not a chance in hell
  22. So that pesky 4.5 income multiply is hurting them ..assuming this is even with HTB then things have reached breaking point in the SE.
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